Sunday, May 24, 2015

Birds, Bees, Lilacs and Peonies

'Canadian' colours welcome me to Unionville, Ontario, where my sister
   and her family have been living for the past 16 years, and Liberty for 3!

Hello, my friends,
I've missed you!

On Main Street, black shutters frame white windows,
 allowing for peeks into a reno taking place, 'inside'.

I arrived in Canada on May 7th, and have been enjoying
 the sights and sounds of my favourite season.

A perfect pale purple, luscious lilacs scent their
 surroundings, providing a sweet surprise for passersby.

On my walks around the neighbourhood, I am greeted
  by frilly, fragrant lilacs, which instantly transport me
 back to the pretty gardens of my childhood.

Another ebony and ivory beauty, this one complete with French windows
and doors, facing a pretty pathway, leading back to a welcoming front porch.

The grass is green, the sky is blue, the birds
 are singing, and everything's 'brand new'!

An empty swing sways in the cool, morning breeze, as eager, early
 bird shoppers, (yours truly, included), hunt for charming treasures
inside this beautiful, barn red house holding a contents sale. 

Don't you just love it when serendipity sneaks up on you,
 smack -!- in the middle of your prepared plans, and 
suddenly plants happy  smile on your elated face,
 because you just 'happened' to run into an old friend, or,
 oh, I don't know...stumble upon a brilliant estate sale?!

I do!

On her way home from work, Liberty stopped to
smell the peonies, after snapping them for her mama.

But when it strikes TWICE, (coming across pure pink
peonies in full bloom!), it's cause for celebration, and
 that's exactly what we did, as we celebrated Liberty's
 26th birthday, and Poppy View's  3rd, on May 18th.

A lemon cream cake, baked with lots of love, for my very sweet Liberty.

Thanks for visiting! As you know, I've been busy with my
 sister's move, buying new furniture, and packing up the old, 
with little breaks in between, seeing friends and relatives.
 I hope to catch up with youtoo, all this week, since
 we are expecting 5 (!) days of non-stop rain. 

On the bright side, I was honoured to be featured
   at Junk Chic Cottage's wonderful series,
'Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger'.
Please come by and say hello to our charming
 hostess, Kris, and me; we'd love to see you!

Finally! Peonies - in person, after 30 years of  adoring them from a far!

Wishing you all a very sunny Sunday, and
a happy Memorial Day to my American friends!



  1. What a beautiful city your family lives in! Is the first home your sister's? It's beautiful! I'm glad you are enjoying the bounty of Spring and catching up with loved ones as well. This is my favorite time of year too. The transformation is magical. Take care during the rainy days to come! ~ Stacy

    1. Hi Stacy,

      So lovely to hear from you! Yes, Unionville is one of the prettiest hamlets in southern Ontario, and I've been lucky to have visited for the past 16 years! No, my sister's home is not in this post. I chose to feature heritage homes; some are over 100 years old, and they always manage to capture my heart, each time I pass by them.

      Have a wonderful week!


  2. I can feel your excitement and happiness to be back in Canada and be surrounded by your precious ones! Wishing you Liberty and a very happy birthday, may you live all you have imagined.
    Much love

  3. Hello Poppy, Unionville looks like a wonderful place. The homes are so pretty! I am sure you are so happy to be visiting with your sister and your daughter. Happy Birthday to Liberty! The cake looks yummy! Have a great day and new week ahead!

  4. It must be very exciting to be back in Canada again spending precious time with your family and friends. The tour along the houses is beautiful and I suppose springtime is the best time to be there, also some rainy days is not bad at all I think.
    Wish you lots of pleasure!

  5. Hi 'neighbor', and welcome! Isn't spring in Ontario a happy place? my peonies are in bud but no bloom yet! Lilacs are in full color though. Really enjoying the apple trees as well. Last year the blooms froze and we had neither lilacs or apple blossoms!


