Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Nature of Love

Nearing 50, Valentine's Day, for me, isn't so much about

and candy, 

but about the history, of him and me.
After 26 years of marriage, 
1 daughter,
 2 countries,
 1 ocean,
1 house,
countless trips to Canada,
several cloudy days,
 many 'make up' bouquets,

winter storms: a few,

but some smooth sailing, too,

 it definitely takes TWO

to fill the cracks,

 confirm your choice,

and in one solitary voice,

restate, renew, rebuild, rejoice.

To finish this two part series on Valentine's Day, I leave you
 with the song that inspired this post, first recorded by one of my favourite Canadian bands, the Barenaked Ladies. My 
trio's rendition, above, is a dramatic duet, and the last verse
(where she threatens warns him), might sound familiar!;-)

'Call and Answer'
  Vocals and Guitar:
Nicholas Tsachakis
Vocals: Poppy
Piano: Anna Lisowski

(click on the link, above, which takes you to the site. 
Once there, click on the arrow to play;
takes about 5 seconds to start)


  1. Poppy! Not only are the pictures and the words beautiful, but I loved hearing you two sing and play!!! Thank you so much for this gift.



  2. Poppy, what a beautiful post! LOVE the pictures you chose!

  3. Oh Poppy - what a beautiful post full of gorgeous photos!


  4. Gorgeous photos and a very lovely post. Thank you so much.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  5. Poppy! You can sing! How awesome is that?! I love learning new things about people.So Very Cool that you can sing and sing beautifully!


    ~ Cassandra

  6. OMG! I loved the photos but when I heard your song ...OMG! How beautiful! I totally get it!

  7. Oh Poppy you are such an amazing artist - visually putting this incredible post together - colorful and delightful! And that is you singing? How neat is THAT? You are so special, and I am so so so glad I "found" you!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge hugs!!!

  8. You are so right, Poppy. What a beautiful song. BNL is one of our favorite bands too.

  9. Poppy, I love when you include your songs in the your posts. Just lovely. Your photos are pretty, too. When I was in high school I painted a picture of the swans that you have featured. It was one of my favorite pictures then and now. Thanks for awakening that sweet memory and on the eve of my own 20th wedding anniversary! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  10. I'm feeling the love, Poppy. You've managed to find the most incredible photos as a backdrop to your lovely words. Happy Valentine's Day to you, my friend!

  11. Poppy
    Beautiful words and awesome photos.
    I must be the only person who can't get your vocals to work.
    I waited a long time, but still nothing!
    I enjoyed it anyway.
    Happy Valentines Day

  12. This post is simply beautiful from beginning to end. The pictures are amazing, the message clear and wise and the wonderful rendition of a favourite song is the icing on the cake!

  13. You always surprise me with your writing and the photos you use. But this time ... really I do not know what to say! Happy Valentine to you too :)

  14. What a beautiful post! Lovely photo's and song!!

  15. May be you are nearing at 50 ,but your heart is like a little girl ! So nice photos and words ! You make me to celebrate the Valentine Day after 33 years of marriage !!! Every day is a Valentine Day !!!
    Have a lovely week !

  16. Piekne zamieściłąś zdjęcia i opowiedziałaś historię, ja tez mam za sobą 26 lat małżeństwa i 1 syna, pozdrawiam Beata:)

  17. Poppy,you are such a special and talented lady. Hearing you sing is so amazing! .isn't this technological world something? thank you for the inspirational start to my day...

  18. What a beautiful post! You have the most amazing voice!Are you a proffesional singer? Have you studied music? The blogpost itself is gorgeous, so many beautiful photos that really coincide with your words and make them so much stronger!Happy Valentine's Day!

  19. Good Morning Poppy, I have to echo everyone's comments... you have a beautiful voice and it was such a treat to hear you sing.
    The photographs you chose and the words were so lovely. You are so right, St Valentine's Day is not about gifts, it is about taking the time to appreciate each other.
    Have a lovely St Valentine's Day.
    Best Wishes

  20. Beautiful post! I enjoyed seeing all the hearts and music.

  21. Another lovely post.

    The photos, so artistic. The words, so deep.

    Thank you, Dear One.

  22. What absolutely fun, and fabulous photos! Have a happy Valentine's Day Poppy!!
    xo Kris

  23. A beautiful testament to LOVE.

    This year, and last Valentine's Day also, Steve was recovering from surgery and there was no Valentine's Day celebration. It was the "in sickness and in health" part of marriage. But, I would rather have his simple gestures each day than a grand gesture on one day of the year.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  24. Poppy,
    Love all of these photos! Love is all around us and yet the committed love of a husband and wife is indeed one of the most enriching aspects of our life.
    Happy Valentines with Love!

