Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Vows

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.
-Charles M. Schulz

No, it doesn't. Hurt, that is. In fact, chocolate actually helps to alleviate pain. And, in my case, all kinds of pain. You name it: knee pain (from fighting over the last piece in the house), headache (more like migranes, from mulling over the stuff!), toothache (let's face it: if you have a sweet tooth, salt just doesn't cut it), heck, even imagined pain (cravings are real; don't let anyone tell you otherwise!). But, the hardest pain to endure is that of the heart, which pounds and pangs over unrequited love, or agonizes and aches because of a break up, whether it be sudden or anticipated. In any event, chocolate is there to soothe your sadness, sending merry messages to your mind and feel-good pheromones to your being! So, do not despair; this cocoa concoction is really all you need. But a little love now and then doesn't hurt either (haha).

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

And two beds. I'm no rocket scientist, but, the latest love stats claim that even some soulmates choose to snooze solo.  Apparently, 25 percent of American couples are saying, 'So long and sweet dreams' in the hallway, and heading to different bedrooms for a night of uninterrupted sleep.  Several suspects accused in the stealing of slumber include nasty noises like the roaring of snoring, tactile traumas, consisting of cold feet and kicking, while disturbances due to hot flashes and night sweats exhaust even the heaviest of nocturnal nemeses. Peace and quiet, covers that stay put, and  no tantrums over temps, lead to lullaby luxury, when the only thing inhabiting one's body is rest! Relaxing, revitalizing, replenishing, rest. Thus, back to our equation: 2 separate sleeping souls = 1 very happy close couple!

Age does not protect you from love. 
But love, to some extent, protects you from age.
-Anais Nin

It's so true. When you are in love, love and are loved, even if it's platonic love, or sibling love, you feel alive! All your senses are finely tuned, even heightened, so that the world, in general, is a bright, blissful and beautiful place to be. Isn't that how children see the world? It's a joyful and inspiring playground, so much to discover and share. There is definitely a pinch  of childhood innocence and a dash of whimsy inherent in the ingredients of love. Have you taken (and given) your daily dose of this wonder drug today? Careful, it must be taken every day for the best results! So, give your loved one a hug, kiss your sweetie hello, and before you know it, you'll be young forever!

Happy Valentine's Day!



Wednesday, February 6, 2013


(This post was written last January, in Toronto)

I love Canada. I was born in Toronto, (where I am presently visiting), one of the greatest cities in the world, in my humble opinion. I have sweet memories of my life here, as a little girl, and of course, as a young woman. 

A loving and funny family of fifty plus, (I'm Greek - there's no such thing as extended family!), devoted friends, (some from as far back as highschool), beautiful neighbourhoods  and an effective infrastructure are the things I miss most when I'm not here, which is most of the time, as I live far away; both a sea and an ocean separate me from the first twenty-two years of my life.

As many of you know, I have lived on the island of Crete for the last twenty-five years, shortly after I met my husband, who was born there. I fell in love with the obvious attractions at first: the sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, the five thousand years of history, the friendly people and of course the food, which is simple, fresh and flavourful. 

But, aside from all of these wonderful aspects of this ancient land, it was the adventure of discovering its earthy and mysterious treasures that attracted me to it. 

So much so, that I left my close knit clan and Canadian comforts and began a new life, and in essence, a new identity, in a country whose blood ran in my veins, but was a stranger to my heart.

Much like the photo above, where tropical trees and snow cone peaks share the same surreal stage, Crete is a continuous source of contradictions. Venetian architecture, Turkish delicacies and French fashion, among other influences, have infused the Cretan carriage, creating subtle contours in its traditionally rooted character.  

But, amid all the flurry of foreign fluctuation, economic erosion and crippling austerity, one thing is always certain: the Cretan sun shows up on my doorstep day after day, to brighten my mood with the brush of its rays.

And so, I await its arrival, promising peace and colour and life!

 High in the hills, the flowers stir in the breeze and the waves rock to and fro below. Soothing, enriching and pure, it warms my face, my heart and soul. 

I miss the sunny skies at home! Until we meet again...
Hope you are blessed with the beauty and tranquility
 of natural sunlight wherever you are!

Thanks for visiting.