Monday, August 10, 2015

Been Walking

Hello Friends,

I've missed you so! 
It's been a while, I know,
(since that pretty Peony Festival), 
but please believe me when I say,
I've been meaning to touch base, to
 pop into cyberspace if only to say,
'Hey there, how are you?'. And stuff. 
But, as you can see, 
I've been quite busy...

Sometimes, I'm in great company, chatting the miles away with Liberty. Other times, it's just me and my new Canuck cronies, who tend to get off track, since they adore exploring the shore, (after all, they've got time galore), whereas I, lately, have not even a minute to spare. 'Beware!', they blast, 'lose the shoes, let your bare feet feel the grass, see the views'.

Have also been setting up Libby's new place, just around the corner from this dreamy, neck of the woods, where fairy tale houses with red, cherry doors, are gateways to sweet,  storybook neighbourhoods.

And when I finally do take a seat, it's to gather my strength, while soaking my poor, achy feet, for I know that there are many pending deadlines to meet, some of which never make my acquaintance.

So, when put to the test, all we can do is our best, one day at a time, (leave the seventh to rest), to wander and wonder amidst days of bird song and thunder, along routes of flowers and fences that speak to the senses, signalling, 'Stop! Smell the roses, before the day closes, breathe in that fresh, morning air. Feel the sun on your back. Hear the beat of your heart. Touch someone's soul. Say a prayer.'

Thanks for visiting, everyone.
Hope to 'run into you', soon.


  1. Oh, querida, Poppy.

    Você está em lugares lindos!!

    Muita beleza e paz nessas belas imagens...aproveite !!

    beijinhos, tenha um bom dia!

    Lígia e =^.^=

  2. It seems you have been a very busy girl, Ms. Poppy! I have missed fact, it was just yesterday that I got on my list of blogs and checked into Poppy View, thinking I might have missed a post or two...guess not! I was just hoping all was well with you and also hoping to "see" you soon. And what a beautiful neighborhood! Looking forward to seeing more! Have a good week :)

  3. Hi Poppy, I know you have been busy but thanks for giving us the update on everything. Good luck with setting up Liberty's place and take care and be well. I'll be here when you get back.
    Julie xo

  4. Gorgeous area for walks! Thanks so much for the update! Glad to know you are well and enjoying life!

  5. Poppy,
    What a delightful post. I too was on a month long blogging break and returned on Friday with a recap post of my time away. Loved your words and the photos. My fellow poet, I would so enjoy sitting under the tree on those rustic gorgeous branch rocking chairs and share a conversation after a long walk together. The houses and flowers along the way look like a very fairytale setting. Where people share only happily ever after dreams and future plans are schemed.
    Poppy your poem at the end resonated in my heart and left a tear in my eye. Lovely poetic words from a very lovely woman.

  6. What a joy to see you at the top of my blog reader feed! I just read an article yesterday that said our generation is losing the ability to take a walk without a purpose yet science has shown it is the best way to let your heart and head think together, your daydreams and thoughts float aimlessly, and to 'get your thoughts together'. Aside from the potential for blisters, can't think of a healthier way to do all that! Hugs to you my friend, I was just thinking it was time to email you a note.. . xxx Jackie

  7. Hi Poppy! I was excited to see your post and wondered if I'd missed many since I haven't been blogging as much this summer either, but, I see you've been enjoying your stay here immensely and therefore I haven't missed any posts. We were in Ontario on the holiday weekend. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! Hugs. Pam

  8. So good to see you posting again. I took a blogging break a few months ago and trying to get back into the routine. Love the pics and I also love taking walks.

  9. So nice to see you again and glad you are enjoying your Canadian summer. Blogging often falls off the agenda - happens to everyone, but it is pretty addictive too so hope to see you again here soon x

  10. You've had the best of company on your walks. I hope you sometimes heed the call to feel the grass between your toes. Shoes on, though, in those "storybook neighborhoods" just in case you and Liberty are invited in for morning coffee.

    Your pictures while taking your walks are lovely, as always, and that new banner is stunning!

    You often touch my soul, dear Poppy!
    Love to you,

  11. Good Morning Dearest Poppy!
    What an absolute joy it is to see you here this fine day in August. It appears that you have chosen some wise company to walk with or perhaps they have chosen you! I enjoy my early walks with nature just as you do. I too love your new banner and those hues are so soothing and cool.
    Thinking of you so often and sending much love,

  12. Sometimes we just need to get away from the puter! :) I've enjoyed my walk with you!
    Hope all is well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Oh Poppy so good to hear from you. I was worried that something was wrong. I enjoyed my walk with you and seeing all the lovely homes that you are seeing.
    Take care my friend and enjoy your visit with your beautiful daughter, family and friends.

