Friday, December 20, 2013

In Merry Measure

It's five days till Christmas, and I'm in Crete,
 while my daughter and my family are in Canada.

 I didn't feel much like decorating this year,
since Liberty and I always trim the tree together,
after my husband outfits it with all the pretty lights.

Painted cut outs are baked, carols are sung,
tea parties are planned, and turkeys are bought.

Those of you who have been visiting me lately,
know how homesick I've been feeling,

recounting Christmases past, collecting old
photos and featuring favourite holiday tunes.

I had to face the facts:
It would be just the two of us.

 I am blessed to be part of
 a very loving, close knit family.
We laugh a lot, we cry a lot, 
we share the good times and the bad.

 Needless to say, it is very difficult
 for me living so far away from them,
when we are fundamentally inseparable!

On top of all this, I miss the snow. I knew
we probably wouldn't be having a 'white' Christmas,
but I was in no mood for a 'blue' one, either.

It's no secret that red is my favourite colour.
It makes me happy, it radiates passion and
it reigns over both Easter and Christmas, here.

I am only decorating this dresser, 
which I am now calling my Christmas Credenza,
and the fireplace mantel, tomorrow. It's just enough
this year, and all I really have time for at this point.

 Hope you like it!
In the end, it was fun
 to create a Christmas treasure,
while I sang along in merry measure.

It has been a year of transition, which has been trying. 
 Most importantly, I thank God for the health 
and safety of my family. And, I am grateful for all of
you. Your visits mean so very much to me and
I thank you for keeping me company!

Merry Christmas, my sweet friends!



  1. You can't help but miss family at the holidays. I won't get to be with mine either so I know how you feel. I stay busy doing all the fun stuff and stay in touch with everyone though. Your home always looks so bright and cheery my friend. Sending you some warm holiday hugs, Diane

  2. Will this be the first Christmas with just the two of you? I am sure your family misses you just as much!! I can imagine feeling homesick too if you have grown up with white Christmases. Your decorating has really added so much cheer to the room and it is beautiful! I'd love to have a credenza like this to decorate and the red really stands out. I wish I could say something more to cheer you up, friend. I think you are wonderful.

  3. Just beautiful, I'm in love with your joyous C'mas hutch with such adorable things in it! Oh, I'm sorry you'll both be alone, we will be too. My daughter and her family can't come for C'mas and our other daughter is away on a trip, so we will bealone too. Merry C'mas sweet friend and as long as your family is fine, than just wish them blessings and see them next year, maybe.

  4. Beyond the lovely, cheerful pictures, I felt the sadness in this post Poppy, and it made me wish I could gather your family and bring them to you. But all I can really do is say to try to think of all you DO have and how much you are blessed with. It's what has helped me get through many situations because no matter what, there is always, always, always, something to be grateful for.

    I hope your holidays are filled with peace, love and joy and that 2014 brings you closer to those you miss most.

  5. I know just how you feel before the kids it was just me and my hubby and it was an awkward mess trying to create a Christmas Morning so we opted not to, yet we were not away from friends and family we just did not have what everyone else had and because of that we still had to do everything else buy gifts for friends and family members and be their guests at holiday get together's so in a quiet house we would sit and feel our loss, then in another moment we would have to put on our happy faces... at one point during the years our dog Rocky became blind from diabetes so my husband did not want to to put up a tree in fear that our blind dog would walk into it and hurt himself....i know it almost sounds comical but its true. I would go along until the last minute then in a fury i would decorate and play carols because I believed the spirit of my home needed to be happy....I wanted it to shed some sort of happiness or blessing because it was important to me to set the karma for future Christmases - Keep smiling , keep singing and keep your spirit light and positive....

    Merry Christmas

  6. Maybe it's time for a life change. Moving back to Canada to be near them?

  7. Oh, Poppy, I'm so sorry you're so homesick. I know it's hard. My little mother passed away in October and my children live too far so it will just be my husband and me. But we'll make it as merry as we can. I love your green hutch - it's gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Oh Poppy, your hutch is so pretty with the pops of red. I am so sorry that your daughter can't be with you this Christmas. It's so hard when your loved one are far away. I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

  9. I'm sorry you won't be with your family this Christmas. I know how hard it is. We lived in South America for many years and I was homesick every year. But after admitting that, I decorated and sang and baked and in the end, had wonderful Christmasses. Hugs.

