Sunday, May 24, 2015

Birds, Bees, Lilacs and Peonies

'Canadian' colours welcome me to Unionville, Ontario, where my sister
   and her family have been living for the past 16 years, and Liberty for 3!

Hello, my friends,
I've missed you!

On Main Street, black shutters frame white windows,
 allowing for peeks into a reno taking place, 'inside'.

I arrived in Canada on May 7th, and have been enjoying
 the sights and sounds of my favourite season.

A perfect pale purple, luscious lilacs scent their
 surroundings, providing a sweet surprise for passersby.

On my walks around the neighbourhood, I am greeted
  by frilly, fragrant lilacs, which instantly transport me
 back to the pretty gardens of my childhood.

Another ebony and ivory beauty, this one complete with French windows
and doors, facing a pretty pathway, leading back to a welcoming front porch.

The grass is green, the sky is blue, the birds
 are singing, and everything's 'brand new'!

An empty swing sways in the cool, morning breeze, as eager, early
 bird shoppers, (yours truly, included), hunt for charming treasures
inside this beautiful, barn red house holding a contents sale. 

Don't you just love it when serendipity sneaks up on you,
 smack -!- in the middle of your prepared plans, and 
suddenly plants happy  smile on your elated face,
 because you just 'happened' to run into an old friend, or,
 oh, I don't know...stumble upon a brilliant estate sale?!

I do!

On her way home from work, Liberty stopped to
smell the peonies, after snapping them for her mama.

But when it strikes TWICE, (coming across pure pink
peonies in full bloom!), it's cause for celebration, and
 that's exactly what we did, as we celebrated Liberty's
 26th birthday, and Poppy View's  3rd, on May 18th.

A lemon cream cake, baked with lots of love, for my very sweet Liberty.

Thanks for visiting! As you know, I've been busy with my
 sister's move, buying new furniture, and packing up the old, 
with little breaks in between, seeing friends and relatives.
 I hope to catch up with youtoo, all this week, since
 we are expecting 5 (!) days of non-stop rain. 

On the bright side, I was honoured to be featured
   at Junk Chic Cottage's wonderful series,
'Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger'.
Please come by and say hello to our charming
 hostess, Kris, and me; we'd love to see you!

Finally! Peonies - in person, after 30 years of  adoring them from a far!

Wishing you all a very sunny Sunday, and
a happy Memorial Day to my American friends!


Friday, May 1, 2015

A May Day Petal Parade

Daisies dot the Cretan countryside, their sunny faces
 open to new beginnings, while blues of sea and sky
blend to form infinite shades of hope and wonder.

Little by little, leafy patches sprouting carrot toned
 petals fill the cracks on white washed, stony walls.

The vines have arrived! Like an army of soldiers,
 they stand at attention, awaiting their cue to
 renew those juicy bursts of summer jewels.

 Contrasting hues make you retrace your steps, to 
gaze at gardens growing effortlessly on their own,

 as are tiny blossoms blooming on vacant, bare
 branched trees, despite their short term stay.

 Dear Friends,
I hope you've enjoyed all these sweeties!
I will be leaving them in a few days, as I 
depart for my beloved Canada, to spend 
time with Liberty, my family and friends.
My sister, Cindy, has asked me to decorate
her new home, and I can't wait! Of course,
I will be sharing this project with you, as
well as my visits to flower festivals, where 
I will finally get to see my precious peonies 
and other sentimental charmers up close!

Happy Update:
Today, Saturday, May 23rd,
 I am being featured at sweet Kris'
'Saturday Spotlight:
Life Behind the Blogger' series.
Hope you come by and say 'hi'!

Until next time, wishing you all a 
very happy month of May!