Monday, March 25, 2013


Hello all,

I've been back on the island for almost a month now and I must admit, it's been a little tricky getting used to things here again after a three month stay in Toronto.
From waking up each day to a full house of bustling breakfast rituals, lots of laughter, and long and leisurely chats with my mum, sister and daughter, to greeting the sunny, but chilly Cretan mornings in silence, except for strong, howling winds that haven't subsided for weeks, adjusting hasn't been easy.
And even with the arrival of spring, I've been spending most of my time keeping warm in the 'autumn room', as it is the sunniest and coziest place to be, due to its French doors, which stay shut to retain the heat from my trusty, electric space heater. 
After a few weeks of heavy duty cleaning and re-organizing, my days are mostly spent doing a little cooking, reading, blogging, and catching up with friends, who are kind enough to visit their one time 'city rat', presently 'country mouse' mate!
It's officially spring, but the fickle season can't decide whether it wants to stay or go.  Even here, in the Mediterranean, where temperatures are fluctuating faster than the snow flurries morphed into mountains in Toronto, it has not shown its true face!
I've had two tastes of winter this year, and I'm full, thank you. I'm craving spring and all its earthy delicacies: food for the body -sprouting vegetables and leafy vines, and the soul- fresh and fragrant floral wonders, that magically awaken the senses from their deep, snowy slumber. Time to wake up and welcome the season of new beginnings, hopes and dreams!
So, here I sit, in my autumn room, surrounded by all things spring. Tulip covered couches, floral painted plates, and mossy coloured walls are inspiring, but just don't cut it. 
I want the real deal and this sassy season sure knows how to drive a hard bargain! Inevitably, before we can enjoy peonies and picnics in the park, we will have to be patient with this feisty, poker faced player!
Happy Spring!

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Friday, March 8, 2013



To all my gal pals across the globe (and in the blogosphere),

Happy International Women's Day!

Lots of love,

Poppy xo

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Greetings from Crete! 

Back on the island, after an exhausting, anxiety-fueled  trip that originally consisted of three connecting flights (Toronto-Munich-Athens-Crete), but due to some snowy, ice covered  airplane wings and busy runways, was grounded for one and a half hours!
Thus, I knew I had missed my connecting flights even before we took off, which, in the end, forced me to scramble to find new flights upon my arrival in Munich. In actuality, we landed fifteen minutes too late, but enough time to cause a chaotic chase for new connections back to Crete. A race against the clock was on to avoid an overnight layover and further frenzy!
To make a long story (and even longer journey), short, Rome was added on to the agenda, an unplanned, but precious destination, since it was the only available and remaining route to Athens that day, and ultimately to Crete. And so, after setting foot, or rather, frantically fumbling about in four (!) airports in one day, (too many, even for the snazziest of jet-setters!), and lugging around a twenty-two pound carry-on bag, I finally set foot on Cretan soil - sans my suitcase-of course! Because my flight to Rome was leaving, literally, in twenty minutes after having flown in from Toronto, my suitcase didn't make it on board. Instead, it spent the night, stranded in Munich, but arrived early the next day, thanks to a very skilled and sweet claims officer, here on Crete.

And that, my friends, is my own Odyssean adventure of modern air travel; a mode of mobility, more safe, than sound, in my case!

Thanks for visiting and hope to catch up soon.


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