Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Arrivals and Departures

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After years and years of leafing through pages and pages of decorating strategies, one of the things that made an impression on me was the number of designers who stressed the importance of a home’s front entry.

This significant spot, also referred to as the foyer, corridor, entranceway, or simply the hall, among others, is a representation of the rest of your home with regards to style, colour, texture and mood.  It is, shall we say, a little character clip of what’s around the corner, up the stairs, or behind the solid oak doors. It’s the first thing people see when they arrive and the last thing before they leave. 

In addition, this designated area has been given the duty of helping the visitor instantly feel welcomed as soon as the front door opens and they find themselves standing in a space with which they are not familiar. Creating an inviting atmosphere is essential and this can be accomplished in many ways.

 Practical features such as a bench for seating, a chest of drawers or simple shelving for keys, cell phones or mail, a storage unit, whether it is an armoire, closet or a row of hooks on the wall to hang outerwear, pet attire or purses, an elegant mirror for last minute checks can also be aesthetically pleasing in their design.  Interesting wall art and appropriate lighting are additional factors that should be considered in relation to the dimensions of the space and its purpose.

The pictures featured in this post are a few current images of the entrance way in my home. I’ve also included the upstairs hallway as the staircase directly leads to it. I say current images because according to the season, I’m constantly shuffling vases of silk flowers and pots of the fresh variety, rolling out woolen floor runners in the winter, only to store and substitute them with sisal in the spring, and always swapping treasured bonbons of bric-à-brac for other nifty knick-knacks practically every time I pass by!

staircase window view

Hope you are not too dizzy spinning around the spiral staircase. What’s that? Need to sit down?  Oops!  Guess I’d better squeeze in some more seating somewhere, but where??!

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