Friday, August 21, 2015

Summarizing Summer

'Paris' Peach', Paris Wyatt Llanso

Bowls of juicy sweetness
arranged to be devoured,
easily steal the show from
  bouquets of fragrant flowers.

'Lighthouse Waiting', Barbara Applegate

Red and white houses of light,
 symbols of safety for passing
ships in the night, during the day,
 keep an eye on the wild and wavy.

by Mila Marquis

Reading, dreaming, sleeping outdoors,
under the luxury of a thick, leafy tree,
 bookworm buddies keeping you great company,
 before parting ways, to lose yourself in yet
  another captivating, fascinating story.

'Green Flip Flops', Jen Norton

slide into your favourite flip flops, 
 spray your painted toes with the hose,
  shake the sand from your beach towel,
then cool down with iced joes, for
 fall, too, is on foot, drawing nearer and
nearer, to these still hot, hazy days. 
Won't you miss being lazy and crazy
 when summer softly tip toes away?

Thanks for visiting,
and happy weekend!


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  1. Lovely. Summer certainly won't be drifting away over here. Very hot (120 F) and very humid day. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  2. You have summarized summer very well! It has been a great one so far.

  3. Lovely paintings, true words. Here in The Netherlands we also have this year a warm, sunny and sometimes lazy summer, love it. I'm not yet longing for winter.

  4. Wonderful summer images... Those peaches...oh my! No sign of autumn here ... 100 degree temps with lots of humidity! Enjoy your days...

  5. Poppy,
    Loved your poetic words summing up your Summer told within vibrant pretty paintings. Still in the low 90's in Philadelphia as the days are now shorter preparing for Autumns return. Wishing you a relaxing and beautiful weekend,

  6. I love the paintings you posted, especially the lighthouse. Summer is winding down for us and I cannot wait for the next four months. For me it is a time of family, baking, and just enjoying life.

  7. My those peaches have my mouth watering! Lovely post and I am savouring summer! Enjoy each moment!

  8. It is the most colorful summer summary I have ever seen!!! Have a wonderful weekend Poppy :)

  9. So beautiful and poetic. I appreciate the reminder that it is still summer to some in blogland. It's hot here in Texas now and for awhile to come. :)

  10. Poppy, there will be days come winter when we will miss these lovely summer days. How right you are to remind us of this through your gentle admonishment and your choice of paintings. I can see why you chose these particular pieces of art, and I particularly like the last painting by the artist known as Poppy!

    I actually bought some Georgia peaches last week and had some cut up on Elvis Presley's pound cake topped by whipped cream--but don't tell anybody, please. It was so good, and I gave all but my piece away!

  11. Hi Poppy, I loved this summery post and images and the last one with the pretty flowers. I had a wonderful summer and I'll miss it. We do have a few weeks left of nice weather though. Enjoy the weekend.

  12. We do have that hint of autumn in our summer sunrises and a wee bit of fall in the afternoon breeze as well. Have a happy weekend, my friend.

  13. Gorgeous images and lovely words. Perfect poetry on a sunny day like today.

  14. What a fun, colorful post ~ in both pictures and prose! I like your pretty header. Great color!

  15. Beautiful post Poppy - loved all the pictures. Peaches are my very favorite fruit and I love peach cobblers yumyum.
    I am so ready for fall I can hardly stand it. We are getting another heat wave next week, which I am not looking forward to.
    Have a spectacular weekend.
    Hugs to you dear friend

  16. Hi my dear Poppy, oh how much I have missed you and thought about you. Your Summer paintings and your writings all convey that you have been enjoying a most wonderful Summer with your family and friends. I hope that we shall see more, hear more from you very soon. I love the boldness and brightness of these paintings that you have chosen. We are already seeing signs of Autumn here. Thank you for sharing, it was a delightful visit. Hugs to you~

  17. Hi Poppy,
    We are still having summer here in Illinois so I am enjoying these beautiful summer days. Love your summer paintings. So beautiful.

  18. What a joy to read the poetry you chose to enhance the lovely paintings.describing your time during the summer months. We still have lovely sunshine, although a little cooler, but nicer to enjoy while relaxing.

  19. Hello dear Poppy, welcome back. Hope you are enjoying the rest of warmer days and the balmy ocean breeze. Miss your poetic posts and the photos which comes with it. The last picture, is that your garden? So lush and prolific, displaying the happiest of blooms.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  20. Oh how I love Summer - my favorite season. Summer is already threatening to go away here in the Canadian Prairies. Yesterday Calgary got snow and last night we got our first frost warning. FROST in August :(

  21. HOLY MOLY !!!
    i loved this entire post!!!
    the pictures. each one. i'd say OH! and then again... OH I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE... and then again... LOLOL!
    and i love the header. a whole new look. it makes me happy. a mosaic of life. and trees to boot...
    my favorite things.
    i especially love the one of reading in the hammock... and all the little creatures reading too...
    and the snoozing dog.
    thank you for this treat today my poppy! happy weekend to you too! XOXOXOXO♥

  22. Good to see you in my inbox today!

    I had a grilled peach salad last night. Yum! And yes, I will miss the lazy days of summer, but most assuredly I will still be crazy no matter what the season ;).

    Such gorgeous paintings you choose for this 'you'. I want to be inside all of them...


