Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scenes of Stone & Stucco

While waiting for the new sofa, which is suddenly out of stock(!), I thought we'd take a sneak peek at my aunt's beautiful stone house, back home, in the village. I was saving these photos for a new fireplace reveal, but things are slow and snowy here in Toronto and the only thing that keeps tweaking is the weather! 

But back on the island, my husband is working on installing my aunt's new fireplace in the living room. It will be finished in stucco and topped with local marble, destined to be the coziest  corner of this already warm and inviting space.

The original house, built around 1920, was uninhabited, with no interior bathroom or staircase, when purchased, around ten years ago.

After extensive renovations, which included stonework, a new kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, new wooden beams and floors, wainscoting, plastering, interior and exterior stairs and balconies, it is now a precious gem, nestled in a valley of vineyards and olive groves.

A gorgeous garden in the back provides delicious harvests of winter oranges and clementines, while the neighbour's plump pomegranates droop heavily over the patio, like glittery Christmas ornaments bending tips of fragrant firs.

And sometimes, somewhere between the beige-y tones of creamy stones and stucco, a cat in camouflage mode strikes a portrait pose for this camera crazed blogger!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Snowy Town Square Up in the Air!


This post was written last January, during the holidays,
while I was visiting my family in Toronto, Canada. 

 Hello Everyone,

Hard to believe, but there is actually more snow on this Mediterranean island presently, than here in Toronto! Above, is the village square in Anogeia, which can be found at an altitude of 700 metres in the mountains of central Crete. Its name literally means, 'high place' and it is known for its hospitality, as well as its historical relevance for resisting its Turkish and German conquerors. 

Today, it has been invaded by heavy, dense snow, something the Cretans are not accustomed to. Thus, they remain indoors, weary of treading through the thickly packed precipitation of cold, colliding crystals. Just the thought of it makes the locals freeze with fear! That's not to say that they don't marvel at the frosty mass. In fact, some actually brave the chilly temps and take to the hills for a day of skiing and snow angels!

When my daughter was a child, my husband, Cretan born and bred, would drive us through the narrowest of risky roads, clinging to cliffs that dropped hundreds of metres down to rocky ground. And all of this, in the hope of making contact with this precious powder! 

The promise of snowflakes from the heavens, floating onto expecting tongues, or entangling themselves into a fence of luscious little lashes, only to disappear within seconds of their otherwise, smooth landing, was certainly a sight to see!

But when left untouched, a wonderland of white puffy cakes, 'baked' on the premises, sit still on tiers of chilled iron, in this icy bistro, in a snowy square, high up, in the air. 

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pathway to Paris: A New Year's Resolution

Despite the rain,
 and regardless of the wind, 
Paris, city of lights,
seems the perfect place
to begin the journey forward,
 promising kaleidoscope days
 and enchanting nights;
 a mist of French flair in the air.

Echoes of, 'Je ne sais quoi',
amid the awestruck,
eager to merge with the flow, 
pick up the Parisian pace and
blend with the trend.

 Bewitching and bold,
it seizes your being,
and captures your soul,
until you find your way
to its magic,
and never let it go.

Wishing you all a bright
 and beautiful New Year!

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