Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crossing the Pond: Canada to Crete

 Crete: Snow capped mountains harmoniously exist with green meadows in early January.
This photo was taken on our walk around the village, a few days ago.

Hello everyone, hope 2017 has been treating you kindly so far. Liberty and I arrived back on the island in early January, and it's been non-stop cleaning, tidying and re-adapting, after a week or so of jet lag, having boarded and disembarked 3 planes (and gone through 3 security checks!) to get here. Decorating, at press time, is not in the picture!

Uxbridge, Ontario: views from my sister's family room after an early  morning snowfall

We packed all of December, then vacated Liberty's condo at the end of the month and spent the last 10 days at my sister's home in Uxbridge, Ontario, which gave us a chance to spend quality time with my parents, too, who live with her and her family. The holidays were extra special, as we got to see lots of extended family at holiday parties who we won't be seeing for some time.

Uxbridge, guest bedroom: waking up to frosted branches and pretty brick homes

Born in Toronto, then relocating to Crete in my mid twenties, I am a citizen of two very diverse countries, on two different continents that share one ocean which I have crossed many times in my life. Some, myself included, refer to the Atlantic as 'the pond', inferring that the distance between North America and Europe isn't such a big deal in this global village we call earth. But here's the thing: it is. A big deal, I mean. And the older I get, the larger that pond seems to get, further widening the physical distance between my family and me.

              Two beautiful blues: the Aegean Sea and the Cretan sky                 

So, for now, I plan on staying on this side for a while - hopefully working from my home in the gorgeous, Cretan countryside, enjoying the temperate climate, seeing my wonderful friends, and staying in touch with all of you. You have accompanied me on my many journeys across the pond, and I thank you for your support and friendship. And, in contrast to the airborne kind, you continue to be that one, unique connection to my heart and I appreciate your visits so very much.
See you soon,


  1. I am so so happy seeing you are back!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Poppy, you have succh a way with words. I am trying to imagine how difficult all of that must be for you. So treat yourself well - take it a bit slower, savor the changes, allow yourself peace to enter in - no need to have it all done right away. Sip tea, enjoy those incredible views, and count those wonderful to have family and to have two worlds to call "home!"

    Been entirely too long since I've visited - my grandbaby has stolen my heart away - but it is very nice to be seeing you again - I will try to catch up.

    Hugs and smiles for you today. Enjoy your new year!!! ♥

  3. How lovely to be back in your beautiful Crete. It must be so hard having so much distance between you and loved ones. My husband would move to Italy in a minute but I couldn't leave my daughters and grandchildren so far behind. You have your wonderful memories from the holidays to savor!

  4. Hi Poppy, catching up with you this new year and excited to find you back in beautiful Crete where I hope you will be happy again. I know only too well what it's like having family on both sides of the pond having crisscrossed for over 54 years. All that back and forth crossing, although it sounds exciting and romantic to others, is just a lot of hard, often stressful work! We were in Europe for Christmas and it was a good trip, however at the same time I did feel a wee bit guilty being away from the family here!

    Hope 2017 is a great year for you and your daughter - is she planning to stay there with you for a while? Anyway, be happy, we'll look forward to seeing your always colorful photos of Crete.
    Hugs - Mary

  5. It must be tough to have to places you call home. I know you'll enjoy being back in Crete though you'll always have the family tugging at your heart strings back in Canada. I enjoy your story telling and your photography! Looking forward to more!

  6. The ties that join up somewhere between Crete and Ontario must be strong, Poppy. The pull of family is a.mixed blessing but you seem to be holding things together. I hope you will be able to relax and enjoy the late winter and spring in Greece.

  7. You've made many changes in your life the last while. I hope you'll find happiness in your Crete home, Poppy.

    Wishing you all the best,

  8. My heart is singing after reading your post! I am so happy that you are back in Crete and have some family with you. Greece is a very special place I am learning with each day we spend there, so enjoy your re-entry into it. We don't have much family and that which we do have isn't particularly close knit so the family ties really don't have an impact on us, but I can imagine that it is a strong pull for your heart no matter what side of the ocean/pond you are on!

  9. Hello, Poppy. I am sure Crete is welcoming you home. It is hard being away from your family, I am missing my son while we are snowbirds in Florida for the first time. Lovely post and photos. Happy weekend to you!

  10. Poppy, your photos are so beautiful! And although I am Canadian and have lived here in Montreal all my life, I think Crete is a great choice for a place to live. :)

  11. Oh Poppy, that pull between Crete and Canada must be so difficult. I'm glad you and Liberty are together there, and I wish you so much joy as you move forward. Hugs,

  12. Dear Poppy, so glad that you had safe travel's back to your lovely home in Crete.
    I do hope that you will enjoying being back there with all the beautiful views that you have and that you will have peace.

