Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Scenes of Red, White and Green





create a festive scene

in my Cretan home, at Christmas.

Okay, and a bit of orange, too!

These photos are from Christmases past.
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Monday, November 14, 2016

En Vogue

Autumn, this year, has been unseasonably 
warmer, here, in my hometown. The light is soft, 
and everything it touches seems to glow a little 
longer, basking in its clear and radiant serenity.

And, although the winds have stripped some of their
ornate clothing, scantily clad branches still manage 
to show off their most precious accessories.

Bubbly, berry baubles adorn others, 

but the majority have chosen to go au naturel, 
being of the 'less is more' opinion, and happily
 reflect it on like-minded surfaces of stone.

 I think you'll agree that, whatever the wardrobe 
of these woody plants, the autumn skies
 they so gracefully enhance.

 What are the season's stars 
modelling on your runways?

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 have a lovely week!


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Saturday, November 5, 2016

November Apparel

Ryerson University, downtown Toronto

November is here. It's such a quiet month,
don't you think? More low key than October.  


 November doesn't scream, 'Fall!', but gently
whispers it in deeper hues, subtle cues
that it's colder cousin is on the way.

Cabbagetown, a downtown Toronto neighbourhood

Foliage is precious, so the sun's soft rays create
 shadowy clones that cover exterior walls,
autumn jackets for pretty facades.

Can you guess where I came across these clusters of fall?  

One of the rooftops of our building

This patchy plot of autumnal tones, although lovely,
 is something of a puzzle. I can't recall if it's like this
  all year round, which, of course, would make it
 artificial. Regardless, it is interesting!

Unionville, our neighbourhood

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Happy November, all!

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Charming Neighbourhood

Naturally, not every autumn day looks like this: sunny and bright and warm and beaming with vibrant colour, but when it does, well, isn't it just pure paradise? You'd think I was wandering through Ontario's cottage country, or maybe on holiday in the beautiful Maritimes, but believe it or not, this serene, pretty scene is just a short 15 minute stroll to

this stunning beauty, situated on a busy street; in fact, it's a highway! A luxury condominium complex, inspired by the elegant French château style, it is a clean lined classic among its bulky and awkwardly built counterparts that have popped up all over the Greater Toronto Area in the last five years, and a mere 10 minute amble to

quaint heritage homes that have been turned into flourishing businesses on Main Street Unionville. On Saturdays, Liberty and I love to grab a specialty coffee and a freshly baked treat from one of the many cozy cafes and make our way to

Toogood Pond Park, literally, just steps away. Isn't it simply idyllic? We come here to simultaneously relax and recharge. Oh, and did I mention that there's all day, free entertainment for passersby?

We always manage to get front row seats, especially for the matinee performance.  This particular interpretation of 'Swan Lake' is quite avant garde, commanding a standing ovation, every time. Of course, the leading ladies adore the attention; obviously, they are all prima ballerinas, are they not?

As talented as my feathered friends may be,
there is no doubt that the true stars of the season
are all the leafy lovelies that brighten the many
pathways, shortcuts and long and winding
roads that cheerfully greet me on my walks
through my charming neighbourhood.  

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Happy weekend,
my friends!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Mature, Mid-October Character

Of all the reasons to love autumn, and there
are plenty, from the romantic to the radiant,
both of which appeal to me tremendously,

there are two others, which you will discover,
that make me feel just as giddy.

Can you guess what they are?
Look carefully!


There are clues in the hues
of the clouds in the sky,

and to further exemplify what I mean, take
    note of the ruffles of pinks and purples on green.

Now, marvel at the multitude of
shadows and shades of this maple,

and finally, feast your eyes on 
the layers upon layers of
 colour and texture, like the
blazing coral and crispy nature
of this mature, mid-October character.
 Oh, Autumnal Architecture,
alas, we must declare our 
passionate, lifelong love affair!

What do you love about autumn?

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 Happy weekend!


Friday, October 7, 2016

'Seasonal Luxury': Act III

Autumn skies dramatize
 Act III of 'Seasonal Luxury'',
a play in four parts, advertised
on a marquee of leafy celebrity.

On the ground,
smaller roles abound.
'Walk-ons', if you will,
print a playbill of their own,
protagonists of the cement canvas
onto which they have been blown.

Whether in the air,
where, striking characters invigorate
mundane plots of humdrum blue,

or simply on a muddy patch
 of disappearing green,

the scene is synchronously
stimulating and serene.

Still playing, until the flaky snow
draws the curtain on this alfresco show,
you may catch it anytime, anywhere,
for it's currently being performed everywhere.
Oh! Almost forgot: admission is free, naturally

Canada Post mailboxes: always covered in maple leaves, whatever the season.

Thank you for visiting!
Sending Thanksgiving wishes
to my Canadian friends, 
and warm, autumn greetings
to you all,


Monday, August 29, 2016

The Form and Fate of a Full-Grown Grape

Presently, on the island, it's grape season.

In the early morning light of August
 jewels of juice await their harvest.

They begin their journey on a vine
while many will find their way to wine.

 Some are dried under a blazing sun
 that wrinkles them into sweet raisins.

Others are boiled into a thick spread
that perfectly complements plain bread.

 Finally, if not fermented, cooked or baked,
there are grapes that possess a fresher fate,
geared to land right on one's  plate!  

What's your preference?