  25. This is perfect Poppy:):) I am 54 and have been married for 31 years. You are right on spot here.. it IS about all that you have created AND the journey to get there. I'm excited to spend the evening with my husband on Valentines Day. We ALWAYS celebrate. It's not about material things as much as spending time together. Beautiful post! xxL

  26. You always have the most wonderful perspective. Loved all of the hearts found in nature and your wonderful words to go with them. Wish I could hang with you and your group. You guys are awesome!

  27. This was a beautiful post and I totally agree. Hubby and I have been married almost 39 years. We got married after dating for only three months and alot of people said it would not last. Now who got the last laugh. HA! HA!

  28. It is work to have a good marriage/ but it is soooooooooo worth it!

  29. Beautiful post!!
    enjoyed all the photos.
    Love... isn't it magical?

  30. What a lovely post about LOVE!!! Photos, words and music... all perfect!!!!
    Congratulations, dear Poppy!!!

  31. I love, love, love all the hearts! Beautiful post!

  32. What a beautiful post, Poppy! The images are stunning, but your words are even more meaningful. I love the song!

  33. Oh how sweet and romantic. Hope you have a perfect valentine's day Poppy.



  34. How awesome this is Poppy, just made me smile from top to bottom and back to top again ;) Happy Valentines Day~
    Yea, I just remembered to add you to my Blog List, so I may be able to keep up better~
    Hugs from across the big ocean~

  35. What a great Valentine post (or anytime at all). !!

  36. What a wonderful tribute to your marriage and life. Love your photos - very fun and the purple trees blew me away. Feel very lucky to have a good partner in your life.

  37. OH MY GOODNESS! The pics and text were so sweet and romantic and absolutely delightful that I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that we were going to be treated to vocals from you at the end too! :) Love your vocals...

    I agree with Ruth, the commenter above me that this is a wonderful tribute to your marriage.

  38. OMG.
    for once am moved to speechless. beautiful. all of it. on so many levels.
    thank you!
    this was a gift.
    thank you.

  39. Poppy, this post is not only visually beautiful, but also emotionally beautiful. Thank you. Happy Valentine's Day to you and hubby. Christa

  40. Poppy, you have an artist's soul. What a lovely post.


  41. AWE! What a sweet post!
    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  42. What a "heart felt" post. Today is Valentine's Day. Thanks for coming to visit my blog. My Dad was born in Toronto and my husband and I cruised the Greek summer. Have a happy day.

  43. That was great, Poppy! You have put into words and pictures what is true for me and The Great Dane - just more countries and more years!....but you're catching up!

  44. Hello Poppy, what a beautiful post for Valentine's Day! I love all the hearts and the cute lovebirds. A lovely tribute to you and your hubby! Have a happy weekend!

  45. After my surgery on Friday, I'm taking some time to visit my favorite blogs and of course yours was the top of my list and you did not disappoint. Such lovely photos, and the duet was simply charming.

    You have been blessed with a true artists soul, and that's something that can never be taken away from you. If we are lucky, you will never take it away from us.

  46. Beautiful post!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  47. Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. Gentle Joy

  48. Such a beautiful and creative post. I loved your photos and music.

  49. Wow these were just so amazing and beautiful. Loved the heart shaped spider web.

  50. Beautiful post, Poppy! That pink sky with the heart-shaped clouds is wonderful.


  51. Fabulous! stunning photos and <3felt prose - thank you for posting...

  52. So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  53. Poppy this post is beautiful not only for it's stunning photos! It truly reminds us that you can find the Heart Love in many places. Love it and so glad I found it at the Inspire Me Tuesday party.
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

  54. This is a stunningly beautiful post in words, pictures and song! Thank you for sharing this wonderfulness.

  55. So beautiful - so inspirational - I love the words, the sentiment, the photos, and your lovely song!
    Happy belated Valentine's day to you Poppy.
    Thank you for inspiring us every week at Create With Joy!

  56. Another beautiful post, with wonderful pictures and a great song. I hope you had a great Valentines day with your husband.

  57. What a fitting post for Valentine's Day! Loved to hear you two sing together....precious!

  58. very neat post with all your pictures to go with your words!

  59. What a great post...loved your duet :) also love the couples you features....sweet!!!


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