  6. Hi Poppy! Oh, I'm so glad you're enjoying your visit. We were going to visit Niagara Falls this week but read it was supposed to rain. Oh, well, it'll be there later. :) I loved the tour of the lovely homes and all of the plants are so pretty too. Continue to have fun.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Poppy, I loved your spotlight at Kris' and hope you took the time to read all the sweet comments there. How wonderful to be back home, with a change in perspective. Your home in Crete is wonderful in its own right, yet nothing stirs memories as do the sweet sights and scents of home, right? Enjoy.

  8. Hello Poppy! I have been thinking of you and your Canadian glad it has been wonderful! That neighborhood is just gorgeous, storybook and picturesque and red! Enjoy the remainder of your time with family, even the rain is ok when you are surrounded by them! :) Kim

  9. Beautiful! Just love a little peek at beautiful houses. Happy for you to be back in Canada. How neat to travel between such beautiful places.

  10. I am glad you are enjoying yourself! Oh how I wish I could visit Canada one day!It looks so beautiful there! I'd love to see the estate sale finds too!AriadnefromGreece!

  11. Hello friend, That house!!!! Splendid simply stunning!!
    Love serendipity's neat. Maybe just maybe you never know...:))
    Have a great day...and enjoy the rain next week. My gardens will like it.

  12. Each house and building is prettier than the last and I can picture sweet Poppy strolling along, happily soaking up all the Canadian Spring! The neighborhood is charming! I think it will be even when raining buckets!

    Happy Birthday to the beautiful Liberty! What a gift for her mother to be there for birthday hugs and to be able to cook a birthday feast for this precious daughter. May serendipity be found in amazing ways as you women search for lovelies to furnish your sister's new house.

    Keep snapping away pictures to share with us, dear friend, now to visit Kris!

    Sending love to you,

  13. The title of your post includes all of my favorite things! Enjoy your time in Canada, Poppy. Love your photos!


  14. So happy your back visiting your beloved Canada! What a quaint town...and happy 26th for it. Also a big congrats on your third year anniversary and for being featured at Chris's, i did stop by and read . I don't have Peonies since we already have such an ant problem, but love the pink color, spectacular.

  15. Poppy... Going home is always a good thing... Visiting loved ones is pure bliss! Your photos are lovely... I'm inspired to reach for my camera. Happy belated Birthday to your precious Liberty! Enjoy your time at home and safe travels!

  16. Good to hear from you Poppy, sounds like you're having a great time in your pretty home-town. Wish my local yarn shop looked like that.

  17. Have missed you Poppy. Enjoyed your post on Kris' blog. Beautiful photos as always. Such charming and adorable houses and buildings. Thanks for sharing.


  18. We've missed you too Poppy!
    Thanks for sharing some wonderful photos of some gorgeous houses, that second one really is a reno isn't it - you can see right through it.
    I just planted a peonie in my back garden, I can't wait to see the blooms. I'm off to check out your post on Junk Chic Cottage, enjoy the rest of your trip x

  19. Oh my! You always find the most beautiful places!! Happy Birthday to Poppy View and Liberty!! My absolute favorite photo was the red barn home....with the swing.....eeek!! Could it be any prettier? Your posts always make me smile..:) Hugs!!

  20. Poppy,
    I have visited Ontario several times (my brother used to live in Jamestown NY so we would all drive up together) and have always enjoyed my visits and left with a heart filled with memories. Happy Birthday Liberty and a very happy 3rd blog anniversary to you. A.delightful photo essay with charming building and homes ... Love the vividly striking Red barn. To visit in May with Lilacs and Peonies adding beauty and heavenly scent is perfect timing. For Lilacs and Peonies in Spring bloom in my mind's eye all the rest of the year, I adore them. To attend a estates sale, what a enchanting visit back home. Enjoy your time and run between the raindrops!

  21. i am so glad that Kris Spotlighted you. I have so enjoyed your posts and photos and getting to know you better my friend.
    I do hope that you are enjoying your visit with family and friends. I have missed your posts and so glad to see your two latest posts.

