Sunday, May 28, 2017

Spring Collection

Hello friends,

It has not been a typical spring here on the island this year. We've had a little more rain than usual, sun showers, really, which of course, are just as great for all my potted pretties as they are for me, since I can skip a watering session or two. The above bouquet, consisting of pink daisies, white carnations, scented and pink geraniums and everlasting flowers (Helichrysum siculum) came from my garden. Isn't it sweet? 

I wonder, do you think Kathleen Kelly
whose taste I admire greatly, would agree?

Laurel in the background, and everlasting flowers in the foreground, border our garden.

Surely, she'd light up at the sight of these cheery, yellow lovelies, 
for they look like mini daisy trees, don't they? 

   Two weeks ago                                                                                       Now                        

Here's how some flowers are doing at this time, about
 two weeks after I planted them. I just happen to cut 
a bunch of daisies for various vases around the house. 

Two weeks ago                                                                                     Now                         

The yellow marigolds have really taken off! They are bright
pom poms of sunshine, even on the gloomiest days.


Some of you may recognize these bold, red beauties if you happen to live in a Mediterranean type climate or if you follow me on Instagram, where I posted this pic earlier in the week. Our tree is loaded with these twinkly bulbs at present. I find them to be some of the most exquisite blossoms that exist, and their fruit, which is ripe for harvest in the fall, is one of the world's super foods. Can you guess what they are?

Yes! Pomegranates!

Next to the pomegranate tree stands the loquat tree, which, as you can see, is full of ripe fruit, ready for picking. I had never seen this exotic fruit until I came to Crete. I still prefer peaches, apricots and plums to loquats, but the Cretans love them, and so does Liberty!


 The orange marigolds have also multiplied! They are the
 'sunset' to their yellow cousins' 'sunrise' slate of colours.

Although this is not my backyard, I wanted to show you the spectacular landscape where we collect our oregano every spring. It's on the outskirts of the mountainous village of Rogdia, which means 'pomegranate', as hundreds of trees bearing the fruit populate its space. The rocky terrain, above, is

also fortified with views to the sea and Panagia Bay. 
The city of Heraklion can be seen in the far distance.

Washed and ready to be separated and set down
 flat to dry completely, this popular Mediterranean 
herb will lend its unique aroma to many of our 
favourite dishes throughout the year. 
What's growing in your garden?

I hope you enjoyed my 'spring collection'. 
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend,


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  1. Kathleen would think they were all friendly flowers, Poppy! I can see her casually arranging little bouquets from your garden and talking a mile a minute, like her hostess!

    Now I want to try a loquat fruit! And to have a pomegranate growing outside the door, blissful indeed.

    Do you hang your oregano after it dries or do you strip the leaves? The aroma from this must be heavenly in your kitchen. I wonder, we can easily get chiggers in the USA South when picking wild blackberries and they're nasty critters. Any insect bites from climbing high in those ridges of Crete to collect this oregano? Or just skinned knees if not careful?

    You have the flower arrangements ready and fresh oregano ready to put in the pot...with what? What's cooking, Poppy dear?

    Wish I were there,

    1. Dewena, I think you'd like loquats; I would send you a big bunch of them if we didn't live a whole ocean away! The ladies here in the village make a sweet, syrupy dessert with them which I know you could ace!

      We strip the dry oregano leaves and then place them in the food processor to finely chop them. You cannot believe the aroma that this produces! We sprinkle oregano on our Greek salads, when grilling or baking fish, chicken and pork chops, in tomato sauces, in pasta and rice dishes, and on bruschetta. It adds such a sweet/savoury zing to everything it scents.

      Wish you were here, too, sweet friend!


  2. Oh Poppy, what a wonderful post with all your Spring flowers - they are beautiful.
    That view of the bay is stunning - I love it. All that wonderful oregano to cook with - the smell must be great. I feel like I have been to Crete with all your beautiful pictures.

    Have a great weekend my friend.

  3. I'm mad about loquats with their sweet flesh and delicious juice. Pity the season is rather short. The pomegranate, both the flower and the fruit are beautiful! I'm not a fan, though, of the purple seeds despite their health benefits.
    The collection of flowers displayed in your post is overwhelming.

  4. I've never heard of loquats, but you've got my curiosity peaked Poppy! Maybe I'll just have to fly over there for a taste ;).