  23. Such a fresh way to look back on Summer Poppy!
    I thought the peaches summed up Summer for me...
    until I saw the girl in the hammock reading - now that is my forever memory of my summer days spent in France this year, as my eldest granddaughter spent a lot of her time in the hammock!
    The flip flops (jandals in NZ) are a quintessential part of a Kiwi Summer too!
    A beautiful post dear friend - I imagine you are back home in Greece by now.

  24. Lovely paintings and poetry to match. Very creative. I do love summer, but I was just telling Dennis this morning that I will be glad to see fall return. We've had record high temps this summer and now wildfires have taken the lives of precious firefighters and so much of the beautiful landscape north of us. We need some relief. I hope you're well and that you enjoy the rest of the summer, Poppy. xo ~ Nancy

  25. Another post of beautiful words and lovely photos.

    Summer really is a special season!

  26. I love that you illustrated your poem with paintings this time!

  27. Hello Poppy, pretty summery images and post. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  28. What a wonderful explosion of colour, Poppy! Another summer slipping away, almost before it properly began here in the UK as is so often the case, but the rare truly gorgeous summer days are all the more appreciated. Lovely to see you again x

  29. You have such a gift with words, Poppy. You almost made me like summer... almost ;)


  30. I just loved the pictures you used in your post. I agree with Rue, you do have a gift of words, and so does she! Colour, beautiful colour!

  31. Oh I love these paintings, Poppy! The beautiful images conjure up happy summer memories. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you've had a lovely summer!



  32. Lovely post, Poppy. I laughed--whenever I'm watering flowers I spray my toes. It feels good and gets them clean from the grass and soil!

    I've missed you this summer I now realize. This broken arm is a never ending problem in so many ways. I hope to get all caught up soon.

    Jane x

  33. What a lovely post, Poppy! The artwork it so sweet and colorful and I loved the poetry. Hope you've had a good summer. I sure have and am beginning to wonder where it went! :) Hope all is well in your world.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  34. Beautiful post Poppy. I'm so glad you shared your summer memories at the Sundays Down Under linky party.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  35. Piękne lato w obrazach i za płotem w ogrodzie...pozdrawiam Beata:)

  36. What a great summary of summer! Love the paintings as illustrations. Reading, getting to the water, eating peaches, wearing flip flops - yes, those have been done here (still are). I hope your heart captured all the loveliness of a Canadian summer as you return to beautiful Greece.

  37. What lovely artwork! Summer has flown by too fast and we have had a splendid August with lots of summery weather. I will be sad to see it end. I've had some beautiful adventures this month though and will think on them as the weather turns cooler. I hope you have had a wonderful vacation here in Canada. Enjoy! Hugs. Pam

  38. What a beautiful way to summarise summer Poppy!!! Beautiful photo and painting choices!!! I hope you have had a wonderful summer!!! xx

  39. Love your way of putting these thoughts and feelings together. Your pictures carry the mind so nicely. Fall is drawing in- I can hear how the leaves sound different when it's windy. I love how youndifbthat picture with the picket fence. I'd love to print that with your permission. I'll stare at it dreaming of summer during the longer winter months. Hugs, Liz

  40. What a lovely way to end the summer. Beautiful art and a wonderful post! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  41. Aw...loved this sweet post, dear Poppy! Yes, summer is coming to an fact it has even been kinda cool and breezy here in the southern USA today! I do love me some fall weather and everything that goes along with it but I know we surely will have plenty more warm days here. I hope you are doing well and have a great remainder of the week!

  42. Such a lovely way to bid summer adieu! Beautiful works of art!! That lighthouse painting is charming. I hope you've had wonderful summer, Poppy. This season just flew by, didn't it? I'm not quite ready to ease into fall yet. Cheers, L

  43. Hello Poppy, so nice to see a post from you. A lovely collection of summery images. I will be sorry to see summer tip toeing away. I am not a cold weather lover. I hope you and your family are doing well. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  44. Hello My Dearest Poppy!
    Oh this post is such a treat from you, my creative and talented friend! The vibrant colors of Summer, the words, the hues that you have such a gift for creating and sharing with us all. Oh I know your Summer is waning, but just imagine the Fall you will have! Those of us who live in the Southwest are still stuck in the middle of the heat and it is trying my patience. I am working diligently on ushering Fall in by decorating our little third floor apartment!
    Happy Friday dear Poppy!

  45. Such a lovely post, my friend. Autumn is just around the corner....I can feel her in the mornings and night and before long I will be slipping my boots on and cuddling up in a cozy sweater :) Thanks for joining Roses of Inspiration. May you have a wonderful weekend.

  46. Gorgeous!! I so needed a Poppy fix. I'll certainly wring every drop from summer...I like it that much:)
    Take care my friend!

  47. Poppy, just beautiful in every way. What a welcome to Spring in our part of the world Down Under. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frugal. Love, Mimi xxx

  48. I love, love, love the painting of the girl reading under the tree with her animal friends! That is one of my favorite things to do (except I need to teach my squirrels and cats how to . As usual I can come to your blog and just smile...:) :) :) Hugs to you!!!

  49. Sounds like a lovely summer, Poppy. As soon as that girl gets up from the hammock, I'm diving in.

  50. These are beautiful Poppy! Thanks for sharing with us at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy!

  51. Even though it's 95° today, it still feel very much like summer has left the building! As much as I love fall, I am always sorry to see summer go!

  52. Don't you love summer. I hate to see it slip away! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  53. What a fun tribute to summer. Thanks for a fun post full of art and poetry.

  54. Poppy my mouth was watering when you described the peach. There is power in your pen!


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