Sunday, June 30, 2013


Happy Canada Day, this Monday,  
to all my Canadian friends!
It's been almost a week 
since my last post and first swim!

 On Thursday, 
I hosted a meeting
 for a philanthropic society
 that I recently joined.

 The days leading up to it
had been spent
 cleaning, baking, 
styling and prepping.

Twelve lovely ladies,
 each a resident of our quaint little village,
arrived promptly at six.

Too hot and sunny to sit in the garden,
we made ourselves comfortable indoors.

Among all the thoughtful gifts,
our Mrs. President presented me
with fresh, organic fruit from her garden, 
and the inspiration for this post!

How would you define this duo?

Upon first glance, 
I guessed, ''Cherries!"

But cherries have a longer stem.
Taking a closer look
at this mysterious bunch,
 sans stems, 

 it was all too clear
that cherries, they were not!

Plump and juicy
rosé and robust,
these tiny plums
are a miniature must!

Their purple swirls
and dark pink twirls
pointed me towards the garden-

a melting pot of these four hues:

plum and purple
pink and blue

showed up for a meeting 
in a dreamy, mauve bloom!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sailing into Summer

Today, was my very first 
swim of the season.
Cowardly creeping
into a cool, blue oasis;
slowly 'sailing' into summer

My husband and I drove fifteen minutes north,
to a tiny cove called Little Marina.

It's quieter, and less crowded 
than the vast, infinite shores

that the younger generation
seems to favour.

Cuddled by fragrant pines 
and skinny cypress trees,

I particularly like the cove
for its rough and rocky boulders,

that crookedly line
both the coast

and the countryside,
in the sky above.

Braving a prickly carpet 
of pebbles
is the only pathway

to a complete catharsis 
of invigorating rejuvenation.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I started sipping Greek coffee about five years ago. 
Many decades before that
my caffeine concoction of choice was tea,
 as evidenced by the paraphernalia below!

One day, out of the blue,
my brain dropped a bomb 
on my taste buds and
 a chronic craving for Greek coffee 
exploded inside me!

How could this be?
 I hated the taste of brewed coffee.
It was going to take more
than some fancy froth 
to make a convert out of me!

Even dreamy clifftop cafes 
with views of blue hues
serving foamy wonders 
of waves in 'au laits',
fell short!

And that's when I knew
a force more powerful than mankind
was the cause of my chaotic, 
caffeine obsessed mind!

Mother Nature
decided that it was time 
my hormones braved
 the high incline to climb
 menacing Menopause Mountain,

where higher elevations in estrogen
are responsible for many physical changes,
among them, the onset of heart disease.

Was she protecting me
from this scary malady

by tweaking
 my tendency for 
and dependency on

in favor of this 
super powered elixir
hailed for its longevity?

Yes, apparently!
...And so, 
with the help
of her trusted,
mortal medicine man,
they spread the word.

Across the world
it was heard!

this finely ground bean
when boiled, not brewed,
 and on a daily basis
 consumed, in the company
of friends and following a nap

helps your heart 
go pitter pat
eight years longer,
beating stronger
than those who pass
on its long -life powder!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Here in Greece, primary colours 
saturate stucco splattered structures

built on rocky cliffs,
brick by brick.

Houses, churches, hotels and cafes
 coated in sunflower yellows, barn reds

emerald greens and sea blues, 
provide a primary pigment of perspective.

While studying psychology in university, 
I remember a theory which proposed that

 as children, we are attracted to 
certain facial schemata that, 

later on in life, dictate our choices in partners.

I wonder, could this hold true for colours, as well?

Do views of hues 
that made an impression on us as children

 reign in our place of residence today?

According to my empirical knowledge,

and collection of data,

I think it's safe to conclude

they do!

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