Friday, August 29, 2014

On Marshmallow Clouds

A bundle of blooms,
cruise a pool of cool hues,
petals fragrant and floating,
like tiny perfumed balloons.

If I could wing with the wind,
and on marshmallow clouds,
catch my breath as I sit,

I'd marvel at my majestic
   bird's eye view visit.

But the sea beckons me 
to dip into its depths,
so I jump off my cloud,
as I take one big breath,
then, drift on the water,
like the petals in bloom. 

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and happy weekend!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Poolside Pastimes

Under a canopy of
  autumn toned leaves,
a shady, summertime spot,
 I plant myself daily
with my favourite anthology
and plenty of good food for thought.

I am poolside.
Propped up near my pretties,

and not far from the feline
that likes to flirt with the lens,

a pastime of his own,
 for which he is well-known,


 and one he can even do in his sleep!

But I digress.
So, back to my maple, 
my umbrella of

Monday, August 18, 2014

Plaka: Engraved in Stone

Fireballs of bougainvillea, 
ablaze in a tangle of magenta flames,
show off their beaming beauty,
putting their partner in green to shame.

 Around the corner, slabs of stone,
in tones of grey and brown and gold,

outshine new planks of bold, bright blue
despite being cracked and chipped and old.

After all, the sea and sand and fields
nearby, boast a harmony of these hues,

while a seaside restaurant chooses them
 to allure passersby with appetizing views.

In the distance, the island of Spinalonga, the Venetian fortress that subsequently became a leper colony in 1903.

 Plaka, named for all the stone 
indigenous to this pebbly, coastal place,

'Today, mine. Tomorrow, another's', and although it does 
not appear here, the phrase continues, 'But never, no one's'.

has its history, engraved permanently,
into many a carved and chiselled space.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Escape to Plaka, and A Prayer

A dilapidated cafe, Plaka, Crete

When things get a little hectic, 
or worry is wearing me down,
I drown myself in distress,
or, I get out of town.

 I am always drawn to the sea, 
(perhaps it's the Pisces in me),
Fishing boats, anchored and awaiting new passengers, Plaka, Crete

 and so, when that crystal hue
of Aegean blue is in view,

 my mood magically lifts,
my perspective shifts,
and suddenly, I am
floating in a sea of hope.

Please join me,
and say a prayer for my
sweet friend, Tammy,
witty writer of the Peanut,  
who is faced with some
challenges of her own 
at this time.
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and have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams: The Clown that Made Me Cry


I have been so very sad since learning
of Robin Williams' passing, yesterday morning.


Reports say the funny man with the sweet heart,
 was suffering from deep depression - the mood disorder
 that claimed his life, forever taking him away, 
from his family, his friends, and the millions of
 fans around the world who adored him,

 University of Toronto, 1986

like this young drama student. Mr. Williams' ingenious 
talent for stand up, emotional presence in drama, and 
a vibrant versatility in so many other artistic ventures, 
were sources of pure inspiration for me, and I studied his
every gesture and utterance that he presented in his art.

 You will be greatly missed, Mr. Williams.
Rest in peace.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Siesta Showdown

The vineyard in front of our home

2pm. Siesta hour. The wrong time to be 
wandering the fields, warn the locals, as
 they flee the heavy heat of the midday sun.

 A green ghost town,
(save for a camera crazed Canadian
rambling around),

where the grape 

and the olive 

battle it out, in a showdown of fruit fire;
boughs shooting still bitter bullets,
vines ablaze with cannonballs of juice.

The Chapel of St. Irene, sits on the property next to ours.

 Needless to say,
both pray, to keep the rain at bay;

the grape, for fear of drowning its flavour away,

 while waterlogged olives 
cringe at the thought of decay!

 In the end,
better to be friends than foes,
 they thought, so they joined forces,
 and together, they faithfully 
fought the watery war against
decomposition and rot,
and only then, did they, too,
 surrender to siesta.

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have a wonderful week!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Jekyll & Hyde in the Sky

 Such sparkling light on the Aegean,
  liquid gold for tired treasure seekers.

On the patio petals, later in the day,
the light is softer, covering them in
a cozy blanket, just before bedtime.

 For, the icy moon is hiding between the burnt
 maple leaves - victims of a seasonal crime,
and one a suspicious suspect won't confess to!


Only their reflection, shimmering inside a pool
of cool hydration, seems to rejuvenate the 
scorched and seared surface of the leafy greens,

while the flaming red zinnias 
withstand such blazing blows, 
radiating their own bold beams
 of light, as the day begins to doze.

Thanks for visiting and 
happy weekend!

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