  10. Oh Poppy, thank you for this. for reminding me that although my relationship with my daughter is not always everything I;d envisioned. I am blessed to have them here. I am grateful for new days and opportunities and GRACE always.
    I wish you some brightness that makes your heart full.
    Katrina comes home this weekend. The snow is disappearing here again...calling for rain:(

  11. Even after days of heavy snowfalls, it's melting away tonight. So, it doesn't look like there will be a white Christmas in Ontario after all. I found adjusting to the change in Christmas, once I was on my own, the most difficult of all. I could not shake the Hallmark image I had in my mind and kept trying to make it happen. Then, both my girls lived far away and it got lonelier than ever. I faked being happy, but I was missing all that 'used to be'. In time, I adjusted, the girls moved closer to home and I had new traditions created with friends. This too shall pass.

  12. Dear Poppy,
    I know how hard it must be to miss your beloved ones.Especially at Christmas.I'm sure that in Canada you enjoyed fabulous white Christmas like it should be!!! I have no words to ease this pain...but they are fine and happy and they keep you tight in their heart.Perhaps next year!
    Keep positive, your are surrounded by wonderful persons here and there.Your home looks so festive and inviting.I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Cretan one this year!
    Many hugs from me, Olympia

  13. It's usually at Christmas that we miss our folks the most! I miss my late father so much then. Being divorced I got used to spending half of the holidays with my son and half without him from very early.And this year hubby and I decided to spend the "without" part at the Peloponnses, just to get to know one more beautiful part of our country. Hope you enjoy your days.AriadnefromGreece!

  14. Christmas can be a tough season to get through if you can't spend it with the people you love. Your decorating is so charming with the lovely shade of green on your buffet and the red splashes of colour. When my mother passed away, I found just a few traditions of my own helped get me through Christmas happily enough. It was the simple things like baking a few favourite cookies while listening to some of my favourite Christmas music, and watching movies by the fire was restorative and calming. I hope you can bring a little bit of happiness into your home to cheer you at this time. Merry Christmas Poppy! Hugs to you :) Wendy xox

  15. Your hutch looks lovely. I know alittle of what you mean. Usually this time of the year we are always with our kids and grandkids. Due to their work hours they are so busy, but we will be with them on Christmas Eve and Day. We will be going to our Daughters on Christmas Eve and our Sons on Christmas Day. Maybe next year you all will be able to get together.

  16. Hi Poppy! Your home looks lovely:) I understand how you feel regarding the absence of your family.. Your family will be celebrating with you in spirit! Merry Christmas and wishing you a happy and healthy New Year ahead. xxleslie

  17. Poppy, Your hutch decor is amazing. All the red just pops out!
    I feel for you not being able to be with your family at Christmas. Maybe you can Skype all day.
    And make plans as of now to be with them next year. For this year enjoy it with your friends and neighbors. sing and be merry..Pop some popcorn and watch a good movie. have a glass of wine, and enjoy a good conversation with your hubby.

    Sending you a big ((HUG)) and wishing you a magical, peaceful Christmas.

  18. Dear Poppy,
    Sending you warm wishes for a joyful holiday season! Merry Christmas!! And all the best for 2014.

  19. I'm sorry you can't be with your daughter and the rest of the family over the holidays, but I'm glad you have brought a little Christmas into your home. The reds look so good on your pretty green dresser, and are the perfect seasonal touch.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and everything you wish for in the New Year x

  20. You have decorated your hutch so beautifully. I'm so sorry you can't be with your daughter and family for Christmas. Can you plan a trip for sometime next year?

  21. Your decorations are so bright and cheery. Happy holidays.

  22. The yeasr we lived in Jamaica, the hardest part was being away from family, especially at Christmas.

    I wish you a special day, just the two of you.

    merry christmas

  23. You've made your house so beautiful for Christmas! I am so sorry to read of your homesickness, and I understand it completely, having spent many Christmases in Europe when The Great Dane was in the Air Force. I hope you'll be able to skype with your daughter and family, and I hope that there will be some new traditions that you'll embrace as your own in your new home.

  24. Your Christmas Credenza is very cheerful, Poppy. The green hutch is the perfect background to the pops of red. But I am sorry that you are feeling blue. I hope that you can plan a trip to see your family soon, so that you have it to look forward to. Sending hugs across the ocean...Amy xoxo

  25. Poppy, I guess you know after reading all these comments that all of us wish so much that we could help. While we can't help give you wings to your daughter and family in Canada, please remember that we wish we could. And we 'll be keeping you in our hearts this week, hoping that there will be small and large blessings of joy to ease you through this season.

    And yes, as Amy said above, many hugs are flying across the ocean to you.


  26. Dear Poppy, your cabinet is so beautiful and the perfect backdrop for your Christmas red and white. I love that soft green. I'm sorry that you are so homesick for Canada and your family here. I don't think I've ever been away from home at Christmas but our daughter is in Alberta and I know she misses us and home even in our own country. We are looking forward to Skyping with them on Christmas day and I hope you might be able to do something similar with your family as well. Blessings to you and your hubby. I wish you a blessed Christmas. Hugs from Canada. Pamela

  27. Hi Poppy I know how you feel! My children are both in New Zealand and we are here in South Africa, in a new city and do not know anybody yet!!! Also very "homesick"!!!
    All of the best! Happy Christmas!

