Thursday, May 29, 2014

Birthdays, Butterflies, Bees, and Blooms

A beautiful butterfly and a bumble bee. Can you spot a third traveller? I believe it's a honey bee.

Hi everyone, I've missed you!
Well, it's been about two weeks since my last post. Like the busy bees and social butterflies in my Cretan garden, indulging in the generous gifts of spring, I, too, had the pleasure of spending amazing quality and quantity time with my daughter, my family and good friends, across the pond, back home, in Toronto.

From right: my mom, Rita, my daughter, Liberty, my sister, Cindy, and me.

On May 18th,
 we celebrated Liberty's 25th birthday
 It's no coincidence that I chose to bring 
my second 'baby' into the world on that
special day, twenty-three years later -
Poppy View is two!

We spent the first part of the day sightseeing in
the pretty town of Cambridge, Ontario, a town 
I had always wanted to visit for its scenic beauty.
More about that in a future post.

Last Saturday, upon my arrival back
 to the island, I was greeted by our
gorgeous jasmine, and I was surprised 
to see how much it had flourished.
Its sweet aroma 'simmers' in the kitchen
and floats into our bedroom at night.

Equally delightful were the flowering
pomegranates. Their solid orange, bold 
and bright, against the sky's powdery blue,
was like a burst of energy -

something I definitely needed in order
to deal with the overgrown and ungroomed 
geraniums that border the patio.

Frazzled myself, from the long flight,
 and a good jolt of jet lag, I waited for the 
caffeine to kick in, and after a little TLC, 
I'd say they now look petal pageant pretty,
wouldn't you? 

And speaking of coffee, PR was on the prowl! My iced cappuccino must have looked quite alluring after another one of his long, lazy naps in the sun. Two seconds after I snapped this photo, he seemed to be sipping from that straw!  Now tell me, isn't he a naughty little feline, trying to steal his mommy's frothy frap?!

But who can stay mad at that cat? 
He's just too darned cute! (And he knows it!)
So, to new beginnings, dewy spring mornings,

and a budding summer, just around the corner!

 From my garden, where butterflies 
and bees are bustling among the blooms, 
I bid you goodbye, until next time!

Thanks for visiting!


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Mother's Day Bouquet

Fresh flowers, fragrant and pretty, never smelled so sweet.

Mom's apartment: pretty 'wallflowers' keeping each other company

This year, there were many reasons to celebrate Mother's Day.

To start, it was the first time in fifteen years 

that I had the chance to spend it with my mom and my sister,

and eight years, since I last spent it with my daughter.

From left: my daughter, Liberty, with my mom, Rita,
 mom again, me, and my sister, Cindy.

This year, 
Mother's Day was as it should be:
full of flowers, hugs, and smiles,
undeterred by meddling miles!

How did you spend Mother's Day?

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. Promise to visit you all very soon!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Laura's Lovelies, Part 2: Life on the Lake

St. George's Anglican Church, above, is one of the many
  interesting landmarks around Laura's house. Both are just 
steps away from Lake Simcoe, Ontario's fourth largest lake.

The day began at Laura's. It was the first time my sister,
 Cindy, and I were visiting Laura at her charming, new
 home in Keswick, a community in the town of Georgina.

Family heirlooms, like the beautiful hutch above, was made by 
Laura's grandfather, and houses some of her trinkets from the shop.

There is a joie de vivre feeling that
 permeates throughout, and lest you forget,

jolly folks, fortified with a laissez-faire attitude, 
remind you to eat, drink and be merry!

After some tea and yummy sweets from a local cafe,
we took a picturesque tour around the lake.

Arriving at Sibbald Point, we were suddenly struck by the 
grand, Gothic style of St. George's Anglican Church, built in 
1876-7. The church was the first place of worship in the area.

The original wooden structure, built in 1839, was consecrated
 by Bishop Strachan, the first bishop of Toronto, in 1843.

The cemetery is a resting place for those who devoted their time and
 talent in the construction of the church, and for their descendants.

Winding roads, dotted by cute, colourful cottages 
boasting views of the lake, led us to the town of Sutton, 
 where we stopped for lunch at a local pub.

 On High Street, in the downtown core, we parked outside the little
 coffee shop, above, when Laura announced, 'Ladies, I'm going 
to let you in on a little secret that lies just behind these doors.'.

 Our hearts raced, as we speculated, 'Hmm...the world's greatest
 coffee? Canada's own cronuts?'. We were intrigued, to say the least.


Who would have ever guessed that those inconspicuous, 
glass doors led the way to a set of roughly chiseled, stony steps, 

descending to a final destination
 of lush countryside and lakefront seats!


 No cronut, no matter how decadent, can compare 
to this feast for the eyes! A secret oasis, just as Laura promised.

Left to right: Laura and me, Laura and Cindy

Once again, thanks for a wonderful and whimsical day, Laura!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Laura's Lovelies, Part 1: The Shop

This is part of our friend, Laura's, front porch, which belongs
 to her multi- vendor antique and consignment shop, which
my sister, Cindy and I, had the pleasure of visiting this spring.

Antiques on Hwy 48, in the township of Baldwin, Ontario, houses
 a collection of  amazing items that welcome you at the door.

'Come on in, take a look around, and find that
 special treasure you've been looking for. That's 
our relaxed, down-home philosophy.', says Laura.

  She proudly points out, 'We have two floors of
 antiques, collectibles, furniture, vintage jewellery,

 vinyl, advertising memorabilia, primitives,

 lace and linens, cameras, radios, coin and paper money,

 vintage housewares, sports memorabilia,

 paintings, Jadeite, Fiesta,

Source  (edited by me)
 gold and silver, gas and oil advertising, pottery, ephemera,

 oddities, one of a kinds, and a lot more really cool stuff!'. This pie
 steam vent is both adorable and practical; I'd never seen one before!

When the chicks in this charming painting clucked spoke to me,
 Laura asked if 'they' would fit in my suitcase. Needless to say, 
these three stowaways will soon grace my living room mantel, 
 reminding me of the fun and fabulous day we spent together,
on that cool and sunny, April morning.

If you're ever in Baldwin, make sure to visit Antiques on Hwy 48,
where the unique and wonderful await their fate!

Stay tuned for Part Two of Laura's Lovelies; a 
beautiful tour of Laura's neighbourhood, and more!

Thank you, Laura, for the pretty painting,
and a day that proved most entertaining!

Thanks for visiting,