Saturday, September 7, 2013

Autumn Aroma

Today, my Canadian maple 'leafs' 
were cooked with Cretan flair.
Basted in clear stock from the sky, their
 autumn aroma floats in summer air.

 Lukewarm droplets landed on our Leylands, while
   Goldcrests were greeted with a firm H2O handshake,
giving them their word that fall is on its way.

This meteorological meeting was not scheduled. The day
 was off to a sunny start. It's still summer, after all!

But from my balcony, 
village views cued other hues,
of landscapes lush, but dewy!

 And then...
The skies turned grey,
the sun hid rays,
and the clouds 
filled up with tears.

 And when they burst,
they quenched the thirst 
of cooped up blooms, relieved,
  and ready to appear.

 Any sign of the season sneaking up on you?

Thanks for visiting
and happy weekend!

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  1. I so envy your beautiful home and the view. I could never leave. I saw the first leaf yesterday fall from a tree and some of the trees in our area are starting to turn.

  2. No, still hot here. We so need some rain!

  3. There is no sign whatsoever that fall is here, other than the day being a bit shorter. I hope it is summer as long as possible this year. It is such an easy going season. It looks like you are happy to have some rain!

  4. I love your photos. We have a few trees that are just beginning to change a little bit!

  5. Beautiful photos of you lovely surroundings and views! We have had rain here for the past week. We needed it badly as the threat of wildfire is very real.

  6. Our summer heat has finally arrived, but tonight at sunset we could tell the difference on the beach. The air has that little nip in it.

  7. Poppy, I would never have thought that Canadian Maple would grow in Crete, or Leyland cypress. It occurs to me that I really know so little about Crete, probably not much more than I've learned since visiting Poppy View. I must do some reading up on it.

    Your view from the balcony is lovely and I imagine always changing as the weather does. But it is your lines of poetry that make all the pictures tell a story. I'm glad there is a touch of autumn in the air there in the hills. Here in Tennessee there is a slight difference from a week ago. We've been able to open our windows for a few hours in the morning and wild berries are turning bright colors. Each week will bring a slight change from now on.

    Wishing a beautiful autumn ahead for both of us!

  8. Hi Poppy, I can tell that fall is coming because the leaves are falling off the trees & are turning brown. The air is cooler in the morning & evening. I love the fall, but i will miss the summer. Take care & enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  9. Hey Poppy,
    were have a heat wave again next week in the 90s. This has been a crazy summer this year here in Oregon. Love your blog. Always such beautiful pictures. Have a fun blessed weekend.

  10. Just couldn't be any prettier than that! You are very fortunate to have that view.

  11. Your views are just breath-taking, Poppy! Our temps are still high, triple-digit high all this past week; but today holds the promise of staying under 100 degrees with rain-filled skies. Maybe the rain will actually fall on this thirsty desert, but.......maybe not! Hot as it is outside, I've created a "Fall Fantasy Land" inside! As long as I keep the air turned down and stay inside, I can pretend away!

  12. Your scenic photographs are lovely Poppy. The colors are stunning. We are starting to to feel the change of season ever so slightly. September is traditionally very pretty clear autumn weather. October .. that's when we begin to feel a bit of a chill. Happy weekend to you!

  13. Just lovely ....the balcony view takes my breath away.

  14. OMG! You live in such a beautiful place!

  15. My heavens! Your poetic way with words is truly a gift. I drank in each word! The beautiful photos you took to emphasize the words were perfection. How blessed to have a balcony with views such as those!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Those views are just incredible...and love your poetic words.

  17. What gorgeous scenic views you have. What lovely poetry and photos!

  18. Lovely views from your balcony! It is slowly changing seasons here. I enjoyed this post and photos, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week, Poppy!

  19. Greetings,

    Hot and miserable here in Southern California, USA. Waiting patiently for the weather to turn cold and crisp. My wait may take until later October, early November.

    Thank you for sharing your loveliness.

    xxxooo e

  20. This week was a scorcher here in Kansas, but the previous week was gorgeous and slightly cool in the morning. Here and there you see little signs of Fall coming, like a leaf changing color, or the tone of the light at sunset. I just cannot wait for Fall to get here!

  21. Poppy- such beautiful views and colors!
    I wish our weather would start to change it is still hot in South Texas!

  22. Beautiful photos of your world, Poppy. Love the view and I can just feel those warm raindrops. Here we've had a rainy, foggy week, but yesterday the sun shone again and we're hoping for more sunshiney days.

  23. What amazing views. I'm closing my eyes and trying to imagine myself there! We'll hang on to summer a bit longer here in Florida but I love it. Enjoy your week! A lovely mosaic!

  24. So delighted to have you back and sharing your amazing photos of gorgeous Greece! Love the shot of the little charming church with the asymmetrical mountains in the rear.
    Have a great week!

  25. yes it's almost that time and I also posted some fall colors with dahlias...thanks for linking up today

  26. Lovely images of your gorgeous place. Our leaves are just beginning to fall here in the deep south.

  27. The views are gorgeous. We have a bit of color starting to show in our rocky mountains - just a hint that fall is coming.

  28. I'm not sure who's for living in such a beautiful place, or Mother Nature for having someone like you describe her beauty with such eloquence.

  29. Breathtaking views! Your photos are spectacular...Christine

  30. I am just drooling over that view from your balcony! WOW! And I can almost smell the autumn aroma through your words and photos.

  31. I, too, am ready for Autumn. It's coming slowly to us here along the California central coast, but I know it will be here soon. I'm so ready for sweater weather and colorful leaves and pumpkins!

  32. Οι φωτογραφίες σου με γεμίζουν συγκίνηση,
    πριν δυο μέρες έφυγα από Κρήτη.....
    Φιλιά !

  33. Your photos are gorgeous! SO much color!

  34. Wow...those pictures are breathtaking ! Beautiful !!


  35. so beautiful! I wish it was cooling down here but we are experiencing recorded breaking temps! So HOTT!!!!!

    Cindy @

    p.s. I had to create a new blog and url...would you please follow this one too?!

  36. Love the view from your balcony! Want to trade homes for a month? Ok, I'll take a week :)
    I am so excited for fall. It's getting chillier here so I'm one happy girl right now!

  37. Wow! What a view you have, Poppy. I love how you write with poetry in your post. Makes it a pleasure to read in so many ways. Thanks for joining me at my HOME.


  38. Beautiful photos from your home! Loving the colors!

  39. Yes, they are! The mornings are brisk and I've seen our Dogwoods begin to turn color - first signs of fall! Lovely and poetic post!
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  40. gorgeous views from your balcony Poppy. I wish I was there right now. We are starting to have clear blue spring days creep in, but we still need more winter rain to finish off the growing season. Have a lovely week Poppy. Sorry I haven't been by lately, my Dad is not at all well, and life has been draining my energy. So I welcomed your summer skys today.

  41. So beautiful! Love your poetic approach to this post. We are feeling some change here. The mornings are cool and there is a dew each day. I've seen some trees showing color change. I live the fall time and look forward to its beauty! I just hope it's not too quick this year. I think it's great that you have some Canadian maples growing there- I hope they do well!

  42. Great post. You have some beautiful views and beautiful photos. Thanks for linking.


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