Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Unforseen Beauty Queen

My beloved honeysuckle, blooming again, after a good pruning.

 A few days ago, my friend, Jocelyn, and I
took a walk to a neighbouring village 
to run some errands.

Lush landscape surrounds Jocelyn's villas.

 Agios Myronas is about two and a half kilometres 

Coastal views from the cafe, Agios Myronas.
 u p h i l l!

A brilliant burst of colour to welcome visitors.

To undermine the steep incline,
 beaming bundles of bougainvillea 
greet you as you enter,

 while prickly clubs of cacti
compete to catch your eye,
as you carefully pass them by!

 Beyond these sidewalk showoffs,
in the courtyard of a sacred place,
 a majestic mop of magenta,
exposes its spongy face.

It stood out among a line of
 potted, low-profile petals,

poised on stone ledges;
a pageantry of pretties,

that softened a mostly stern and solemn stage.

In the end, a modest myriad of
 dinosaur grey mountains
 and lizard green valleys
was crowned most beautiful,
despite its rough and rugged 'skin'. 

Grapevines, woven through cafe railings, shine in the sun!

We stopped for a refreshment
at our favourite clifftop cafe,
where the views elevate your mood,
and keep caffeine at bay!

A pretty porch, Agios Myronas.

The descent d o w n h i l l,
was  effortless - we practically flew home!

Jocelyn's villas. Photo:

 Reaching our road,
 Jocelyn turned left,

and I turned right,
each toward her own abode.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. What I would give to go on a walk like that. Everything was so beautiful.

  2. Υπέροχα τα μέρη σας !!!!
    Να περνάτε καλά !!!!

  3. I'm intrigued to see photos of where you live because it's so similar to where I live. I haven't been to Greece, nor Spain, which is where the first European explorers of my area came from, but I can see why they would have been drawn to this part of the world.

  4. Poppy,
    Your views are gorgeous....thank you for sharing your world with us...
    Love, Mona

  5. Beautiful shots, Poppy. You always manage to take us on a lovely tour using your photos and words. Thanks so much for sharing at my HOME and enjoy the rest of your week. Blessings, Sandi

  6. You are such a wordsmith ; you delight me every time!!!

  7. Poppy, by now you know I love all of your posts, but the ones that show the beauty of your local surroundings, are my favorites! I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to call this home.Thank you for the mini vacation!

  8. I would love walking around there, even uphill! Is that your home in the 3rd to last photo? The home and surrounding are so perfect! Take my breath away.

  9. I would so love to live in Greece one day, it's so gorgeous. I feel slightly envious that you get to be there every day, beautifully written post as well.

  10. Poppy, I loved everything about this rendition of beauty and friendship.

  11. Thank you Poppy for another beautiful post, the more I look at your photos the more I get excited to visit this piece of paradise. I may have told you this before; but you are so blessed. Beautiful home in a beautiful country for a beautiful person.

    Have a good week,


  12. Oh Poppy, these pics are truly magica,l and I'm having a hard time understanding why you would miss North America when you live in paradise. Your words have made so many readers long to visit Greece, and I'm no exception.

    Thank you for bringing us with you on your journeys in your gorgeous corner of the world. xxx

  13. Almost as speechless as I would be if I'd been on that uphill walk with you and your friend. I imagine this is what American tourist hope for when they travel to Greece, the opportunity to experience what is at your doorstep--or uphill from your doorstep. Those gray mountains folding into each other, refreshing yourself at a cliff top cafe? Ah, you can't put that on your American Express Card!

    Such a talent you have to take us there with you here on these posts, Poppy!

  14. wow, and I thought I was lucky just looking at my little patio herb garden, I have just lifted my jaw off the ground. fabulous

  15. Όλες οι φωτογραφίες σου καταπληκτικές και αυτή με τα γκρίζα βουνά με μάγεψε!! Τι όμορφο μέρος είναι αυτό; Άγιος Μύρωνας!!! Δεν θα το ξεχάσω ποτέ!! Καλό βράδυ!

  16. ...Καλημερα κοριτσι..μας εχεις μαγεψει με τις ομορφιες της Κρητης..να σαι καλα ματια μου..υπεροχα χρωματα..υπεροχες εικονες..καλη συνεχεια..σε φιλω..

  17. It all looks so spectacular Poppy and so incredibly inspiring - what a place to live!

  18. Poppy, the scenery that surrounds you in Crete is so unbelievably beautiful! And your photos never cease to amaze me! Loved what you did with "uphill" and "downhill," too ... so clever! Blessings! Bess

  19. I always love the colors in your blog posts! Absolutely stunning! :) Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable

  20. I could relax with a nice cold drink and a gorgeous view to enjoy and maybe see the sunset, looks like it is worth the walk upshill for views like that! downhill is no problem, unless you've had one too many drinks up there.

  21. Poppy~

    You visited me some time ago and I don't believe that I returned the visit. Wow. What a day I've selected when you have featured such beauty. I'll never visit Greece, but I will feel as if I had for having visited you here. Thank you!

  22. So beautifull post and fotos place,love much the first and same with door, greeting from Belgium

  23. I once read that Greece was not for the weak limbed! :) Your photos are always so beautiful as well as your descriptions.

  24. I so enjoyed taking the walk with you! I could almost feel the sun on my back! Very pleasant visit!

  25. Thanks for the gorgeous photos - viewing them was like taking a mini vacation!

  26. What beautiful views along your way! Thanks for sharing and your expressed words are as beautiful as your photos!

  27. Walk a lovely walk, the flowers and scenery are gorgeous! Very pretty photos and post. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  28. Wow how beautiful! Love all the flowers and the details on the buildings look the doors and railing. Your story creates great imagines too!

  29. Such beautiful photos and peaceful surroundings. Loved walking with you in the pictures.

  30. Oh Poppy, I to take a peek at your morning glory. It is so unusual and different than what we call morning glories here in Virginia but the morning glories are only a bit of this beautiful post. Amazing views and breathe taking landscape, every pic is just wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing; it was like a mini trip for me.
    Have a wonderful week!

  31. wonder what it would be like to live on an island... According to my brother and wife, who spent a few vacations there, it's beautiful and very relaxing! I can't get enough of bougainvillea! Have a great week!

  32. Not only are you photos outstanding but I also like your vivid descriptions.

  33. Such a wonderful walk with stunning views, Poppy. Refreshment at the top of the walk...just what was needed. :)

    Love your poetic narrative!


  34. Wow, incredible view and gorgeous place - the plants are awesome - well worth the up and down trip :)
    I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  35. What a photo op! LOVE your pictures!
    Thank you for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  36. GORGEOUS photos! What a nice stroll, at least it was only UP hill one way...
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  37. I just can't get enough of your little island... It is just beautiful and so different from our prairie surroundings of light green, dark green and rolling greens.

  38. You really should write a book with tons of your own photography -- you make it all look and sound so incredible. I see that a lot of the same things grow there that also grow here in AZ. What is your climate like for the different seasons? We pretty much only have 2 seasons here, summer & winter!


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate hearing from all of you! Have a great day!