Tuesday, November 24, 2015


As a little girl growing up in midtown Toronto,
autumn, dressed in all its spectacular, seasonal
splendour, was always my favourite time of year.

I'm sure my passion for colour comes from those
 flaming fireballs that pierce cool, azure blue skies.

What fun we used to have, diving into brittle heaps
 of dry, crispy, crumbly leaves, swimming in hues of
 burnt sienna, hot crimson, and muddy merlots.

 And so, as you all know, this Toronto autumn has
been my first in 16 years, and I have been busy


reacquainting myself with its many myriad of moods -

from the bright and bubbly,

to the dark and melancholy.

And guess what?


I found them all to be enchantingly intriguing.

Thanks for visiting and
 Happy Thanksgiving to
all my American friends.

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