Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wine Design

Willow Springs Winery, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

Am I the only woman on the planet who visits
wineries for their naturally distressed barrels,
instead of indulging in what's hiding inside them?

The Patio, Gallucci Winery, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

Do I strike you as completely crazy for trying to capture
 the bucolic essence of these vine lined estates, when I
 should be sipping on a glass of smoky Sauvignon Blanc? 

My mom observes our lovely tour guide, Gwen. Willow Springs Winery, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

And, why is it that while others excitedly await to tickle 
their taste buds, I am obsessed with the sense of sight
might that beam of sunlight be too bright for my pics?

Frilly, white flowers beautifully fill the windows at Willow Springs Winery.

I've even been criticized for getting drunk on the
sheer elegance of flowers, when I should be 
smelling the roses infusing a glass of Pinot Noir!

Gallucci Winery

But, for some strange reason, I'm suddenly
craving something slightly more bubbly!

 Won't you join me?

Gallucci Winery, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

Friday, August 21, 2015

Summarizing Summer

'Paris' Peach', Paris Wyatt Llanso

Bowls of juicy sweetness
arranged to be devoured,
easily steal the show from
  bouquets of fragrant flowers.

'Lighthouse Waiting', Barbara Applegate

Red and white houses of light,
 symbols of safety for passing
ships in the night, during the day,
 keep an eye on the wild and wavy.

by Mila Marquis

Reading, dreaming, sleeping outdoors,
under the luxury of a thick, leafy tree,
 bookworm buddies keeping you great company,
 before parting ways, to lose yourself in yet
  another captivating, fascinating story.

'Green Flip Flops', Jen Norton

slide into your favourite flip flops, 
 spray your painted toes with the hose,
  shake the sand from your beach towel,
then cool down with iced joes, for
 fall, too, is on foot, drawing nearer and
nearer, to these still hot, hazy days. 
Won't you miss being lazy and crazy
 when summer softly tip toes away?

Thanks for visiting,
and happy weekend!


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Monday, August 10, 2015

Been Walking

Hello Friends,

I've missed you so! 
It's been a while, I know,
(since that pretty Peony Festival), 
but please believe me when I say,
I've been meaning to touch base, to
 pop into cyberspace if only to say,
'Hey there, how are you?'. And stuff. 
But, as you can see, 
I've been quite busy...

Sometimes, I'm in great company, chatting the miles away with Liberty. Other times, it's just me and my new Canuck cronies, who tend to get off track, since they adore exploring the shore, (after all, they've got time galore), whereas I, lately, have not even a minute to spare. 'Beware!', they blast, 'lose the shoes, let your bare feet feel the grass, see the views'.

Have also been setting up Libby's new place, just around the corner from this dreamy, neck of the woods, where fairy tale houses with red, cherry doors, are gateways to sweet,  storybook neighbourhoods.

And when I finally do take a seat, it's to gather my strength, while soaking my poor, achy feet, for I know that there are many pending deadlines to meet, some of which never make my acquaintance.

So, when put to the test, all we can do is our best, one day at a time, (leave the seventh to rest), to wander and wonder amidst days of bird song and thunder, along routes of flowers and fences that speak to the senses, signalling, 'Stop! Smell the roses, before the day closes, breathe in that fresh, morning air. Feel the sun on your back. Hear the beat of your heart. Touch someone's soul. Say a prayer.'

Thanks for visiting, everyone.
Hope to 'run into you', soon.