Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Jekyll & Hyde in the Sky

 Such sparkling light on the Aegean,
  liquid gold for tired treasure seekers.

On the patio petals, later in the day,
the light is softer, covering them in
a cozy blanket, just before bedtime.

 For, the icy moon is hiding between the burnt
 maple leaves - victims of a seasonal crime,
and one a suspicious suspect won't confess to!


Only their reflection, shimmering inside a pool
of cool hydration, seems to rejuvenate the 
scorched and seared surface of the leafy greens,

while the flaming red zinnias 
withstand such blazing blows, 
radiating their own bold beams
 of light, as the day begins to doze.

Thanks for visiting and 
happy weekend!

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  1. I hope that for the sake of the plants new rainfall will greet them soon. Lovely pool reflection. Could jump in there right about now :)

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Good Morning Poppy, The photograph with the reflection of the tree reminds me of a Monet painting.... really lovely... and the sparkling Aegean sea is stunning..... the sea looks like it has been sprinkled with fairy lights. To be able to dip my toes in the water would be such a treat.
    Enjoy your wonderful, sunny day.
    Best Wishes as always.

  3. So pretty and I would love to sit and enjoy the view of the Agean.

  4. Hello Poppy,

    Your sun sprinkled sea looks truly delightful. It is always lovely to have hot summer days with the sun shining on one but, without the respite of rain, everything does become brown and parched well before the season's close.

    Still, it is always wonderful to be able to get to the sea where one has a gentle breeze to cool one down on even the hottest of days. Enjoy!

  5. Hi Poppy, so warm and you my friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Poppy....I love visiting your blog....your photos always calm me....they are so beautiful and serene. And your words are soothing and poetic. You should write a book or for the newspaper! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! Hugs!

  7. Hey Poppy,
    Your writing and photos are quite simply a work of art! Love all your pics, however, the pool shot is a masterpiece!

  8. Yes, the pool looks so relaxing! Love the design under the water!

  9. Oh that pool looks so inviting especially right now when its so HOT.
    love all your pictures. You always take amazing shots,.

  10. Oh you've made me wish that we were back in Greece! I agree that your pool shot is simply spectacular. Have a great weekend - xx

  11. I know exactly how you feel about the sun. Fortunately, our monsoon season has given us a bit of a break from the blaze lately. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  12. What a beautiful and relaxing spot. Love the pool reflection.

  13. Beautiful snippets - it looks so relaxing. The warm evening light is especially beautiful.

  14. I love that pool and reflection photo...almost looks to be a jigsaw puzzle at first glance! :)

  15. The reflections in the pool are just wonderful, a great picture!

  16. Poppy, I love your pretty flowers, especially the zinnias.. The moon shot is pretty. And the pool very very inviting.. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  17. Your photo's are amazing. Love the pool such a pretty color.
    Hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

  18. Beautiful sunny days bring so much joy and happiness, in the garden and also in our system.
    The pool looked so inviting, feel like jumping in. Beautiful photos as always Poppy.
    Hope you have a good weekend.



  19. Happy weekend to you too! My favourite is the picture of the Aegean - it looks sublime!

  20. gorgeous photos ~ love the icy moon ♥

  21. Your photos and description are perfect! How I would love to sit by that shimmering pool. You live in a beautiful world Poppy :) Enjoy your weekend! Wendy x

  22. Hi Poppy, I love the pool reflection and the flowers and gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. There is a local paper in our area where people write stories of their childhood, about the area, poems, etc. if you have something like that where you live I would not be a bit surprised if they would be thrilled to have you write for them! Sometimes there is little if any pay involved, but it's a stepping stone to who knows what??

    Hope your weekend is going well Poppy! Our weather here has been storybook gorgeous!!

    1. You are such a sweetheart! Not sure if there is such a publication in these parts, but even if there was, my written Greek is not up to newspaper par! Thank you, my friend, for the lovely suggestion, I truly appreciate it!


  24. What a gorgeous geranium! I also love the image of the sea.

  25. I've always loved that softer light of the early evening. And I've never been able to understand it, even when explained to me, how the moon can be visible up in the sky in the daytime!

    That reflection in the pool of drooping green branches is masterful!

  26. It does look like liquid gold...gorgeous view! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  27. That picture with the moon is so cool. Hope you have a great day.

  28. I love reading your posts Poppy, they transport me to another place for a few minutes of refreshment... Thank you for linking up with the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week :)


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