Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014: A New Year Premiere

2013 will be history,
and the new year ahead, 
remains a mystery!
But, if our lives,
we could plan and plot,
would we, indeed, have a better shot
at what our hearts desire?
 I wonder...

 If, our future, we could secure,
and our overall happiness ensure,
without lifting a finger,
or a hardship endure,
would it still have the same allure
as having worked for it?
Not likely.

 It seems,
the older I grow, the less I know,
for the world is vast, and moving fast;
in fact, almost half a century
 of my own life has passed -
Where did it go?
I'm baffled!

Socrates, 469 - 399 BC

About 2500 years ago, 
a wise, Greek philosopher 
startled the sleepy status quo,
by humbly declaring,
(and to his society's woe),
 ''I know one thing: that I know nothing''.
he was definitely
 on to something. 

through Socratic method
I chose to address,
the complex equation of 2014,
and assess, that it's futile
 to predict, stress and obsess,
about the numbers and knowledge
of its substance.

a simple,
'Happy New Year!'
is what I wish for you.
May it bring you smiles
within seconds 
of its dashing debut! 

I now bid you adieu,
sweet friends.
Until next year,


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Monday, December 23, 2013

Fireside, with Frosty's Friends

Winter wandered into our neck of the woods yesterday.

And, with it, arrived a parade of  frosted fellows,

all buckled up to brave the oncoming cold.

Some wore wooly hats and checkered scarves,

while others donned a muff for their nose!

Top hats were the trend,

with red and white trim, along the rim.

On the mantel they all stood,

while we scurried about gathering wood,

to light the fire and snuggle up,
to tales of their friend, Frosty.

May you have a very cozy Christmas,
and create your own new memories to share.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

In Merry Measure

It's five days till Christmas, and I'm in Crete,
 while my daughter and my family are in Canada.

 I didn't feel much like decorating this year,
since Liberty and I always trim the tree together,
after my husband outfits it with all the pretty lights.

Painted cut outs are baked, carols are sung,
tea parties are planned, and turkeys are bought.

Those of you who have been visiting me lately,
know how homesick I've been feeling,

recounting Christmases past, collecting old
photos and featuring favourite holiday tunes.

I had to face the facts:
It would be just the two of us.

 I am blessed to be part of
 a very loving, close knit family.
We laugh a lot, we cry a lot, 
we share the good times and the bad.

 Needless to say, it is very difficult
 for me living so far away from them,
when we are fundamentally inseparable!

On top of all this, I miss the snow. I knew
we probably wouldn't be having a 'white' Christmas,
but I was in no mood for a 'blue' one, either.

It's no secret that red is my favourite colour.
It makes me happy, it radiates passion and
it reigns over both Easter and Christmas, here.

I am only decorating this dresser, 
which I am now calling my Christmas Credenza,
and the fireplace mantel, tomorrow. It's just enough
this year, and all I really have time for at this point.

 Hope you like it!
In the end, it was fun
 to create a Christmas treasure,
while I sang along in merry measure.

It has been a year of transition, which has been trying. 
 Most importantly, I thank God for the health 
and safety of my family. And, I am grateful for all of
you. Your visits mean so very much to me and
I thank you for keeping me company!

Merry Christmas, my sweet friends!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Through the Ages

Click to listen
Christmas Greetings, everyone!
Another year is almost over.
Are you finding that the older you get, 
the faster time flies?!
 Is age creepin' in on us, or am I extra antsy
because I will be half a century old in 2014?!
Where has the time gone?


Before you know it, 2013 will be history.
My trio recorded ''Creepin' In'', (mp3 player above, top left),
 a few years ago, and it was especially chosen for
 today's post, which is devoted to Vee's Note Card Party.
Have a listen while you browse, and please
 stop by Vee's for some lovely inspiration!

Donning her baptismal dress, baby Liberty's
 fun and festive Canadian Christmases begin!

 Libby, the tree trimming toddler, tween and teen.

From top left and clockwise: My sister, Cindy, my mother, Rita, my aunt Jane, and me.

Two generations of sisters. One never ending love story!

Thanks for visiting!

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backgrounds: Google
'Creepin' In': Written by Lee Alexander
Guitar and Vocals: Nicholas Tsachakis
Lead Vocals: Poppy

Friday, December 13, 2013

Olive Tree Chivalry and Other Acts of Kindness

On my daily afternoon walks, I pass a kaleidoscope of orchards, vineyards and olive groves, where fragrant fruit trees and knotty grapevines are meticulously pruned and impeccably tailored, in anticipation of the next spring bloom and autumn harvest.


Smiling, I greet the olive trees that stand in perfect alignment, forming an umbrella of an arbour that beckons a romantic stroll. They stand tall and still, as if on guard, until I pass by.  Knowing my schedule, (and just seconds prior to our paths crossing), they seem to uproot themselves on cue,  to confirm that the road ahead is safe, and then, just in the nick of  time, they jump back into place, pretending to be lazily basking in the warm rays of the afternoon sun. Later, on my way back, their heads bowed, upper trunks slightly bent over, they 'take off their hats', as they bid me adieu, having completed their act of chivalry for the day.

Almost immediately, the mountains come into view, and even though they are across the valley, their peaks pierce the skies above and the thick vegetation below, specifically to keep an eye on me, until I reach the neighbouring village, my designated destination.

Once there, I stop for a moment to rest, before making my way back home. Catching my breath, I find myself, time and time again, wondering who might have occupied the now abandoned stone house, on the hill across the road. It hovers above me, like a trainer tracking my progress, as I catch my breath, then quench my thirst, and having just struggled with the steepness of the incline, I imagine a proud pat on the back.  Just when I start to get comfortable on the weather worn, wooden bench, I hear the screeching of a silent whistle, warning me that I'd better get a move on, so as not to lose my momentum.

For a few minutes, the trek is downhill, and I am grateful for the spectacular, unobstructed views of the coastline. The calmness of the sea, in contrast with the rugged, rocky terrain in the distance, rejuvenates me. Suddenly, a strong gust bends branches and the congregation of leaves waver in the wind, many ready to fall, in compliance with the season.  I marvel at this multitude of plant life, closely nestled together, like rowdy kindergarteners posing for their first class photo, dressed in casual attire boasting favourite animated heroes, which they try to emulate, as they smile playful, toothy grins for the camera.

Midway between the two villages, a powdery half moon quietly appears on the scene. Still sleepy, it hides behind the opaque shade of a blue blanketed sky, gathering strength for the midnight shift - a permanent position.


Around the bend, an unveiled, bare grapevine takes centre stage, and like a prima ballerina, it strikes a pivoted pose, proudly showing off its scrawny frame, evidence of persistence and hard work during the season. Yes! I definitely see a semblance of dancing swans, frozen in its stillness.

 As I take the turning into my own neck of the woods, a flirty drizzle catches my attention, and I imagine the collection of critters that must seek refuge from heavy rains under the canopy of the leafy trees, that borders the gardens of the last little church in my vicinity.

 And I am home.

Today, marks the anniversary of my 1ooth post, and I want to tell you all how much I appreciate your kindness and your presence, here at Poppy View! For me, the adventure of blogging, much like my afternoon walks, has allowed me to breathe the fresh air of new ideas, great inspiration, and most importantly, form friendships with so many sweet and talented women, who have accompanied me on this sensational path to daily self-discovery.

Thank you!


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