    How wonderful to have pomegranates just ripe for the picking. They're are beyond pricey here, but I do love their tasty seeds in salads and cocktails.

    You sound so happy to be back, and who can blame you?! It's heaven there ♥️

  5. I love that movie, Poppy!!!!

    Your flowers are so pretty...I love seeing things I can't grow in my climate! A girl can dream.

    The oregano is wonderful. I've never seen it with flowering tops. Mine is a man-eater and I have to pull it out of the herb bed by the handfuls every summer or it will take over.

    The pictures you take of your landscape and bay views mesmerize me. You are so lucky!

    Jane x

  6. Kathleen Kelly is my favourite heroine as well.And I love all your flowers!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. Poppy this really is the best time of the year to be in Greece. The streets are full of aromas and fragrances from the potted flowers. And the farms are alive with color and beauty. And as a Greek, how can I possibly live without my beloved oregano? I put it on everything! The weather has been strange up here too Poppy. In fact a few weeks ago we had 35 degrees and now we must be down to 15. It really is crazy!

  8. That first bouquet is just gorgeous! What a wonderful garden you have. I did not know those beautiful pink flowers are Pomegranates. I still haven't figured out how to eat them! As I was scrolling down your post I told my husband that I want to go to Greece! We went to Italy for our honeymoon, now it is time to visit your beautiful country. I am surprised that our weather in the northeast USA has been the same as yours.

  9. Poppy, your post and photos are a burst of colour and joy! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you have had a great weekend. :)

  10. The garden is just coming into bloom here. Lilacs and rhodos but no roses yet. It's still too cool. Beautiful views of your part of the world!

  11. Sweetest Poppy, what a lovely post you have shared with us. Your flowers are simply breathtaking!

    Also, many thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog - you are a dear! :) Hugs to you!

  12. Oh goodness, I love everything about this post. I can only imagine pomegranate and olive trees, and wild oregano. I could sit on the ledge of that amazing coastal view of Panagia Bay for hours! Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, Poppy.

  13. Oh Poppy, such similar flowers we have in our gardens. Thanks for teaching me the Greek word for pomegranate! My little tree, now two years old, is loaded with blossoms but they are falling as I suspect it isn't yet old and strong enough to support the fruit if they all matured. What a joy is a Greek garden, the real one is even better than I imagined it to be! Hugs to you ~ Jackie

  14. Hello Poppy ...I also posted a post on my blog about my garden today .
    I also live in Greece but the climate here is different from that in Crete
    So I have some other flowers in my garden ...i love your Spring Collection
    have a nice week ....filakia

  15. and once more I'm back on the beautiful island of Crete!
    Lovely post, we will return!

  16. Oh Poppy, what a wonderful garden. I have a big garden.
    there are very flowers and trees in my garden, It's very difficult to deal with . cherry,plum, mandarin, Quince,Pine tree, lemon, bougainvillea..
    We will go to leros island in July. We are very excited :)

    1. How wonderful that you will be visiting the beautiful island of Leros! I know you will enjoy all its idyllic magic! Looking forward to pictures of your travels to my country.

      Have a lovely Thursday,


  17. Lovely photos of the sunny Crete - I have never before seen a pomegranate in bloom!

  18. Your yard is spectacular and that bouquet -- it's hard to believe it is home grown -- the finest florist in the land could not do better! Yellow flowers are my favorites too for exactly the reason you say -- spots of sunshine on earth. I have never seen a pomegranate tree or blossom ...beautiful. And wild oregano -- wonderful!

  19. Your spring collection is absolutely heavenly, dear Poppy! I love those tiny yellow mini daisies too! I love the idea of hiking up the rock landscape to gather the fresh oregano...I can only imagine the wonderful aroma! Those pomegranate blossoms are stunning!

  20. Your garden is so lush and pretty. Fresh oregano and beautiful scenery. You live in such a gorgeous place. I had a pomegranate tree many many years ago and each year, when I have a empty spot in the garden I think about putting another one in. Haven't done it yet! Love the tree and the blossoms! Happy Monday!

  21. Nice share. Happy mosaic Monday

    Much love...

  22. Beautiful photos. I have never seen the flowers on a pomegranate tree. They are gorgeous as are most of your plants and trees.

    Have a great week.


  23. I am so inspired to take a trip to Crete, for the sun and your flowers! So impressed by the first picture - keep looking at it and can't believe it's a bouquet from your garden. Amazing!

