Sunday, January 31, 2016

25 Minutes
A Toronto street scene, by Doug Taylor

That bright, barn red streetcar in the beautiful painting 
above has been my main means of transport for the 
past month. I board it every weekday morning, at
 exactly 8:15 a.m, to take me to my new job, at a
 busy law firm, in bustling, midtown Toronto.

The Cretan countryside, by Poppy
On the island, this single cypress tree, just outside the
 village, stands for our one and only bus stop. The descent
 into town, via picturesque patches of vineyards, orange and 
olive groves, was always a relaxing ride and a peaceful 
prelude to tutoring fidgety, Greek teens in English!  

The Toronto Skyline, as seen from Centre Island, by Doug Taylor

 Each trip takes precisely 25 minutes,
 but the second seems like a lifetime ago.  


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 Hope you can forgive me for not being able to visit
 blogland lately, but after 8 hours of  filing, faxing,
 prepping and printing, I only end up in one place: 
dreamland! Promise to catch up with you soon!

Happy February!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy Twenty SixTEAn!

Recently, on a cold, snow stormy afternoon, my 
aunt and I visited a cozy tea room, located in
 a sleepy, suburban, Toronto neighbourhood.


Chicken pot pie and veggie quiche were followed
by a shared piece of decadence, namely, that
colossal, creamy carrot cake, middle, left! 

Organic Earl Grey was our tea of choice,
and every sip was deliciously soothing.



1. having a gently calming effect:
"she put on some soothing music"

2. reducing pain or discomfort:
"almond oil is renowned for
 its soothing properties"

And just like that, my word for the new year was
 selected, quite spontaneously, my senses would
 have me believe, but my soul knows otherwise.

Tell me, dear readers, what word will
 define your world this year? 

Thanks for visiting!


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