Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Cubbyhole

Our guest bedroom is probably the quietest room in the house.

Calm colours painted on porcelain plates,

and pretty petals printed on panels,

 which, when drawn, 

reveal hidden islands in the haze,

and mountain peaks that pierce the sky. 

Smaller than the other bedrooms, 

it feels like a happy, little cubbyhole,

tucked away, in a flowery meadow, or nestled in a pile of leaves.

 A cozy cradle of calm,

'Walking in the Leaves', acrylic on canvas, by my talented cousin, Elaine Lauzon

for the upcoming days of autumn. 

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All images: Poppy View
 'Red Poppies and Daisies', Van Gogh, poster, bottom, centre
 'Walking in the Fall Leaves', acrylic on canvas, Elaine Lauzon

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Unforseen Beauty Queen

My beloved honeysuckle, blooming again, after a good pruning.

 A few days ago, my friend, Jocelyn, and I
took a walk to a neighbouring village 
to run some errands.

Lush landscape surrounds Jocelyn's villas.

 Agios Myronas is about two and a half kilometres 

Coastal views from the cafe, Agios Myronas.
 u p h i l l!

A brilliant burst of colour to welcome visitors.

To undermine the steep incline,
 beaming bundles of bougainvillea 
greet you as you enter,

 while prickly clubs of cacti
compete to catch your eye,
as you carefully pass them by!

 Beyond these sidewalk showoffs,
in the courtyard of a sacred place,
 a majestic mop of magenta,
exposes its spongy face.

It stood out among a line of
 potted, low-profile petals,

poised on stone ledges;
a pageantry of pretties,

that softened a mostly stern and solemn stage.

In the end, a modest myriad of
 dinosaur grey mountains
 and lizard green valleys
was crowned most beautiful,
despite its rough and rugged 'skin'. 

Grapevines, woven through cafe railings, shine in the sun!

We stopped for a refreshment
at our favourite clifftop cafe,
where the views elevate your mood,
and keep caffeine at bay!

A pretty porch, Agios Myronas.

The descent d o w n h i l l,
was  effortless - we practically flew home!

Jocelyn's villas. Photo:

 Reaching our road,
 Jocelyn turned left,

and I turned right,
each toward her own abode.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Fairy Flies in for Fall


A fairy flew in from the future today.

Over mountains

 and oceans,

to get fall underway.

I welcomed her with sweet fruit and tea,

 a few walnuts and flowers;

 a  fresh potpourri.

Outside a storm was brewing,

as the clouds took their place.

And the fairy fell asleep
atop my fall fireplace.

Happy Fall!!

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All images: Poppy View 

(Note: this post was first published last year,
 and has been updated.)

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Thursday, September 19, 2013


(click on link above to hear our rendition)

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics: Charles Hart

Vocals: Nicholas Tsachakis, Poppy
Piano: Anna Lisowski

 Think of me,
Think of me fondly,
When we've said goodbye.

Remember me,
Once in a while,
Please promise me you'll try.

On that day,
That not so distant day,
When you are far away and free,

If you ever find a moment,
Spare a thought for me.

Think of August when the trees were green.
Don't think about the way things might have been.

 Think of me,
Think of me waking,
Silent and resigned.

Imagine me,
Trying too hard
To put you from my mind.

Recall those days,
Look back on all those times,
Think of the things we'll never do.

There will never be a day
When I won't think of you.

Long ago, it seems so long ago,
How young and innocent we were.

You may not remember me,
But I remember you.

Flowers fade,
The fruits of summer fade,

They have their season,
So do we.


But, please promise me,
That sometimes, you will think
Of me.

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