  24. Oh Poppy, I love your ''spring collection'' so much, lovely photos :) I have also a very big garden full of flowers and a kitchen garden. It's nice to enjoy your own plants. Sunny greetings :)

  25. Poppy between you and Maggie Crete is really getting to move up to the top of my bucket list... Maybe for retirement when we have endless summers! Don't talk to me about rain though, I have now worked out why the locals here wear wellies in the monsoon season as everything floods, we can only hope it means all the plants will grow as spectacularly as yours!
    Have a great week.
    Wren x

  26. Definitely enjoying viewing your spring garden Poppy and must add that I did see several of these beautiful flowering trees/shrubs in Sicily a couple of weeks back and loved them. I have to admit, those Mediterranean islands overall, have amazing plants, fruits, nuts, olives, herbs etc. Makes me realize even more why the 'Mediterranean Diet' is so healthy and tasty - it's the one I try to follow especially these days when keeping inflammation away seems so important and is being pushed by more and more people in the medical field.
    Today I'm grilling aubergines, red peppers, courgettes, onions, tomatoes etc. and planning a nice bowl of ratatouille for supper with lots of garlic and the best olive oil - what could be better - only being able to eat it with a view such as the one you have!!!!

    Happy week - Mary

  27. Daisies are the friendliest flowers, said Kathleen, and I concur. But I think she would think all of your flowers friendly. The marigolds are such a bright pop of colour in the garden. Your spring flowers are simply stunning!

  28. I was thinking pomegranates - glad to see I was right! How beautiful are those flowers on the pomegranate tree? I would love to see that in person. You are truly surrounded by beauty.

  29. Dear Poppy, wonderful photos! They make my heart sing!! Have a happy day!

  30. I love pomegranate, it's so great that you have a tree in you garden, and I believe it's the first time I see the flower that gives the fruit!

  31. what a delightful collection of potted spring! The hot days of summer must be creeping in though. We are supposed to be in winter though the days are blue and clear. We are in desperate need of rain. I love pomegranates too! I've never seen them hung like that. They are so expensive here. I wish I had a tree. Have a fabulous weekend ahead.

  32. Panagia Bay is a wonder to behold. All your flowers are blooming so nicely and the pomegranates are amazing! Such a rich color!

  33. Poppy, I so enjoyed your post and seeing all of your Spring flowers, they are beautiful. So to is the view of the bay, simply stunning.

    It's so good to cook with herbs and I love the sound of your oregano ... what a wonderful cooking aroma.

    My good wishes for this new month of June.

    All the best Jan

  34. Hmm I wonder if Lowquats taste anything like Kumquats...if so I am not so much a fan, but like you adore apricots, plums etc.
    Your posies are absolutely stunning and so full of cheer and happy faces.
    I was thinking possibly Pomegranate, but not for sure. The other day we had to say farewell to two very large shrubs that I planted some 25 years ago, as they died. It was quite an ordeal to dig them out, but I managed to complete the task. then it was what do I replace them with, they were evergreens, which are some of our favorites, as they stay in colour all year long. My choice was two beautiful Schip Laurel shrubs which are already 6' tall. When I saw your Laurel shrubs, they look so much alike.
    Thank you always for your kindness. I would love to be on Instagram, but have been on Facebook for 8 years. I tried Instagram once, using my phone, and it used up too much of my space, and so I un-installed it.
    Take care my friend. Blessings and hugs

  35. Your Spring collection is so pretty and so are the view photos. I was thinking pomegranates too. Spring is such a great time no matter where we live..but certainly do enjoy seeing Greece's beauty.

  36. Oh, my goodness!

    I loved every beautiful photo.

  37. Gorgeous Spring flowers and amazing colorful arrangements in pots; May is a month of excellency at this chapter showing what's the best in nature. No other month in my opinion is not as bright, vivant, vibrant and full of beauty. And the panoramas are fantastic; to see such views must be so inspiring. Wonderful aspects captured in your part of the world, indeed. Many thanks for sharing them with all of us.
    A very cosy, creative and sunny June! and great weekend, too!

  38. What incredible views you have! And such lovely flowers. :) Kit

  39. The bouquet is beautiful, Poppy. We only have wildflowers and some herbs in the garden. Our neighbor has several pomegranate trees, orange trees and fig trees. We exchange cake for fruits from time to time. :) The view over that Bay is just awesome!
    Have a lovely week!
    xo Julia


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