Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Farmhouse Fascination


I've always been fascinated by farmhouses. 
 Ones scented by flowers, and splashed by the sea.


In my daydreams, they are always two story structures,


 with sloping roofs, several windows and loads of charm.


Staring off into space, I seem to visit ones that are bordered by 
bundles of blushing blooms. But, there are times when I blink -


  and suddenly, the trees are bare, and my farmhouse 
has turned to stone, surrounded only by freshly fallen snow.


Just weeks before, frayed, green fields
 are freckled with plump, orange pumpkins.


Then, all too soon, earthy tones set in, the air begins to cool,


  and the farmhouse facade mirrors nature's dusty hues.


 BTW, all these pastoral beauties today, 


 including the oil on canvas, above, 
were 'made in Canada, eh', except the one below.

 No, it's not a farmhouse, but my home away from home.

Fascinated by any of these lovelies? 
Do, tell!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Awesome Almond Blossom

Vincent van Gogh: Almond Tree in Blossom

Here in the Mediterranean, we are blessed with a temperate
 climate, and the last few weeks have been wonderfully
warm with highs reaching a balmy 22ºC /72ºF.

These pleasant conditions were a sunny invitation for the almond
 blossoms to come out and dazzle us with their pretty petals,

Vincent van Gogh: Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass with a Book

 in playful, pastel pinks and chiffon, waify whites,
 overshadowed only by their own signature fragrance.

 A few weeks ago, they burst onto the scene,
 demanding our undivided attention,

not that this was necessary,
 as they had it from the moment they arrived.


In a splendour of silky softness, 

Vincent van Gogh: Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom

they sprung from their gnarly, wooden apparatus,
 to dance daintily in the breeze, like weightless trapeze artists, 

  lightly floating to the ground, where the wind 
scattered them sporadically across the land,

unless they were snatched by a travelling talent scout, 
grooming them to gracefully grow, and bloom, and sprout,

Vincent van Gogh: Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass

 into magical, awesome blossoms, magnificent throughout.

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Photos: Poppy View
Van Gogh images: Google   

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Teeny-Weeny Tulip Test

Aren't these tulips just so adorable?
I thought they looked perfectly at home in my
 living room and wanted to share them with you. 

Don't you just want to reach out and give them 
a big warm hug? Just take them in your arms and
squeeze them like you would a tiny toddler's cheek?

Did you know that these pink and orange sweeties each
 symbolize something? Care to take a teeny-weeny tulip test?

 Mystery Tulip #1 says:
I might be given to a lonely friend, 
who's having a sad day,
or to your beloved mother,
 on her milestone birthday!
I have a wonderful complexion,
 and represent caring and affection.
Which am I?

 Mystery Tulip #2's clue:
If I show up on your doorstep, 
(a gift from a secret admirer),
you can bet his flaming heart
 is burning with desire!
So, you'd better treat yourself 
to a bunch or two of me,
to bust your winter blahs
and boost your energy!
Which am I?

Mystery Tulip #1 is....

which makes
Mystery Tulip #2...


Now, that wasn't too terrifying, was it?
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All images: Poppy View

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spa Season

Some views never lose their novelty. I walk by this breathtaking vantage point every day, and each time I stop to gaze upon its beauty,
 it always seems new to me. Tree dotted slopes weave the way to a seemingly still, blue sea, that has become one with the sky above.

Covered in dewy clover, a mini mountain range maneuvers its way between rows of olive trees.  Soaking their trunks in the muddy earth, the trees relax and replenish after a hardworking harvest,
 indulging in a spa treatment all their own.

 After a spiky shower, their damp, leafy tops 
get a fluffy blowout from the warm and breezy winds,

at times braiding them, to coif shady silhouettes
 against the glowing sheen of green.

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All images: Poppy View

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Nature of Love

Nearing 50, Valentine's Day, for me, isn't so much about

and candy, 

but about the history, of him and me.
After 26 years of marriage, 
1 daughter,
 2 countries,
 1 ocean,
1 house,
countless trips to Canada,
several cloudy days,
 many 'make up' bouquets,

winter storms: a few,

but some smooth sailing, too,

 it definitely takes TWO

to fill the cracks,

 confirm your choice,

and in one solitary voice,

restate, renew, rebuild, rejoice.

To finish this two part series on Valentine's Day, I leave you
 with the song that inspired this post, first recorded by one of my favourite Canadian bands, the Barenaked Ladies. My 
trio's rendition, above, is a dramatic duet, and the last verse
(where she threatens warns him), might sound familiar!;-)

'Call and Answer'
  Vocals and Guitar:
Nicholas Tsachakis
Vocals: Poppy
Piano: Anna Lisowski

(click on the link, above, which takes you to the site. 
Once there, click on the arrow to play;
takes about 5 seconds to start)