Friday, August 16, 2013

Door Detour

How many times
 have I dashed by
 these old, dated doors,

scurrying to escape 
the sizzling woes of 
insufferable summer heat?

Other times, 
during siesta silence,
 I seize the moment
 for quiet guidance,

 to search for traces,
clues and close-ups, 
on faces fluted, chipped,
 worn out;

cosmetic character flaws, perhaps,
 but strong footsteps to solid souls.

 Further down the cobblestone,
gates, freshly painted
to look smooth and sleek,
provide a framed perspective,
and an exclusive peek into
 a courtyard of potted petals.

All quite charming, 
these updated, made-up metals,
 but where's that marked intrigue,
   that lost mystique, so present in
 their wrinkled, weathered elders: 
the wooden, but charred, 
the hollow, scarred, and marred,
 the mossy, crooked and ajar?

The last of these gems,
 en route to my own residence,
bordered by a grove stacked
with bitter, black fruit,

a stony structure stands
 sound and solitaire, despite
  its broken window and door.

And, although 
exposed to elements 
unforgiving and unfair,
it bears no evidence
in its stoic air, of a
 core, torn or dishonoured.

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  1. Such pretty words and magnificent architecture!

  2. Your photos take my breath away. I love the crusty patina on all those doors. How lucky to see these along your way.

  3. I love doors. I guess it is the Irish in me. Hubby sometimes complains I paint the front door too much. HA! HA!

  4. Oh Poppy, Your photos are enough to make my heart stand still, the incredible doors and vintage painted wood with the lock, the doorways and windows, wow so much to see, I wish I were there seeing all the wonders yur country has to offer...what a wonderous place...if you want to see a tiny bit of california, come on over for some watermelon and I have an amazing cocktail for you that your gonna love...nice visit...Phyllis

  5. Hi Poppy! I love seeing all of these doors. Your snaps are lovely. Now I would certainly love to go behind these doors and check out the insides.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I love doors and gates. I have a whole Pinterest board full of them. It looks like you live in a really interesting place.

  7. I love these old doors! I'd love one in my house turned a table or even just an art piece! Lovely, thanks for sharing!

  8. I have a thing for photos of doors. I find them so appealing. Oh, how I would love to dash by these doors on a regular basis!

  9. Oh Poppy! What I would give for one of those doors! I'd just have it leaning against a wall in my house:) Nothing better than the sun bleached wood .. the patina. Gorgeous and thanks for sharing!

  10. I love old doors, Poppy! They have so much character. It's so odd how a humble door which is supposed to be just a way to close something off and let the select few through can be so beautiful. Thanks for the lovely images!

  11. I feel like I have had a mini vacation - wonderful colors. Is that black fruit olives? I just made 2 tapenade dishes so I have been on an olive kick.

    1. Yes, I was referring to olives and here on the island, we are known for our tiny, slightly bitter, pungent black olives, which are exported all over the world and make a very tasty tapenade, too!

  12. Great shots. I took pictures of doors in Italy when we were there.

  13. I like so much the old doors and when I find of them I take photos !I liked the colours and patina on them !How many stories they could told us if they could speak ???Thank you for sharing these photos !

  14. Great post! I love old doors, the more weathered the better! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Poppy,
    I just love this post..all of the doors are beautiful and I like the way you showcased them..We own a window and door company so this is near and dear to my heart. I will be adding some of these pictures to my Pinterest board named windows and doors...
    Love, Mona

  16. I love doors and gates. They can take a simple house and turn it into something special.

    Thanks for taking me on your walk.

  17. I love all of them! So much character. I'm jealous you can see these everyday! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

    1. Thanks for stopping by DIY Vintage Chic’s Friday’s Five Features and Fun Festivities. Don’t forget to stop back by this Friday!

  18. Amazing pictures! What a joy it must be to get to see and study these beauties every day! You are truly blessed!
    ♥ Jil

  19. Οι φωτογραφίες σου είναι πάντα τόσο φωτεινές και υπέροχες!! Πόσες ιστορίες κρύβουν από πίσω τους αυτές οι πόρτες!! Απόλαυσα την ανάρτησή σου!! Να έχεις ένα όμορφο Σαββατοκύριακο!! Φιλιά!!

  20. Lovely post! The patina on the old doors is so charming.I also love the aged colors of some of the doors. I find doors so interesting that have a pinterest board of colorful doors!

  21. I love the old world allure of these doors - you are such a wonderful photographer to give these old doors new life.

  22. My dear Poppy,

    To avoid stating the obvious and repeating my admiration of your lovely posts, here is a poem:


    An open door says, “Come in.”
    A shut door says, “Who are you?”
    Shadows and ghosts go through shut doors.
    If a door is shut and you want it shut,
    why open it?
    If a door is open and you want it open,
    why shut it?
    Doors forget but only doors know what it is
    doors forget.