    I love hearing from you my dear friend, so take time and smell the roses.

    I wish you much happiness and sunny days.


  13. Welcome back, dear Poppy !
    I wish you a very happy new year!!!

  14. Dearest Poppy, I rejoice that you and Liberty have returned to this island you both love and have missed so much, and I look forward as always to seeing the world around you through your eyes and heart. Wherever you are you make home a lovely place to be. A hug to you both and a hug to Rita who while missing you only wants your happiness.

    God bless you always,

  15. I do believe I heard Crete exclaim 'welcome back Poppy! And how wonderful that you have brought your lovely Libby with you'! So many changes in your lives, and this time they're all good.


  16. Hi Poppy!
    It is me, Penelope! We discovered each other because my beloved granddaugher's name is Poppy also! She was little! Yikes! Now she is a senior in high school......and off to college in the fall. I wanted to tell you, because you share the same name, that she was admitted to Stanford early! (It is very hard to get into.....I knew you would be proud!!!)

    Love to you......and we always love seeing Crete!

  17. Hope you enjoy being back in your home, or other home! Hope the weather is being kind to you and that the unpacking and sorting is going as well as it can!

  18. Hi Poppy! Wow you certainly have had lots of changes in your life. I know all about that pond and the distance between two homes. I hope you find peace and happiness in Crete and most of all piece of mind. Wishing you a wonderful New Year my friend!

  19. til soon my darling poppy bean! til soon!
    grinning big for you and liberty.
    back in the land of sun and azure blue... whether in flowers or on a door!
    you are so loved by us all. that has no trouble EVER crossing any pond!!!

  20. Quite a contrast I suspect! I look forward to seeing more of beautiful Crete...
    Wishing you happy days under Cretan skies!

  21. Welcome back dearest friend.Crete had greatly missed you ... wishing you a wonderful new year Poppy that brings you whatever you wish.

  22. Happy New Year, Poppy! Wonderful to see you back! it must be lovely to spend holidays with whole family! I'll look forward to read your new posts and see new pictures from Canada and Crete, as well! Have a great week ahead!

  23. Welcome back Poppy dear! Glad that you are in Crete again, I´ve been missing you and your posts! Good that you were able to spend quality time with your family in Canada. I can imagine all the dusting and the cleaning, but it all pays-off because for sure it´ll be a happy ending in your home sweet home! See you around dear!

  24. Oh Poppy, wishing you happiness, success, and all the very best back in your beloved Crete. 💕

  25. Hello Poppy,

    It must be lovely to be back in the minder climate of Crete. You are right the pond is getting wider and wider between Europe and North America. Glad you are blogging and will write more later. Fondest wishes for 2017

  26. I wish you a wonderful time in Crete and hope everything will work out fine for you, dear Poppy.
    Have a great week!
    xo Julia

  27. It's so wonderful to hear from you sweet friend. And thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm wishing you a happy year ahead! Sweet hugs, Diane

  28. Glad you had a great trip and time spent with family. Wishing you a great new week.

  29. I was surprised to hear you've returned to Crete! Will Liberty be living there with you? Did you find a job there before you left Canada? Sorry so many questions! I wish you all the best and hope you're settling in nicely. xoxo

  30. Dear Poppy, I'm so happy for you that you and your daughter were able to move back to your beloved Crete. I always enjoyed your posts and photos from there and now will look forward to seeing them again. All the best to you as you settle in. Hugs. Pam

  31. Welcome back Poppy! I understand how torn you might feel, happy to be back to beautiful Crete and sad to be far away from equally beautiful Canada!

  32. Oh My Goodness, so delighted for you and your daughter Liberty. I am going on a week long journey to Florida next week and I am not even certain how to manage that, let alone the kind of journey that you all have made. Here is hoping that you shall enjoy great happiness once again in your beautiful home on Crete. You my friend are so very blessed. It is such a joy and pleasure to know you and to follow your many adventures, some stressful I am sure, but most are so wonderful and I am forever grateful for having met you on this blogging adventure. Blessings and hugs from KY/USA all the way to Crete~

  33. Such contrasting scenes, and such a different way of life, but you embrace them both and enjoy what each has to offer. Glad to hear you are back on Crete, which is where I first 'met' you! And this time with your daughter, even better. Enjoy xx

  34. The best of two sides in life...but I can guess that Crete is the place you love most! Always so nice visiting your beautiful place on the island...
    Love from Titti


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