Friday, May 9, 2014

Laura's Lovelies, Part 2: Life on the Lake

St. George's Anglican Church, above, is one of the many
  interesting landmarks around Laura's house. Both are just 
steps away from Lake Simcoe, Ontario's fourth largest lake.

The day began at Laura's. It was the first time my sister,
 Cindy, and I were visiting Laura at her charming, new
 home in Keswick, a community in the town of Georgina.

Family heirlooms, like the beautiful hutch above, was made by 
Laura's grandfather, and houses some of her trinkets from the shop.

There is a joie de vivre feeling that
 permeates throughout, and lest you forget,

jolly folks, fortified with a laissez-faire attitude, 
remind you to eat, drink and be merry!

After some tea and yummy sweets from a local cafe,
we took a picturesque tour around the lake.

Arriving at Sibbald Point, we were suddenly struck by the 
grand, Gothic style of St. George's Anglican Church, built in 
1876-7. The church was the first place of worship in the area.

The original wooden structure, built in 1839, was consecrated
 by Bishop Strachan, the first bishop of Toronto, in 1843.

The cemetery is a resting place for those who devoted their time and
 talent in the construction of the church, and for their descendants.

Winding roads, dotted by cute, colourful cottages 
boasting views of the lake, led us to the town of Sutton, 
 where we stopped for lunch at a local pub.

 On High Street, in the downtown core, we parked outside the little
 coffee shop, above, when Laura announced, 'Ladies, I'm going 
to let you in on a little secret that lies just behind these doors.'.

 Our hearts raced, as we speculated, 'Hmm...the world's greatest
 coffee? Canada's own cronuts?'. We were intrigued, to say the least.


Who would have ever guessed that those inconspicuous, 
glass doors led the way to a set of roughly chiseled, stony steps, 

descending to a final destination
 of lush countryside and lakefront seats!


 No cronut, no matter how decadent, can compare 
to this feast for the eyes! A secret oasis, just as Laura promised.

Left to right: Laura and me, Laura and Cindy

Once again, thanks for a wonderful and whimsical day, Laura!


  1. Hello Poppy:

    What an absolute treat of a day: wonderful company, good things to eat, and surprises around every corner.

    We have been most struck by the photographs of St. George's Anglican Church which, for all the world, could be the parish church of some village or small town in Britain. How intriguing. Indeed, your opening picture at first glance we took to be England.

    Everything which you show here looks to be so pretty. No wonder you enjoyed it all.

  2. Hi Poppy. I enjoyed the tour of Keswick and area. We have a Keswick here too, right down the road from me. :) The church is so pretty and the view behind the pub is fabulous. I hope you've enjoyed your vacation. Hugs. Pamela

  3. Oh Poppy, Your posts are such a spirit lifter and day brightener - no matter what location or subject matter. What a treat to discover the treasures of Keswick. And what a lovely home!! Hugs to you~J.

  4. I love her house! That church was astounding - love the red door and shutters. What a wonderful day the three of you had. Happy Mothers Day!

  5. oh how delightful!!!

    everything was perfect. the weather... the photo ops.. all the picturesque places...

    yes, delightful...

  6. looks like you had fun what a beautiful day to spend with the lovely ladies. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!!!!


  7. I could sit in those lakefront seats and spend the day peacefully there. How lovely! It's another kind of paradise.

  8. What cute huggy photos! I would love to be on the lake, too...or the beach! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Sweet hugs!

  9. So pretty! I know Lake Simcoe - what a glorious place in which to live!


  10. Oh what a lovely day, Poppy. Everything was simply stunning and you and your sisters looked like you were having the time of your life. Enjoy your visit and wishing you a Happy Mothers Day, dear friend.

  11. Thank you for this lovely tour, Poppy. It looks like you and the ladies had a lovely day together. I wish you a very happy Mother's Day. :)

  12. I'm going to keep that picture of lakefront seats in my mind...and call upon it when I need to relax...I would love to sit there and while away the hours, coffee (and cronut!) in hand! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us, Poppy. Lake Simcoe must be a wonderful place to live!

