Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Winnie the Pooh 'Windsday'

 from my bedroom balcony

 The last time we spoke,
the sun was out, the day was bright
and Poppy View was adorned with light.

 But tonight as I type,
a howling wind is on the prowl.
Fierce and voracious, it roars and growls,
eager to pluck and snatch and sweep
 its light and innocent prey off their tiny feet!
And NOT for love! 

I hope all the little creatures find
a sturdy place to which the wind is blind,

from my terrace
to spend the night, safe and sound,
until that ferocious squall's no longer around!

from my terrace
 Now, I ask you,
 where's that wandering Winnie when you really need him?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Generous Guest

I've been spending more time in the sun room lately.
Situated at the front of the house and facing eastward,

 it is the first room that greets the morning sun,

welcoming it with familiar hues, making it feel at home. 

 Depending on the season,
 it arrives around the same time every day,

give or take a minute or two. 

Today, it burst through
the window at precisely 7:24 am, 
in typical, mid-January mode. 

 It came bearing gifts, 
as it does, generously, with every visit,

filling the room with its comforting warmth and healing rays.

Sitting still, in the silence of the small space,
  pondering the preciousness of time,

I watched it wander effortlessly through the French doors,
and into the kitchen, where it stopped for a while,


to join me for breakfast, and welcome the day.

Has the sun appeared on your doorstep today?

Thanks for visiting!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Girl Sitting in the Sun

Who is this young woman
sitting in the light,
her dark tresses, thick,
 her lips, shiny, and bright?  
I sense I've seen her
 somewhere before.
I feel our paths crossed
a long time ago,
to faraway lands 
and half-opened doors.
Yet eerily, I still hold
 her close  to my heart.

Her eyes, 
painted and pencilled
in rich smoky hues,
are drawn with precision
to  intrigue and amuse
the vibrant youth of her being -
 she lives for the moment!
  Her future is foreign,
faraway, unforeseen.

there's something about her
that's strangely familiar!
  If I could just hear her voice,
it would all be much clearer.
And, after listening very closely
to what we would say,
I'd take our advice,
and meet her today.
Just the two of us,
here, in the mirror.

In hindsight, what perception would you pass on
to the girl in your mirror, looking into your eyes?

Thanks for visiting.
Have a wonderful weekend! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

On My Break from Boxing

Yesterday morning, after three gruelling rounds,
I managed to single-handedly defeat 
my two daring opponents, dust and dirt, 
in yet another weekly boxing victory.
I rewarded myself with a cup of strong, 
Greek coffee, the healthy heavyweight of brews!

Reaching for my daily dose of caffeine,
I noticed that a sketchy scene was stamped on
 my cup, from the froth that forms upon steaming.

What, pray tell, does this look like to you? 

Maybe something like the above?
Now, I may be bouncing off the walls, just
 a teeny bit, (yes, from that java hit) -
even so, battling dust and dirt,
 can drive the best of domestic athletes
briefly bonkers, but, I am not too dizzy 
to recognize a tree when I see one, 
whether it's perched on a mountain top, 
or carved out on crockery!
A tree is a tree, don't you agree?

Some of you may be wondering,
'Why all the fuss?'.
Well, you see, here in Greece,
the foamy debris, from your morning coffee 
reads like a mini marquee of your future!

My single, lush, leafy tree
symbolizes a content family,
(extended, included).
And for that, 
I sincerely am grateful.

Thanks for visiting!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alien Armchair Adventure

Where are we? 
Friends, are you still with me?
We have somehow disappeared
 from the great big blogosphere!

Stay together!
Somebody, somewhere, 
must've punched in a code,
 or clicked a key,
that shot us into 
unknown territory!

 Okay, follow me...
 In the distance, to the left,
do you see?
What, I wonder, could that be?
Seems like some sort
 of port or secret airstrip
most likely for
 a saucer shaped spaceship!

 Look over there,
behind that sunburnt, brittle tree,
amid the rocky rubble and debris. 

Must be some kind of station,
or some sort of fort,
or maybe a hiding place
 for a Martian consort!

Shh! I hear footsteps...
They're coming from over there...

We have company!
Don't just stand there and stare!
Run as fast as you can and say a prayer!

A man in a suit 
(and looking quite cute, to boot!),
is calling our names.
Might it be James?
As in Bond?!

 'Run to the fort 
and wait for transport!
I'll be back in a flash!',
he commanded,
 as he dashed down the hill.

We never saw him again.
Two seconds later,
in the blink of an eye,
we were back on earth
and he was lost to the sky.

So glad we bloggers
 stuck together!
Here's to more
 cyberspace adventures!