Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Fruity, Fall Mantel

I finally got around to decorating our mantel for autumn. I know... but better late than never, right? Besides, we still have about a month and a half before the first day of winter. This seasonal display is an eclectic accumulation of sorts. For starters, Liberty brought the traditional, red bellows back from Norway this summer, while the black, metal rooster was a sweet gift from a friend, who lives in England, a few years ago.

Looking to Mother Nature for inspiration, I browsed her 'wares' and came home with some pretty vine leaves from a neighbouring vineyard. They remind me of the fiery, fall maple leaves back home. After soaking in the sink to keep them hydrated, their spent scent filled the air and I was instantly transported to my childhood of rainy, autumn morning walks to school.

I also shopped the house and snatched fruit themed prints off the walls, candlesticks from the dining room, and cute, ceramic pitchers from the kitchen cupboard. The bunches of sage were collected from my husband's village and the marigolds, still holding up well, despite a few blustery days, were picked from our flowerpots on the patio, while the pomegranates, finally ripe enough to eat, and the walnuts, both came from our trees.

We enjoy afternoon tea in the living room, when the sun visits the space and sits a spell, covering us in a warm blanket of light, as we cozily sit by the mantel, chatting or reading or napping, to recharge, after the last chores of the day are completed, leaving only dinner to prepare.


Have you decorated your mantel this autumn?

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Happy weekend!


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