  22. Hi Poppy. Welcome 'home'. What a lovely time of the year to visit Ontario (or Canada in general!). The photos you shared are beautiful. I hope the weather forecast is incorrect. We've had some cool weather and even snow flurries Saturday morning. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 27 C. Quite the extremes but this is Canada. Enjoy your visit and the time with your family. It sounds like fun! Hugs from N.B. Pam

  23. I read your spotlight. She couldn't have picked a better person. Your sister lives in a beautiful place. I know it must be fun helping her move and being able to visit with her. Have a wonderful time.

  24. What a wonderful time you must be having!!! I am so excited for you to visit your homeland and daughter!!! :) What beautiful pictures! I will be able to visit my family again soon and I am thrilled!

  25. So nice to see a post pop up from you, Poppy. You must be having a wonderful time with your Canadian family. What pretty houses you've shown us, and those peonies! I'm still waiting for mine to fully open.

  26. We've missed you too!

    The houses are so beautiful, and I can imagine you delighting in being in Toronto taking it all in, making a luscious cake for your beloved, beautiful daughter, and hopefully doing some damage at what must have been a fabulous estate sale. I know you're having a wonderful time and I couldn't be happier for you.

    (I'm heading over to Kris now.)

  27. Hi Poppy,
    So happy you are enjoying your trip to Canada. Thank you sweet friend for doing Spotlight it was a wonderful pleasure to feature you this past week end. Have a wonderful start to the new week ahead.

  28. I love it when you show us Ontario. I spent a wonderful summer there and I like being reminded of it.

  29. Przepiękne peonie u Ciebie, ja nie mam takiej odmiany, peonie bardzo trudno sie przyjmują u nas, ale mam w kolorze bordowym. U nas tesz deszcz pada juz 4 dni...pozdrawiam więc słonecznie:)Beata

  30. So glad that you have been having such a wonderful time!!! Everything that you shared in the pictures is so beautiful, you must be very happy indeed. I hope that all goes well with your sisters move and that the rest of your time is wonderful too - and that it doesn't rain! xx

  31. The things I miss when I don't make time for blogging and visiting you, Poppy! Welcome Home. Your post is beautiful, a feast for the eyes and I will make a point of catching up on others I've missed since your arrival earlier this month.


  32. Lovely pictures of homes and that RED barn!!! It IS wonderful to go home!!
    Canada is lovely!!! Have fun!

  33. Hi Poppy, Once I took a cruise out of New York Harbor to Nova Scotia....I absolutely loved that trip. I loved all your great photos. Hello to your family there in Canada. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  34. Ohhh someone is having a super amazingly great time!
    Your photos are great and your Canadian shots are inviting.
    Lol at the smilie, btw, very pleased. :D

  35. I was wondering if you'd pop in and show us some Canadian scenes or what you are up to. Glad that you did; it's gorgeous there in the spring :)

  36. Dear Poppy, oh my what loveliness to behold! I am so happy you have been able to see this all with your own eyes....esp that pretty dark peony!

    We have missed you, what a nice post of eye candy upon your return to us. . Hope your sister's move is nearly to an end. That is never an easy task!

    Have a wonderful week. Hugs.

  37. What beautiful homes, the tour was great!

  38. Well, there you are! I have missed you. What a glorious neighborhood with beautiful homes and other lovelies to very picturesque! I know you are certainly enjoying your time there along with everything involved in moving...big job!! And happy 3rd bloggiversary to Poppy View!

  39. Poppy I was so thrilled to see you featured by Kris at Junk Chic Cottage! What a beautiful voice you have - I so enjoyed listening to the audio. I didn't realize you had another blog so I'll be checking it out next. Your poem is beautiful - my gosh you're one talented gal! So good to catch up with you again my fellow (expatriate) Canuck.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  40. Such lovely photos ~ thanks for taking us along on the tour! Blessings, Cecilia

  41. Looks like you are having a wonderful vacation. Just read your feature at Junk Chic Cottage. How nice for you!

  42. There you are, and Oh I did miss you, along with many others who adore you. I am so happy that you are enjoying your Canada visit with family. The BD cake/blog anniversary cake sure looks yummy, and anything made with lemons is refreshing. I love Peonies. A dear friend who has since passed away would bring me a bouquet every year, in an old glass jar, with a beautiful ribbon tied into a bow around it. I miss her, but I now have planted a few for myself. The homes around the neighborhood look so charming. I hope that you enjoy even the rainy days very much. Happy Blogversary...we love you Poppy!! Cheers~