  28. I've been there before. Hopefully you can skype, it helped me a lot through the last two years when my family was in California. Love how you decorated your hutch.

  29. Beautiful share and merry christmas to you and all!

  30. Hi Poppy, sorry to hear you have to miss your dear ones. Take care dear. Love your merry decoration though, hope it makes you feel a bit better. I'm so not in the mood for putting up Christmas decorations either, but well, my 6 year old son won't have that of course, lol! Wishing you a sweet Christmas filled with peace. Hugs, Wendy

  31. For one so homesick Poppy I think you are doing extremely well. Everything looks so beautiful and fresh for Christmas. It will be just the two of us also so just know how loved and appreciated by your lovely family even though so far away - you will all be close in spirit!
    Thank you for your kind visit!


  32. It looks so fresh and pretty!
    Have a merry Christmas :-)

    We in Germany are also no white Christmas this year have...

  33. there is no time, nor place for "a blue Christmas"... I wish you all the best, a happy & cozy Christmas filled with good times, good health, joy and fun!!... and I kindly thank you for " keeping me company", too and appreciation, as well!!

  34. You Christmas decorations are lovely and the red looks so festive. I am sorry you will not be with your family. I do wish you all the best and a very Merry Christmas to you and the family.

  35. Your hutch is decorated beautifully!

  36. Dearest Poppy
    You and I together my dear - our daughter has lived in France for 13 years now and we have only had two Christmases together in that time. Our son will be here with us this year which is a blessing.
    That is why it took me until yesterday to decorate the house and dress the tree.
    Every year I hang all my daughter's lovely Christmas cards from past years on the window shutters and in that way a little bit of her is with us!

    Your house is looking beautiful, I'm so pleased you made the effort and with these precious photos your daughter will see what a strong spirited mother you are, she will admire you for that.
    I know it's the one time of year we want our children at home.

    Thinking of you dear Poppy, put the Christmas music on and make it a Christmas to remember, but in a different way!

    I'll think of you and sending BIG Christmas hugs my love, your daughter and all your family will be there with you and your husband in spirit!

  37. We all wish we could send comfort your way. Have as merry a Christmas as is possible! Lovely decorations!

  38. ΄Εχω λατρέψει το χριστουγεννιάτικο σπίτι σου !!!!
    Να γιορτάσετε αυτά τα Χριστούγεννα με αγάπη και
    υγεία !!!!!
    Σε φιλώ

  39. Christmas surely is a time of nostalgia and we can be thankful with the technology we have to at least talk to, and see our families.
    You've decorated the place nicely for Christmas and I hope you have an enjoyable time. 50 next year huh? It's the age that says you're mature and a woman to be reckoned with. ;-)
    Merry Christmas Poppy.

  40. Your cabinet looks like it was made to display your Christmas reds. No matter how far you are from home, it's hard for family not to be together. One of my daughters is missing her first Christmas with us, and I feel like part of me is missing. That being said, let's be happy for all the good things.

  41. Adorable cabinet and trinkets. So festive, great job! Visiting from Tablescaper #182. Merry Christmas!

  42. Oh, Poppy- you did a fabulous job with your awesome hutch! I am so sorry you are feeling sad. big hugs to you this holiday.

    I am your newest follower now. You have the sweetest blog - sorry it's taken me so long to join up! I have a lot of past posts to catch up on!

  43. Poppy, I'm so sorry you're feeling blue. Your decorations are lovely, nonetheless. I hope you can make it a great week and still have a Merry Christmas, be blessed my friend! -Dawn @ We Call It, home of the History & Home party, Tue-Fri's

  44. It's so beautiful!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and will soon be able to catch up with your family ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  45. Poppy, this is soooooooooo cute! I love the way you styled your breakfront for Christmas. Speaking of which, I hope yours is especially merry!



  46. This is my first visit so I don't know why you are apart but I am sorry! I am blessed to have my daughter and SIL close by. My son lives in Fl. though so we only get to see him sporadically. He came up for Thanksgiving, thank goodness. Wishing blessings to you this Christmas.

