Friday, June 19, 2015

Finally, Peonies!

I've been dreaming of peonies - for more than 30 years,
 since they don't do well in the Med's frontiers, where
  heady jasmine and honeysuckle bloom profusely.

'Sunny side up' Krinkled Whites, looking deliciously sweet.

Their fluffy, silky petals, and squiggly, sunny centres

Blaze Peony

shine brilliantly, even on dark,
 North American rainy days.

Pink Firelight Peonies

And that fragrance...Few scents are as sweet
and refreshingly uplifting, wouldn't you agree?

Over 300 varieties of peonies were on display at the
 11th Annual Peony Festival, in Oshawa Ontario.

Thus, when the city of Oshawa hosts its annual
Peony Festival, people come from far and wide,

travel over land and sea, (like yours truly, 
appropriately clutching a pink cardie, in
 honour of my beloved, bold, pink peony, the
 magnetic and magnificent, Myrtle Gentry!).

Others, living in the near vicinity,
waddle and waltz right in, and being
 very neighbourly, make themselves at home.

For, there is a lot to see, like the many
rows of lovelies in the peony pageantry!

Other pretties will stay forever young,
painted in portraits very complimentary,

while buckets of beauties, soaking their stems,
will be picked for their signature scent, in the end.

Each festival peony was a pure delight for me,
whose perfume still lingers in my memory,

but only one, in particular remains close to my heart,
which was neither a contestant, nor a model for art,

for it arrived in the mail,
 gracing the front of a card,
whose words of friendship and love,
 I hold in the very highest regard.

Thank you, Dewena. And yes, these giant, but
delicate lovelies are, indeed, Festiva Maxima;
 you know your peonies well!

From my brother-in-law's garden, Festiva Maxima peonies perfume the late spring breeze.

Happy weekend, my friends,
 and thanks for visiting!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Decor to Explore on Lake Ontario's Shores

Meet the talented Michael Penney:
decorator, retailer, husband and father.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Michael,
 when we visited his beautiful shop in the
 pretty town of Whitby, Ontario, last week.

My mom, my sister, my daughter, and I spent some
time studying the charming rooms,  at Penney & Co.,
 114 Dundas St. West, in the heart of downtown Whitby.

The entire space is furnished and accessorized by 
items that Michael has hand picked himself. 

Before heading back home, we made a stop near the city's marina. Being a Pisces, I am naturally drawn to water. Thus, whether it's the saltwater of the deep blue Aegean, or the cold freshwater of Lake Ontario, waves on hydro runways, seagulls floating in the misty air, and the muffled echo of voices in the distance, always demand barefoot march along rugged coastlines, 

or simply a leisurely stroll near the sandy shore.

Thanks for visiting!