Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Candlelight: A Reflection

Have you ever seen such a beautiful couple? One that has managed to stay together through thick (skin!) and thin (ice!), remaining close after all these years, complementing each other's personalities like apple pie and ice-cream?

I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you who have graced this little blog with your thoughtful presence, visiting and taking the time to leave such lovely comments, even when your days are a busy and bustling whirlwind of work, family and chores!

You can't possibly know how much I truly appreciate hearing from you! Your kind and caring words have been such a bouquet of inspiration, from the very first day, back in May, when Poppyview debuted in this big, bold blogosphere!

As the new kid on the block, I simply hoped that someone... anyone (!), would drop by, even for a bit, if only to say, "Hey there, nice to meet you!".  To my delight, you popped over, and luckily for me, have stayed a while and I couldn't be happier! 

In turn, you have graciously opened up your 'doors' and invited me in for a chat and details about your newest project or latest trip. Other times, perhaps even more importantly, we have been there for each other- support, from a now familiar voice, albeit, sometimes far away in miles, but nearby in our thoughts and prayers. Ultimately, isn't that what friends are for?  Ditto for blogger buddies, I'm sure.

    And so, on this cozy, candlelit eve,
 I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. 
May joy and peace be felt in your hearts,
 and those of our fellow man, around the world.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'll Be Home For Christmas

This post was written last December, while visiting my family
in Toronto, Canada. I've been particularly homesick this year,
 as I won't be spending Christmas in my beloved hometown, 
where my daughter, Liberty, is now living.
 Hope you enjoy my sweet holiday memories 
 of Christmases Past!


For anyone who shares their time, albeit, 
unequally, between two beloved countries,
 cities, even villages, home is sometimes
 a difficult place to locate.


For friends who have visited before, you know that for the past 24 years or so, Crete, my husband's place of birth, has been our permanent residence. We live in a tiny village in 
the countryside, having moved from the city last January.  
It's breathtakingly beautiful, where lush rolling hills are
lined with vineyards and dotted with orange and lemon groves, 
only to be surrounded by snowy mountains 
in the winter months.

Today, I am writing to you from my hometown, 
Toronto, Canada. It's been a while since I've posted, 
as we arrived just over two weeks ago
 and it has been non-stop: 
visiting with family and friends, 
shopping for seasonal items, 
and adjusting to the cold Canadian winter 
(which I long for when I'm in Crete!).

  But mostly, we're here so that my daughter
 can find work, as Greece's unemployment
 rate is at an all time high,  especially 
for young people under 25, of whom more 
than half are without work.

Toogood Pond, Unionville, Ontario, Canada

And so, here we are, 'across the pond'! 
My sister and her family live in Unionville,
 a charming little hamlet just outside Toronto,
 which boasts a pond all its own, 
home to various wildlife like the 
famous Canada Geese, ducks and fish. 

It is in this quaint and cozy suburban village,
 where we have the pleasure of taking
 long, leisurely walks around 
neighbourhoods nestled 
in forest-like landscapes,
 the foliage still glowing with
 memories of fall in the afternoon sun. 

The other day, on a stroll amid waterfalls 
and marshlands, I stood on a  bridge, 
gazing into the still flowing, 
not yet frozen water below, 
wondering what the future may 
hold, and thankful for good health,
and loved ones, near and far, in the present.
 Longing, and belonging, are perhaps 
one and the same, when you know and love
 two countries that can be found on a map,
 and people closest to you,
 deep in your heart.

Thanks for visiting!


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