Monday, November 14, 2016

En Vogue

Autumn, this year, has been unseasonably 
warmer, here, in my hometown. The light is soft, 
and everything it touches seems to glow a little 
longer, basking in its clear and radiant serenity.

And, although the winds have stripped some of their
ornate clothing, scantily clad branches still manage 
to show off their most precious accessories.

Bubbly, berry baubles adorn others, 

but the majority have chosen to go au naturel, 
being of the 'less is more' opinion, and happily
 reflect it on like-minded surfaces of stone.

 I think you'll agree that, whatever the wardrobe 
of these woody plants, the autumn skies
 they so gracefully enhance.

 What are the season's stars 
modelling on your runways?

Thanks for visiting and
 have a lovely week!


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Saturday, November 5, 2016

November Apparel

Ryerson University, downtown Toronto

November is here. It's such a quiet month,
don't you think? More low key than October.  


 November doesn't scream, 'Fall!', but gently
whispers it in deeper hues, subtle cues
that it's colder cousin is on the way.

Cabbagetown, a downtown Toronto neighbourhood

Foliage is precious, so the sun's soft rays create
 shadowy clones that cover exterior walls,
autumn jackets for pretty facades.

Can you guess where I came across these clusters of fall?  

One of the rooftops of our building

This patchy plot of autumnal tones, although lovely,
 is something of a puzzle. I can't recall if it's like this
  all year round, which, of course, would make it
 artificial. Regardless, it is interesting!

Unionville, our neighbourhood

 Thanks for visiting,
Happy November, all!

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