Sunday, August 18, 2013

DemetER and DemetRA: The Goddess and the Girlfriend

Demeter: Greek goddess of  agriculture, the harvest and fertility of the earth.

While taking a few courses on Greek mythology at the University of Toronto, I was introduced to Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, the harvest and fertility on the earth. Already acquainted with Aphrodite's beauty tips and advice on love, (subjects of deep interest to young, starry-eyed girls), it was Demeter who captured my attention.

Her intrinsic, 'global' goodness combined with courage and intelligence (especially regarding her strategy in the brave rescue of her daughter, Persephone, in Hades), symbolized a strong maternal force and independence. Demeter, who is also affiliated with law and order, marriage, and the cycle of life and death, quickly became my favourite among the divine divas.

Goddess of the grain, Demeter's emblem is the poppy, which grows abundantly among fields of barley. Surely, this was a further 'sign' from the gods that my connection with Demeter was destined to be one lasting a lifetime!

Demetra: teacher, mother, daughter, forever friend. (poppyview.blogspotcom)

Fast forward twenty years, when, another 'Demeter' appears before me, equally strong and independent, a great mother to two young men, a teacher and philosopher, who is forever discussing the law and order of her own society, on a never ending quest for national pride and defense of her fellow man.

This is my friend, Demetra, named after Saint Demetrios, the Greek Orthodox, Great Martyr, military and spiritual protector of Thessaloniki. Having the pleasure of knowing Demetra well, I can attest to the fact that she possesses and exhibits the personality traits of both her religious Orthodox and Olympian namesakes!

Demetra's  many hobbies and interests, which range from singing, traditional dancing, hiking and travelling, have allowed this active and multi-talented lady to meet and make friends with like-minded people who share her passions, one of those folks, being me!

Demetra in action! (click to enlarge)

It was through our love of singing and the Intercanto International Choir, that Demetra and I met. We also worked together as members on the board of directors,  promoting the choir and taking care of business, in general, with Demetra serving as president. Those were happy, creative and fun-filled times and we became fast friends and confidantes! Board room bantering soon led to late night, coffee house conversations, punctuated by loads of laughter and confessions over cocktails!

Birthday bash! (

But, sadly, this week, after thirty years on the island, my sweet and caring friend made one of the most heart wrenching moves of her life, and departed for her native Cyprus; a difficult decision, especially since she has so many friends here, who will miss her tremendously. 

Beautiful Cyprus (click to enlarge)

She is one of thousands who are leaving or have already done so, due to severe, austerity measures, inflicting insecurity and desperate, day to day struggles on the citizens of this once flourishing country, that are too painful to endure.

Another shared passion: red!

So, dear Demetra,

for now, it's girlfriend gabfest time on Skype
and visiting our lives by clicking Facebook 'likes'.
Unless Demeter decides to
fly you over courtesy of 'Goddess Air', 
we'll see each other in due time,
albeit, via mortal transport and full fare!

   The Goddess                                                                                        and the Girlfriend
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Door Detour

How many times
 have I dashed by
 these old, dated doors,

scurrying to escape 
the sizzling woes of 
insufferable summer heat?

Other times, 
during siesta silence,
 I seize the moment
 for quiet guidance,

 to search for traces,
clues and close-ups, 
on faces fluted, chipped,
 worn out;

cosmetic character flaws, perhaps,
 but strong footsteps to solid souls.

 Further down the cobblestone,
gates, freshly painted
to look smooth and sleek,
provide a framed perspective,
and an exclusive peek into
 a courtyard of potted petals.

All quite charming, 
these updated, made-up metals,
 but where's that marked intrigue,
   that lost mystique, so present in
 their wrinkled, weathered elders: 
the wooden, but charred, 
the hollow, scarred, and marred,
 the mossy, crooked and ajar?

The last of these gems,
 en route to my own residence,
bordered by a grove stacked
with bitter, black fruit,

a stony structure stands
 sound and solitaire, despite
  its broken window and door.

And, although 
exposed to elements 
unforgiving and unfair,
it bears no evidence
in its stoic air, of a
 core, torn or dishonoured.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Follow the Flowers

Sunday morning
 arrived quietly today.

Hot, still and silent,
nothing, along the way

to the tiny church
stirred or was heard.

 Sweet scented blooms even,
  doomed - to
 sterile statues of clay.

Soon, the mood had moved
into the Spirited space.

Solemn, serene, 
yet, an essence of grace
amid soft whispers of prayer.

And then...

the beaming of church bells,
 and brilliance broke out,

with laughter and chatter
to end the sound drought!

I followed the flowers,
the fruit and the sun,

to take me back home,
from where I'd begun.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bright Bites of Light

Lately, I've been drawn,
more than usual,
to the luster of light.

This lure rarely occurs
in the afternoon, 

(having retired to my room),
where, shutters closed,

no light may loom
to sabotage siesta!

But when I awake,
caffeine and cookies
await, in sunlit state,

to energize and aid
a drowsy dreamer.

There is always fruit,
seasonal, and sweet.
Edible, flickering bulbs,

served cool in the summer,
 a refreshing splash of a treat.

Lavished by light,
my mood lifts and takes flight,

for a smoother landing
when darkness sets in,

and brightness succumbs 
to shades somber.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

A Cousin's Embrace

A cousin from Canada came and went,
leaving behind new memories 
of a few days well spent.

Stories, exclusive to us,
revived from the murk of shade
were retold and relived -
and protected from fade.

Waking to the silence of stillness,
after days of boisterous cheer,
her absence was a void in my heart,
and loud in my ear.

Getting on with domestics,
proved a distraction ideal,

to preoccupy my mind
and help an aching heart heal.

Until we meet again, her sweet gift, 
brought to colour my space,
brightens my mood
like a pink rainbow embrace.

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