  14. You've been on my mind a lot, Poppy. Sending hugs to you and a virtual foot massage! Take good care of yourself. xoxo

  15. It's so nice to see a new post from you, Poppy. I hope you're feeling well and enjoying yourself. Take care.

  16. Wow you've had some great company walking! Nice to hear from you and know everythings OK!

  17. So happy you checked in, Poppy! What a wonderful town you are spending time in, rest in between decor and pop back again soon. You are missed!

  18. It's great to see a post from you Poppy, and know that you are well and enjoying the Canadian countryside!

  19. You, sweet Poppy, touch souls. Many souls. We've missed you.

    Love your header! Modern and tres chic!


  20. You are still in Canada! I wondered. Good to see you are well and smelling the roses. Enjoy the rest of your time here :)

  21. I was so happy to see a post from Poppy! I missed you!

  22. Poppy miło znów Cię zobaczyc i usłyszeć tego lata....pozdrawiam;))

  23. Good to see you post something again! I see you're still enjoying a beautiful summer in our northern hemisphere! Sounds like you've been a busy lady. As usual your creative mind weaves us through with engaging thoughts. :-)
    Hugs, Liz

  24. Welcome back Poppy! I have missed your lovely posts. Enjoy your visit with your daughter!

    1. Hi Heidi,

      Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet comment. Wanted to reply, but you come up as a no-reply comment. Have you got a blog? Please let me know; would love to visit you, too!


  25. my own poppy.
    oh to walk there with you! and see those cherry red doors... among tree shaded streets...
    to feel cool refreshing air... to laugh at browsing canada honker neighbors of the very best kind!
    doreen has said it best.
    you certainly touch my own soul darling bean.
    i'm excited for you! wishing you great love and hugs and mugs of something delicious! XOXOXO♥

  26. Hi Poppy,
    Glad you popped up today with a post to say Hi. Life gets busy sometimes and we have to take a minute or two to catch up. Those pretty homes and that red front door so charming. I would love to take that same walk with you in that cute neighborhood. Enjoy.

  27. I think we've all been blogging less since summer started and it always nice when we can catch up. I know you've been busy with your stay in Canada but hope you've had time for some R and R too.

  28. Glad you have interesting things in your hands to do!AradnefromGreece!

  29. So glad that you are enjoying your summer walks! Your photos are delightful... What a lovely neighborhood! Enjoy each day... Thanks for sharing!

  30. I don't know how you ever get anything done with all that beautiful scenery around you!! I'm just so happy that you always share it with us..:) The only thing that would make it prettier is if you were in some of the photos..:) Have a great day Poppy!!

  31. Looks like you have been away for a while too. I am back to blogging after almost 5 months and all this time, I had been wondering what's up with my favorite blogging buddies, including you :)

    It's so good to be back to all your lovely pictures. So, what is keeping you busy?


  32. Oh, that house with the red door... Lovely! At least you stopped for a second to snap the picture! Enjoy your time with your daughter, even if it's busy!

  33. Blogging has taken a back seat around here, too. So nice to see a post from you in my reader when we got home from our trip. It looks like you've been having a wonderful time out walking with those geese and Liberty. What a pretty neighbourhood you've shown - I love all the colours.

  34. Looks like you're enjoying the summer, Poppy. I like the new header.

  35. Oh your back! Welcome! I´ve been missing your posts Poppy...
    It seems like your summer has been really good, lovely!
    Best wishes for a great weekend...

  36. Hi Poppy!

    If you're enjoying your Summer, that's all that matters :)

    Those homes are lovely.


  37. Hello Poppy,
    Those beautiful images can only be Canada. Love the freshness and spirit and those Canada geese to accompany you as you saunter along.
    Sending fondest wishes for a great summer and autumn
    Helen xx

  38. You always have the most beautiful pictures, Poppy, and this is doubly enjoyable with your lyrical words.

  39. Your new banner reminds me of the cool summer shade hiding beneath branches laden with summer greenery. It is good to know you are relaxing and enjoying your summer days and helping Liberty move into her new home. Storybook neighborhoods tend to be the older homes in the area where I live. Foolishly I thought a shiny new house was where I wanted to live, I have regretted choosing new over charm for a very long time. Here's to storybook houses and long walks and wonderful companions to share them with.

    If you have a chance I hope you can stop by to visit my blog in the next day or so and leave a comment, I am celebrating my second blog anniversary with a fall table linens give-away and the winner will be announced Thursday on my August 20th tablescape post. Have a lovely evening.... Candy

  40. Sweet Poppy, I was just coming by to say that I have missed you and lo' and behold there is a new post! {{smiles}} How I have missed you and your sweetness around the blogging community. Your summer sounds like it has been delightful :)

    Take care, dear friend. Love and hugs!

  41. Oh Poppy, I missed this, what a shame, I almost missed the whole entry. So much has been going on here, a tree hit our home, roof leaking rain water, my pinched nerve and therapy and now the main computer may be losing the hard drive. Always something. How wonderful for Liberty to be getting ready to set up her first home. Such fun and to have you there as well, has to be so wonderful. Enjoy the remainder of your time. Hugs dear one~


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