  13. The three of you look so sweet. And how spectacular is that view of the lake. Laura is so blessed to be surrounded with such beauty.
    Wishing you a happy Mother's Day dear Poppy.


  14. I enjoyed the beautiful old church and scenery ....such a lovely area there! :)

  15. Lucky Laura! What a special home filled with charm, beauty and warmth. And the setting, oh my gosh!! Divine! Thanks for the tour, Poppy and Laura. xo

  16. OH POPPY!
    i want to live there! if i can't live near your villa in greece that is! LOLOL.
    such a beautiful place. and laura's home... charming!
    happy mother's day dear heart. and a wonderful weekend in store for you! xoxo

  17. Poppy
    What a gorgeous area Laura lives in!
    The Anglican Church has such character, the stone is beautiful.
    I can see you are sure enjoying your visit!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  18. Finding a secret spot it such fun and sharing it with good companions makes it even more special!

  19. Beautiful house and beautiful buildings and scenery! It looks like you're having such a wonderful time.

  20. Happy Mother's Day, Poppy! Thank you for taking us along on your lovely tour. I love a secret garden...especially when it is fill with friends! :)

  21. What a lovely way to spend the day. Good friends, beautiful sights, delicious food and a secret locale! I hope today is equally lovely for you. Happy Mother's Day.

  22. I enjoyed your beautiful pictures Poppy.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  23. Laura is a lucky lady to live amidst such beauty and tranquility. The spot where you had lunch is magical!

    The paintings reminded me of some of the paintings in a friend's home. Bright, cheerful and full of character.

    I hope your Mother's Day was everything you hoped it would be!

  24. What a lovely breath of fresh air your post has been this Monday morning. Thank you!

  25. Oh what I would give to be sitting at those lakefront seats right now! Looks amazing.

  26. it looks like you have had a lovely visit. I just love those lakeside tables and chairs. Perfect for a lazy afternoon with friends.
    Have a wonderful week Poppy and thank you for stopping by my blog last week. I am trying to catch up!

  27. What a fabulous tour of the lake and the company of your friend. The scenery is so beautiful. The church is lovely and then the great place to view the lake at the coffee shop. This a place I would love to visit. Have a wonderful week!


  28. Okay, I love the photos of you and your sister hugging your friend - that is so sweet. What a memorable day at the lake.

  29. How fun and a spot sitting along that lake would be absolutely heavenly. The image of you and your sister gave me a warm smile...I am not able to be close to my only sister and it haunts me, but I try. Hoping you had a loving Mothers Day...hugs Poppy~

  30. I love old churches! The lake spot is super cozy:)

  31. Lovely place, with it's own secret beach...what could be more wonderful.

    PS: It's lovely the way you watermark" your pictures with your blog title ... I look for the "PoppyView" mark, it's like a fun little hidden mark game you've added! Wish I knew how to do that.

  32. I love churches with red doors. Very pretty!

  33. Gorgeous place to visit. I love old churches, cemetery's and friends. Looks like you had a great time. The lake is beautiful.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  34. What a lovely place and, of course, time with a good friend is time well spent.

  35. Beautiful post - lovely photos - you've conveyed the joy and fun you had! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  36. Oh darn, I missed this post Poppy. My daughter lives in Keswick and when you're at the lake and look straight across, I could have been on the pier in our park waving back!
    Glad you had a nice visit and I might try to get to the antique store one day.

  37. I missed this post too - and what a lovely one it is! I love Keswick and the entire area around Lake Simcoe, having lived in that area on three different military postings. There just isn't a landscape like it anywhere else.

  38. Look at you, lovely lady! You are so beautiful, dear Poppy. Your images and words are always the perfect combination for a delightful post. I am so glad you shared this with Roses of Inspiration - thank you, sweet friend. Hugs!


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