  23. ...Καλημερα..ειδα Πορτα ανοιχτη και μπηκα..να σαι καλα..ειναι πανεμορφες τις λατρεψα ολες...η πορτα ελεγε η Γιαγια μου..ειναι το προσωπο του σπιτιου..ξεκινα απο Νεα..αλλα μετα γερνα..ρυτιδες στο προσωπο..σαν τον Ανθρωπο..χαιρομαι που σε βρηκα..καλο Καλοκαιρι..σε φιλω..

  24. Amazing pictures! The doors are gorgeous!

  25. I took some photos of doors and windows when I went to Crete and actually one is in a little bamboo frame opposite where I am sitting now. The frame came with a magazine that I bought when I was there !
    Love all the interesting photos you took, gorgeous colours and patina, thanks for sharing Poppy.

  26. Fabulous collection of doors! Just the way I like them: crusty and a bit chippy! The layers of paint and patina hold much history and charm. Lovely photos, Poppy.
    Cheers from DC,

  27. Oh you are so poetic! Those photos are amazing! I think I would be tempted (but wouldn't of course) to take one of those doors home! Ahh, to dream. ;)

  28. Awesome Poppy, I love the doors, especially the history they seem to want to tell us.

    Love the chippy paint and details, thanks for sharing it!

  29. You are surrounded by such beauty!! Life is always better when we notice the beauty around us. Thank you for sharing these photos with us today - they make me smile! : ) Cheers, Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures)

  30. How fortunate for you live in an area that you can see doors like this on a daily basis. Each one is more interesting than the previous one!

  31. I love the texture and looks of old doors and windows. What history they must have. I really enjoyed your post and seeing these aged gems.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week. I am joining you through Mosaic Monday.

  32. What a lovely post and collection of doors. So much texture and lovely rustic looking wood. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing!

  33. These are beautiful. I have always wanted to capture a series of doors in my town. Of course, mine don't have the character that you have captured

  34. You captured so much beauty in the antiquity of these doors!

  35. These are gorgeous photos of beautiful doors. Doors with character and history. Don't you wish you knew the stories these doors could tell? Who built them? Who passed through them? What joy and sorrow have they seen - new babies carried through them, a bridal couple, children dancing, and even sadness of death.

  36. The rustic doors do make you wonder about all the people that have passed through them and the activities that have taken place beyond them.

  37. love all the cool doors and the aged patina, thanks for sharing them.

  38. Very charming. I never took photos of doors until my daughter brought my attention to one in Ireland. Since then, it has become a fascination.

  39. Hi Poppy, I love how colorful the old doors are and I love all the photos you took. It is so pretty and colorful where you live! Thanks and I hope you have a great week. I also saw it on Brag About It.
    Julie from

  40. Just found your blog and I LOVE it!!!

  41. Your pictures are amazing. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  42. Oh Poppy pure art form and I love old doors and these that you shared are all so very charming, indeed! It makes you want to know more...who lived behind those doors, how many children born, how many lives touched from within, and yes, just from beyond the outside too...beautiful~

  43. Poppy, how wonderful and charming these doors are-just love it! Thanks again for visiting us at BeBetsy - take care and here are a couple of hearts just for you! ♥♥

    Sharon and Denise

  44. Love these photos - such character in all these doors - stories in all - beautifully done! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  45. You do realize that those of us that live in regular neighborhoods are just swooning over the fact that you live on the island of Crete with that kind of wonderful architecture around!! So beautiful and romantic! Visiting from Tuesday Trivia and following you!

  46. loooove your door pics!!! angie from germany

  47. What's behind those closed doors, is a mystery unknown. Great pictures my friend. Your country has so much to offer from food to idyllic islands just few of the things I desire. Thank you for sharing your beautiful island.

    Have a blessed week.

  48. Oh I too take door photos. . .I have a collection from our travels in Crete. I love to let my imagination run wild and dream up stories about who lived/lives there and what their lives must be/have been like. Great post, Poppy!

  49. I love doors too! How wonderful your photos are..

  50. Wow... Just wow, so pretty. My wife just killed our bank with doors and windows like this, but totally worth it.

  51. Oh Poppy I love seeing your photos ... Thanks so much for linking up at Our Beautiful World ... It took me to your blog and I have so enjoyed your posts, your words and your beautiful Island ... I've been to Greece and some Islands but never Crete ... One day! And thank you for your lovely comment too! Have a beautiful evening

  52. "a stony structure stands strong and solitaire,
    despite its broken window and door."
    Just to simple to say:"lovely...".
    It's so touching...much better!!

  53. I just love old doors and you have captured them perfectly.

  54. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

  55. Beautiful post and photos... I love weathered doors and gates and these are all a delight :) Hugs, Wendy

  56. Oh how I love photographing doors. I'm so glad I found yours today. So beautiful! I will be back to view more of your photos! :o)

  57. I love these doors! I grew up in Germany so the old architecture really calls my name :)

  58. another door luver, I've created a Luvly Doors board for pinning my favs =)
    A wonderful peek into your world, Poppy! thanks for sharing


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