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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


For the past few weeks,
the skies, the vines, and I,
have been playing a little game.

 We get an early start;
seconds after sunrise, to be precise.

Prince Richard, albeit, a curious cat,
is no early bird, so he sits out the first round.

To the east, the sky is awakened
with orange juice clouds.


 Within seconds, they morph into fluffy,
floating, scrambled eggs.

Northerly, and a few moments later,
it is blindingly bright, and not a cloud in sight!

Hanging geraniums lift their droopy heads
and sneak a peek at the vines below,

where rays of sunlight streak the land,
 like amber strokes of a ghostly hand.

 Vines, in various stages, mingle with
olives, oranges, lemons, and walnuts,
and circulate the space.

 Cretan leaves in October light,
 mimic Canadian emblems,
and thus, my memory delight.

My one and only maple steals the show
 amid millions of Cretan competitors below.

Yet, soon enough autumn's hues
will yield to winter's sparser views,

 and a lazy feline of sharp eye
will be too late to play 'I spy'!

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Monday, October 21, 2013


Roses on my table,
floating in a puddle of dew,
scattered next to savouries,
and a bittersweet, Greek brew.

 Posing on my dresser,
and claiming centre stage,
  passionate leading ladies
among gentlemen jars of sage.

Shining in the sunlight,
eclipsed by a gingham shade,
always in the limelight
until their beauty fades.

Too much sun for a starlet,
can the process of aging start,
and when earlier than usual,
wilts her spirit and breaks her heart.

Left with traces of her brilliance,
(when youth beamed on her face),
 allowed her to uproot and upstage
those no longer in the race.

 And when petals snap from stem,
and drop down like summer rain,
  tiny, blood red teardrops,
paint the day with autumn stain.

A BIG welcome to my new followers,
and a SWEET hello to my readers!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013


A fairy flew in from the future today.

Over mountains

 and oceans,

to get fall underway.

I welcomed her with sweet fruit and tea,

 a few walnuts and flowers;


 a  fresh potpourri.

Outside a storm was brewing,

as the clouds took their place.

And the fairy fell asleep
atop my fall fireplace.


The fairy has awakened from her slumber!

Happy Autumn!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Are you anxiously anticipating autumn?
Do you wake up craving cooler temps, 
crisp, brisk mornings, coppery, collage sidewalks
 and layers of cozy clothing?

You do know that autumn officially arrives in ten days.
Can you contain yourself?

  Many bloggers have been busily scurrying about
  baking, decorating, prepping, and shopping.

 Every preventative measure has been taken 
to avoid being left with passed over scraps
 in the seasonal aisle.


Why am I so calm and composed?
Because I have fall at my footsteps every day!

When I finally got to have some fun and decorate
after ten years of 'serious' building,

I knew I wanted a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Thus, every room is permanently pigmented
in autumn ambiance.

 The hues may be different,
but each room reflects a coziness
that we connect with this season.

The blues are cool and the golds are warm, 
like tarnished leaves against paler skies.

The blog, of course, is an extension of my home,
like an addition or guest house, (for all of you lovelies!),
and as such, it needed to fit in;
thus, the respective banner!

And speaking of lovelies,
my sweet friend, Maria, of,
 sent me this beautiful, handmade pendent
for my name day!

She is so talented!
Thank you, Maria, I love it!
It's so me!

And thank you to all my readers
for visiting me today;
I appreciate your 'presence', too!

The countdown is on. Stand by...


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Sunday, November 11, 2012


This is my autumn room. Some people have sun rooms. I have an autumn room. The funny thing is, although this room features typical fall colours, like orange and mustard and rust, the patterns on the sofa and accent  cushions speak of spring. Tulips, for goodness sake! What else screams spring more than tulips?!
And as if that weren't enough to cause serious climatic confusion, beautiful flowers are in bloom, everywhere - on plates, in prints, and in sewing projects. The walls are dressed in the season's signature look: floral, floral and more floral!
And yet, the mood is fall. Perhaps it's the dark walnut furniture, the shade of green on the wall, the French doors (the only ones in the house) that, when closed, create a quiet haven, a cozy cabin-like refuge from the large, open plan living areas. My autumn room is where we retreat when the rest of the house is cold.  Like today, the first real warning that winter was on its way.  Snuggled in our woolly blankets and clutching our cups of tea, the fiery red elements from a little space heater lit up the room in a burst of amber. And there, in the golden radiance of that glowing light, we were surrounded by autumn.

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