Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Poppy's Paparazzi and Doreen the Biscotti Queen

Hello, my friends!
The holidays are here!
 Warm greetings on cards and
sweet gifts wrapped in tins
travel across the globe
  to bring us good cheer!

After seeing this cozy (but blurry) window display of Santa being pampered by his adoring Mrs., his festive table (from what I gather), topped with richly iced cakes and other delectable treats, can you blame me for craving such seasonal sweets, especially when, 
this year, I don't have time to bake them myself?

Fortunately, an early delivery by St. Nick did the trick!
My sassy gal pal, Doreen, who blogs over at House Honeys,
 sent me a batch of her famous chocolate walnut biscotti
and a few other varieties. My pic does not do them
 justice - they are a sight for hungry eyes and the perfect
  sugar fix for one's taste buds, anytime of the day. 
Thank you my multi talented mon ami!

Now, because Santa's such a sweetheart to have thought of  me, crazy busy as he is, in the midst of his millionth delivery, I wanted to show my appreciation with a Christmas creation, a memento of that potentially pretty store window, he just might enjoy. So, thanks to some photo shop flair, gone was the glare and the intrusive sheen of those two paparazzi, (a certain mother and daughter team!;)). And lastly, by simply pressing a key, the setting was also free of that not so attractive bumper to bumper traffic, amid the cold and congested concrete jungle that so spoiled the scene...whew! 
Know what I mean?

Thanks for visiting!
Wishing you all 
Happy Holidays,