  43. I love these homes you shared. So cute! Enjoy your time with your family and friends.

  44. Hi Poppy, love your photos and the homes are gorgeous.Looks like a special time with family in Ontario. Enjoy and have a wonderful time.
    Happy Birthday to Liberty and to you on your blog anniversary!
    Hugs, CM

  45. Love the homes and your photos! Happy blogversary!

  46. Hi. So glad I found your blog. It's nice to read blogs written by other Canadians. I haven't been to Unionville in YEARS! Thanks for reminding me of it. I'll add it to the list of pretty towns to visit this summer. I'd guess it is less than an hour from my home here in Milton. Looking forward to reading more posts form you in the future! XOXo Bronwyn

  47. What beautiful old homes! Enjoy your visit. xoxo Su

  48. What a beautiful post! I just loved the beautiful welcoming Canadian colors. Enjoyed the tour of Unionville, ON! I have family that live in Belleville, ON... don't know how far that is from where you are at. I know you are enjoying the beautiful colors of the season - my peony is about to bloom here, and I can't wait! Enjoy your time with your family, and sweet daughter, and hopefully the rain isn't a deluge, but just enough to water the ground! Lots of love and hugs to you :)

  49. One of my favorite places is Ontario. It looks like you had a lovely visit.

  50. Everything looks so beautiful, Poppy! I think I would be smiling at every turn in that beautiful town. My daughter's b-day was May 19th and has a few years on Liberty.....Amy was 44! How did that happen? I cannot possibly be old enough to have a daughter that age! I hope you really enjoy your visit.

  51. Oh Poppy, what a glorious place! How wonderful that you were able to visit your precious would appear you had a lovely visit :)

    Thank you so much, sweet friend, for joining Roses of Inspiration - we have missed you! Hugs!

  52. very cool architecture on those homes, love the vines growing up the house. Looks like you enjoyed some good celebrating

  53. Oh Poppy, you find beauty everywhere you go! A beautiful post. We are here at our Stone House on the Hill and have been busy with projects and gardening. . .again, so thankful that we chased and caught this daydream. Enjoy your time in Canada . . . Hugs, Jackie

  54. Wow Poppy I'm so happy for you to be visiting with your daughter, sister and where you grew up! Looks like you've been having a great time. Aren't the lilacs amazing! We are enjoying them here too- to bad it doesn't last a lot longer! Helping your sister set up sounds like fun! XO, Liz

  55. Hello Poppy! I'm so glad to hear you are having such a fun and exciting visit back home :) I hope it didn't rain on you afterall, and that you still got to tour around (our promised rain passed us by completely ... looks wet for this weekend though). Love the photos of the homes in Unionville, so quaint. Happy belated birthday Liberty! So nice that you were able to spend it together. Wendy

  56. Gorgeous flowers, beautiful houses and you in Canada. You must be so happy.

    Congrats on the feature at JCC. I am late in visiting so I will pop over now.

  57. I'm way behind. I just read your great feature. Love your words and your pictures and of course your beautiful home and country.

    Beautiful post and blog!
    many greetings

  59. Love it! A beautiful post Poppy!
    Warm hug,

  60. Such a beautiful stroll Poppy! It's such a beautiful time of year with all things new, bright, and swings blow in the pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  61. Beautiful photographs! The homes and gardens are stunning. Have a great week!

  62. What a gorgeous and cheery place to live in. So much vintage charm and character. Thank you for taking us on a tour.


  63. Hello, Poppy - haven't talked to you in awhile! Are you still in Canada? Happy birthday to your daughter! Such beautiful photos.

  64. Poppy, that was a joy to read, and beautiful to look at! It looks like the most wonderful place to live. Such beautiful homes, oozing with charm! So happy you are enjoying time with your family. Happy birthday to Liberty, and to Poppy View!

  65. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.


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