Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014: A New Year Premiere

2013 will be history,
and the new year ahead, 
remains a mystery!
But, if our lives,
we could plan and plot,
would we, indeed, have a better shot
at what our hearts desire?
 I wonder...

 If, our future, we could secure,
and our overall happiness ensure,
without lifting a finger,
or a hardship endure,
would it still have the same allure
as having worked for it?
Not likely.

 It seems,
the older I grow, the less I know,
for the world is vast, and moving fast;
in fact, almost half a century
 of my own life has passed -
Where did it go?
I'm baffled!

Socrates, 469 - 399 BC

About 2500 years ago, 
a wise, Greek philosopher 
startled the sleepy status quo,
by humbly declaring,
(and to his society's woe),
 ''I know one thing: that I know nothing''.
he was definitely
 on to something. 

through Socratic method
I chose to address,
the complex equation of 2014,
and assess, that it's futile
 to predict, stress and obsess,
about the numbers and knowledge
of its substance.

a simple,
'Happy New Year!'
is what I wish for you.
May it bring you smiles
within seconds 
of its dashing debut! 

I now bid you adieu,
sweet friends.
Until next year,


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  1. A delightful post! I'm smiling and looking forward to the New Year! Sweet hugs my friend! Happy New Year!!!

  2. The wonder and fun of the new year is that we don't know what it will bring.

    Happy New Yeaer

  3. Agreed!! Happy New Year, Poppy! Looking forward to more posts in the New Year~ your blog was truly one of my most fabulous finds of 2013! :) Kim

  4. Wishing you a year of happy surprises, Poppy!

  5. Ah, how sweet! I'm FINALLY getting around to reading some blogs!

  6. Happy New Year to you! ...the best is yet to be...

  7. Poppy - Love your seasonal header! You always amaze me with your poetry! You are very talented. It's been a pleasure to get to know you thru your blog in 2013 and I'm looking forward to 2014.

    Happy New Year!


  8. What a great poem for the new year. I wish you and yours a wonderful year of good health and happiness, Poppy. Blessings, Pamela

  9. I love this. I feel the same way about the new year, anything is possible and we just need to wait and see. Happy New Year to you, Poppy. :)

  10. We don't know what the year ahead holds, but we can step confidently into it. Happy New Year, Poppy!

  11. Happy New Year to you dear sweet Poppy. Love the post -

  12. i absolutely love the last little 'happy new year' sign poppy.
    it's exactly how i feel inside! and if i can feel that way inside . . . like a little kid starting again . . .
    it makes your barely half a century seem like the new year's baby! LOL.
    and plus. you're a talented true poet.
    happy new year to you in beautiful greece. land of civilization! xoxo

  13. Happy New Year Poppy! Hope 2014 is filled with magic and music, festivals and friends, health and happiness for you!! Hugs, Jackie

  14. Hi Poppy, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! Julie

  15. And it's for sure: ''I know one thing: that I know nothing''... great saying!! Always a pleasure to see the posts and I'm so glad that I discover this blog! Thank you for sharing with us all these beautiful messages, lovely pictures and photo instants and may that 2014 to be a Happy and Prosperous Year for everybody!!

  16. Dear Poppy - Thanks for all your posts in 2013. It was a fabulous year for Poppy View!! Congratulations on your success, friend. I enjoyed all your photos, stories and adventures. You are a gifted writer - perhaps a book in 2014?
    Happy New Year!

  17. Wonderful Wordsmith you never cease to amaze with what you come up with! :)

    BTW I almost emailed you on Christmas Day as I know that you'd been missing your daughter and family in Canada...I'd felt badly for you and then I was in the same situation with my oldest St.Louis MS in bed with the flu :( In the end, he did not come home at all..the flu lasted for several days and he was wiped out...couldn't make the drive here and back. Had several phone calls between us all including children singing Jingle Bells to him but not the same as being there.

    Well I did not email but my heart was with you : ) AND 2014 will bring new blessings, sorrows, joys and adventures to us all / God Bless :) I love the friendships that we make in Blogland wishes to you in this new year :)

  18. Wonderful! And a very happy new year to you and yours as well!

  19. Beautifully written and wise words, indeed!
    Happy New Year, Poppy!


  20. What a beautiful post and so very true. I feel the same way myself. Happy New Year!!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  21. How delightful, to have come upon your beautiful blog.

    Living on the island of Crete. How wonderful. I look forward to returning here...

    Happy New Year,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  22. That Socrates rocked it out! You always have a way of putting words to paper (or computer) what I'm feeling but don't quite know how to express. I think that's one of the reasons I'm so attracted to your blog Poppy. It's unique and beautiful, just like you.

    You know what I wish? That one day we will find ourselves kibitzing over tea about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Or maybe just plain ol' gossip. ;)

    Blessings to you in the New Year!

  23. Fabulous Poppy! A great way to start the New Year!! Socrates is remembered to this day because he was brilliant enough to be humble~and to teach others instead of preaching to others~Thanks for a wonderful post,

  24. Dec. 30th

    Thank you Poppy, for coming to visit my blog, after I popped in here. And thank you for leaving such a sweet comment.


  25. What a timely and thought provoking post. Wishing you a Happy New Year, Poppy!

  26. Poppy, Thank you for always stopping by with the most thoughtful comments! Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!!

  27. Lovely post, Poppy! Happy New Year to you!

  28. I hope this new year brings lots of smiles and joy to you, Poppy. Thanks for another beautiful post!

  29. Wonderful Poppy and YES.. where does all the time go?! I am thankful for your friendship and feel fortunate to have discovered your blog. Wishing you and your family and happy and healthy New Year! xxleslie

  30. Beautiful post Poppy!
    May I wish you a very Happy and Crafty 2014!!!!!

  31. Wishing you the merriest of new year's. You always brighten my day. Fun read.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  32. We may not be able to accurately predict what the new year will bring, but I hope yours is a happy one.

  33. I already know that I don't have the most ideal year ahead of me but I'll do my best to make it a good year anyway! Thank you for your kind words - I have enjoyed meeting you and I love your blog. Happy new year, Poppy!

  34. What beautiful countryside you have. Thanks for sharing it with us. Also, love the artwork.


  35. I hope you don't stress or obsess too much and that 2014 is a very happy year for you xx

  36. ..Ευλογημενη χρονια..να σαι καλα ματια μου..να περνας ομορφα..το 2014..να σου δωσει..Πιστη..Χαρα..Ελπιδα..σε φιλω..

  37. Cute! Happy New Year's two days in! We are snowed it should be!

  38. I wish all your dreams come true in 2014!

    Happy New Year!! <3

    New Blog Post: Ways to Add More Joy to Your Days in 2014

  39. Hope you had a lovely holiday Poppy. Health and Happiness through the coming year.

  40. Thank you Poppy for sharing your lovely post! I will be featuring you at A Return to Loveliness,

  41. It all looks GREAT :) I hope you had a great Christmas holiday dear.

    Check out my new post...Cute curtain inspiration :)

    Have a fab day

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion


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