Friday, April 25, 2014

Of Storybooks and Babbling Brooks

Do you live in a particularly pretty neighbourhood, where
  window framed, 'still life' petals, scent the morning breeze?

Unionville, where my sister lives, is such a place, where picture 
perfect houses seem like they've popped out of playful fairy tales.

Other abodes, appear to have multiplied in size,

 from their mini, dollhouse dimensions,
 to square footage fit for human lives!

Friends and family know about
 my obsession with amazing architecture.

 I sometimes forget that not everyone shares this sense
   of wonder, admiration and respect for 'buildings'.

In fact, they often have fun with my enthusiasm for this art form by performing little sketches, spoofing my excitement over porticos, 

wrap around porches, and other 'Poppy Passions',
 like those of the interior design and decor kind!

Unrelenting, I continue with my observations:

'Brick, stucco, wood, and stone are materials that co ordinate well
together, creating interesting complements to each other.', I assert.

The house above can be found in the little village of Brooklin, Ontario.
 Isn't it the epitome of whimsy and architectural flair?

And, if this isn't enough to make you sigh, surely
 the sound of the brook, (hence the name of the place),
situated directly below it, doesHow enchanting!

I leave you with another Brooklin beauty, 
characterized by a lovely blend of styles and materials.

And so, off I go,
 to dream about this hamlet's leafy lanes, 
its heritage homes, and historical bones,
where, a part of my own heart, still remains. 

I'm curious...which is your favourite?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We were warned.
It was coming,
even though
 the temps had warmed.
And thus, a legitimate reason 
to be further scorned.

Still, some scoffed at the forecast
 on the six o'clock news, the night before, 
declaring a spring debut of 2 to 4 inches,
 along with freezing rain.

Guess it was just a tad too much 
for the human brain
to tolerate yet another sprinkling 
of the cold, white stuff.
It was spring, after all -
we'd had more than enough!

As I recount this little tale of unwelcome snow,
The flurries floating outside the living room window,

will sooner or later, fall to the ground,
forming fluffy, puffy pillows
to muffle, mute and baffle
spring's sweet and chirpy sounds!

Forget the chocolate Easter bunnies.
Any candy canes in the cupboard?


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Across the Sea for Afternoon Tea

Yesterday afternoon, in a little tea room, just north of Toronto, 
I had the pleasure of getting to know three lovely ladies whom I had
 visited on several occasions, but had never actually met. 
A curious set of circumstances, wouldn't you say?

Funnily enough, we'd been to each other's homes, 
toured one another's gardens, and even journeyed 
to faraway places together, yet our paths had never crossed.

Cyberspace Airways is good like that.
 Automatic pilot for the armchair traveller.

From left: Karen, (My Little Home & Garden), Judith, (Lavender Cottage), me, and Jennifer, (A Garden of Threads)

So, on a blustery, but bright, April day,
we bypassed the line up of cliché  cafes,
for Victorian treats and blended bouquets,
of jasmine, lavender and some fragrant Earl Grey.

We chatted and giggled and not surprisingly, talked shop.
And on the subject of Google, swapped stories, non-stop!

We even formed our own cozy quartet,
humming harmonies about hashtags,
and forgotten passwords being reset!

Bonding via Blogger in a tiny tea house on Main Street,
my cup is full of memories of a sweet 'Meet & Greet'!

 Until next time,
I'd like to thank Jennifer, Judith, and Karen,
for a fun and fabulous Afternoon Tea!
 It was a pleasure meeting you in person,
- for real, and not just virtually!

 'Red Boat with Blue Sails', Odilon Redon

Also, thanks to the Old Curiosity Tea Shop for 
a wonderful afternoon.

Have you met up with any of your blogging friends?

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