  47. Poppy it is just beautiful the way that you have decorated it and even if she's not there physically she can see it all through your blog. I know it's HARD :(
    Have as Merry as Christmas as you can :)

  48. Aw, Poppy I completely understand. My children and mother are in Canada while I'm in the UK and it's just the two of us as well. But it's an opportunity for us to get closer and share something special. And I'll miss my guys too. Much love to you and enjoy your Christmas as much as you possibly can. XX

  49. I can feel your mixture of delight, as well as heart ache. I have spent Christmas a few times, far away from my family and it just felt so different. I know that we must find our own joy and yet when our hearts, our spirits are with those we love and we are missing them, sometimes, that power has taken over, and can at times rob us of the joy intended for us. I do hope that just the two of you shall have beautiful moments, as well as hearts filled with joy and anticipation of the next time you shall be together with family. In the meantime, cherish the beautiful memories and cling to the hope of tomorrow. Last Christmas season, my precious family had become splintered and it stayed that way for 6 months...the worst time in my adult life, and the friends I made on here, helped keep me steady. Love, and light to you Poppy and a very Merry and Blessed Christmas~

  50. What a lovely series, one more beautiful than the next.

    Merry Christmas

    Jorunn Norway

  51. One of the things I am most thankful for is living close to family. My heart goes out to you. Beautiful Christmas touches Poppy, so enjoyed them! You're being featured at Amaze Me Monday this week. Blessings,

  52. Christmas can be pretty lonely when we don't have our family with us. We had Christmases like that too. This year my Hubby had the stomach flu so our holiday was a little different this year because of that. He's starting to feel better but still has to take it easy.
    Your red is so pretty and cheerful! Thank you for sharing at my HOME and I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year filled with joy and many blessings.

    Christmas blessings,

  53. Poppy, I feel your sadness at not being with your family at Christmas. I am tearing for you. I had ten years without being able to see all four of my boys at the same time. I cried for lonesome each and every time any of them were not home with us for Christmas. On the brighter side, your hutch is fabulous. I love Christmas red too. The world seems so much brighter when you are gazing on a room lit up in holiday colors.

  54. Your home is an inspiration to me, especially since I love red so much, like you. Big hugs to sooth your melancholy, and even tighter hugs for this generous and open post. May 2014 bring blessings!

  55. Awe! I'm so sorry that you are so homesick. I think this time of year is the hardest! You did such a cute job decorating your little Christmas Credenza. It does help to decorate a little even if you can't do the whole thing. :)
    Thank you so much for sharing your pretty pictures for Fresh-Cut Friday. So VERY glad you did!
    Happy New Year!

  56. Your decor is lovely, Poppy. I'm sorry that this Christmas has been a blue one for you!!!

    Linking from Fresh Cut Friday!
    Ricki Jill

  57. oh!!! we are sending lots of hugs to you! I think this is the season that makes you want home most of all :) We are confident that you'll have a great Christmas this may be different but it will be special!
    LOVE your Christmas credenza....we can feel the Christmas love through the computer screen! The touches of red POP and it certainly does make one feel happy gazing on it :)
    Wishing you a lovely week!!
    Karla & Karrie

  58. I don't know if my last comment went through as the computer did a weird glitch... However, I will retype this part, blessings and a big hug from a wife who also lives across the seas from all her family and loved ones too!

    I just said good-bye to them at the airport last weekend after their first visit and my heart was breaking... but I am grateful for the memories.

  59. Red is my favorite color and it just pops on your credenza!! Hope your Christmas is red and beautiful this year!

  60. I love your festive decor!! Sending you a bit of snow from Souther AB today! We have not had a lot of snow here either! We will get a nice snow cover and then a good ole chinook will start blowing and we are back to a brown landscape......but this morning we have a fresh white landscape. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season and that you will keep your family close to your heart ! Stopping in from Every Room in the House blog hop.

  61. You know I share your love of red - love the Christmas credenza.

    Steve and I will be on our own for Christmas Eve - a first for us. KC will be in Kauai with her boyfriend and his family. JP will be at the home of his future in-laws. We could goto their house, but we want JP and Aylin to share their first Christmas together just with his family. We are going out to dinner to a favorite French restaurant that will be decorated beautifully and we laugh that we will be that couple in the corner all alone. But, we get JP and Aylin for Christmas Day so I am going all out with gifts and planning both the breakfast and the dinner.

    Happy Christmas

  62. That hutch is so pretty and the perfect shade of green! And the red pops so nicely - love it!

  63. Sorry you're missing your family! I love your Christmas Credenza. Stopping by from Friendship Friday.

  64. Poppy, I could have sworn I left a comment on your delightful hutch earlier in the month, but I don't see it so I can only surmise that I failed to hit "publish". I do love how you dressed up that pretty green hutch for Christmas. I'm sorry you couldn't be with your family, and I understand how it is being away from them for the holidays. That's how it's been for me most of my adult life. I will be featuring your Christmas Merry Measure at tomorrow's Every Room In The House - The Finale. Happy New Year! ~ Nancy


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