Sunday, May 28, 2017

Spring Collection

Hello friends,

It has not been a typical spring here on the island this year. We've had a little more rain than usual, sun showers, really, which of course, are just as great for all my potted pretties as they are for me, since I can skip a watering session or two. The above bouquet, consisting of pink daisies, white carnations, scented and pink geraniums and everlasting flowers (Helichrysum siculum) came from my garden. Isn't it sweet? 

I wonder, do you think Kathleen Kelly
whose taste I admire greatly, would agree?

Laurel in the background, and everlasting flowers in the foreground, border our garden.

Surely, she'd light up at the sight of these cheery, yellow lovelies, 
for they look like mini daisy trees, don't they? 

   Two weeks ago                                                                                       Now                        

Here's how some flowers are doing at this time, about
 two weeks after I planted them. I just happen to cut 
a bunch of daisies for various vases around the house. 

Two weeks ago                                                                                     Now                         

The yellow marigolds have really taken off! They are bright
pom poms of sunshine, even on the gloomiest days.


Some of you may recognize these bold, red beauties if you happen to live in a Mediterranean type climate or if you follow me on Instagram, where I posted this pic earlier in the week. Our tree is loaded with these twinkly bulbs at present. I find them to be some of the most exquisite blossoms that exist, and their fruit, which is ripe for harvest in the fall, is one of the world's super foods. Can you guess what they are?

Yes! Pomegranates!

Next to the pomegranate tree stands the loquat tree, which, as you can see, is full of ripe fruit, ready for picking. I had never seen this exotic fruit until I came to Crete. I still prefer peaches, apricots and plums to loquats, but the Cretans love them, and so does Liberty!


 The orange marigolds have also multiplied! They are the
 'sunset' to their yellow cousins' 'sunrise' slate of colours.

Although this is not my backyard, I wanted to show you the spectacular landscape where we collect our oregano every spring. It's on the outskirts of the mountainous village of Rogdia, which means 'pomegranate', as hundreds of trees bearing the fruit populate its space. The rocky terrain, above, is

also fortified with views to the sea and Panagia Bay. 
The city of Heraklion can be seen in the far distance.

Washed and ready to be separated and set down
 flat to dry completely, this popular Mediterranean 
herb will lend its unique aroma to many of our 
favourite dishes throughout the year. 
What's growing in your garden?

I hope you enjoyed my 'spring collection'. 
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend,


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Updating, Celebrating and Recuperating!


The pic above
 is pure storybook, is it not:
cute, candy coloured cottages 
nestled between the deep, blue sea 
and hilly, gorgeous, greenery? 
Ah, and to add some mystery, 
what hides, we wonder, behind
all that rough and rocky scenery?

Of course, every story needs a leading lady,
and this one, set in the fjords of Norway,
 features my darling daughter, Liberty,
who, by the way, is celebrating
 her 28th birthday today! Yay!

Happy Birthday, my love!

 Helping Libby get ready for her
5 month work and leisure holiday
is what kept me super busy 
(gathering documents, issuing a passport, 
shopping, writing recipes, packing),
until April 30th, when she 
spread her wings and flew away.

Luckily, my nephew, Christian, and his girlfriend, Erica,
were flying in from Canada within a week, so I needed to
get the house ready for their visit. It was a blessing, since
all the preparation for them kept me busy, again.
Spending 5 days together, (their first visit to Greece!),
was fun; I always enjoy introducing Crete to our guests.

The kids and I hiked to the village of Agios Myronas 
(St. Myron), which is about a 45 minute trek uphill, 
but the gleaming glory of the young grapevines, 
along the way, kept us steady and on track.

The village is home to the church that bears its name. 
Initially, an Early Christian basilica, Agios Myronas was 
converted into a four-pillard, cross-in-square domed
church in the 11th-12th century. It was the seat of an
Orthodox Diocese from the Early Byzantine era 
to period of the Venetian rule.

The chapel of Agios Myronas.

The church is home to the tomb of St. Myron, where the saint
 lived as a monk, and which now serves as a chapel. There, an
 icon of the saint, which dates back to possibly the 16th century,
 and thus considered miraculous, can be viewed.

At Koules, or "Castello a Mare" (1540)
Heraklion's Venetian fortress, 
 Christian claims his Greek roots! 

Stunning Santorini! Paradise on the planet! The kids snapped 
a sample of the signature architecture of this idyllic island
just north of us, soon after they arrived there.

Talk about a room with a view! Unbelievably beautiful, isn't it?

A cheery and charming bunch of beauties welcome visitors at a house near the entrance of the village

And finally, on this 18th day of May, 2017, I am also celebrating Poppy View's 5th year anniversary! I would shout with joy, but I've been battling a bout of laryngitis.It's been a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you. Thanks so much for your visits and comments and friendship. This little blog has been my creative outlet and my connection to so many wonderful people across the globe. I am grateful for your readership and for your sweet emails; 
they mean the world to me.

Red and pink pretties playfully adorn the perimeters of another home's balcony

 What's been keeping you busy, lately?

  Thanks for visiting!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Catching Up!

Hello everyone! It's been a while, huh? Hope you are all well! I've been busier than usual the last three weeks and haven't had the time or the energy to post at the end of each day, even though I kept promising myself that I would!

 April 23rd is the feast day of St. George
in the Greek Orthodox church, and so we headed 
south to a tiny chapel to attend church services.

The icons were beautifully adorned with flowers 
that members brought from their gardens.   


 After a wonderful BBQ lunch, hosted by the congregation,

we picked pretty wildflowers in the gorgeous
landscape that surrounds the church.

Then, on the 27th, Liberty and I hosted the Ladies'
Philanthropic Society monthly coffee meeting, so baking 
and cleaning were our top priorities for a few days.

From left: chocolate orange gateau, bacon onion tart
an assortment of orange, almond and cinnamon cookies
 and a Victoria sponge were the featured sweet and savoury fare.

Can you guess what followed?

Flowers, of course!


Pots and pots of newly planted petals now decorate the patio and boxes beautify the balconies. Watering all of them takes time. I'm finding that quenching their thirst in the early morning instead of the early evening, is better for my skin - no mosquitoes on the prowl!

Yesterday, my nephew and his girlfriend arrived from Canada. It's always refreshing (and a little nostalgic), introducing Crete to our guests. The island's rich culture, culinary delights, spectacular scenery, ancient history and treasured traditions impress our visitors and never cease to amaze me, too, every time I have the pleasure of presenting it to newbies.

And speaking of newbies, the camera icon against that bright rainbow is a logo that caught my attention recently. Its array of applications have taken up a bit of my down time, lately, just after dinner dishes are done and shortly before bedtime! I'm definitely in the honeymoon stage, but I must admit, it's been a quick and easy way to be creative, make new friends and stay connected.

Most of all, though, it's convenient, since it only takes a few clicks to post a few pics every night. Nevertheless, it will not replace blogging, for me, since I thrive on reading and writing. Stunning photos are sweet eye candy, but 'hearty' words are what I find most satisfying.

Now, just like this sole lily, left all alone, since I picked all its petaled pals for various bouquets, there's one more thing that I have not yet mentioned that had kept me busier than everything else put together, but that's another post. Hope you all are having a lovely spring, so far. Promise I won't stay away too long, next time; I miss you all too much!


Thanks for visiting!