Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Charming Neighbourhood

Naturally, not every autumn day looks like this: sunny and bright and warm and beaming with vibrant colour, but when it does, well, isn't it just pure paradise? You'd think I was wandering through Ontario's cottage country, or maybe on holiday in the beautiful Maritimes, but believe it or not, this serene, pretty scene is just a short 15 minute stroll to

this stunning beauty, situated on a busy street; in fact, it's a highway! A luxury condominium complex, inspired by the elegant French château style, it is a clean lined classic among its bulky and awkwardly built counterparts that have popped up all over the Greater Toronto Area in the last five years, and a mere 10 minute amble to

quaint heritage homes that have been turned into flourishing businesses on Main Street Unionville. On Saturdays, Liberty and I love to grab a specialty coffee and a freshly baked treat from one of the many cozy cafes and make our way to

Toogood Pond Park, literally, just steps away. Isn't it simply idyllic? We come here to simultaneously relax and recharge. Oh, and did I mention that there's all day, free entertainment for passersby?

We always manage to get front row seats, especially for the matinee performance.  This particular interpretation of 'Swan Lake' is quite avant garde, commanding a standing ovation, every time. Of course, the leading ladies adore the attention; obviously, they are all prima ballerinas, are they not?

As talented as my feathered friends may be,
there is no doubt that the true stars of the season
are all the leafy lovelies that brighten the many
pathways, shortcuts and long and winding
roads that cheerfully greet me on my walks
through my charming neighbourhood.  

 Thanks for visiting!
Happy weekend,
my friends!


  1. I so enjoyed your pictures and your writing is superb! Wish I could visit in person. How great you can be here!

    Jane x

  2. Hello, Poppy! Love the pretty Autumn colors and trees. The pond looks very active with the birds. You have a beautiful neighborhood there. Happy weekend to you!

  3. Fabulous autumn colours! I like the elegant French style architecture and sylvan surroundings. Lovely photos!

    Happy weekend!

  4. Beautiful photos! Fall is absolutely my favorite season. Enjoyed your journey through your neighborhood. Have a beautiful week ahead.

  5. You do paint a pretty picture with your words and photos, Poppy. I hope you're finding happiness in your beautiful neighbourhood.


  6. I would buy season passes to that particular ballet company, Poppy! You were fortunate to find such super seats, but then just one look at the exquisite twosome of Poppy & Liberty would make any usher want to place you where everyone could see you. The only problem being that you two probably stole the show yourselves!

    Keep walking and snapping those photos, my favorite photo-journalist!

    Love you,

  7. Poppy I love how you describe your neighbourhood in Toronto, such a big city and so much beautiful nature to experience together with Liberty. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  8. What a wonderful place to live and explore in!

  9. Nice neighbourhood ....πολύ όμορφη γειτονιά
    και ο φωτογραφίες !!! καλή συνεχεια

  10. Charming indeed! Enjoy every minute you get to spend there! : )

  11. oh! poppy!
    you just can't KNOW how these pictures fill my heart!
    i've been an autumn lover my whole life. and now i enjoy it through dear friends like you and others who live in its beauty for real!
    thank you so much for sharing it here! and now...
    i'm going back to the beginning of this post again and dream i'm walking there too. XOXO♥

  12. How absolutely wonderful to have all of this around you. Ahhhh so much nature showing it's best.
    Enjoy this beautiful place.

  13. It's so lovely there Poppy! How is it we haven't been privy to the gorgeous nuances, fauna and lakes until now?? As beautiful as your beloved Crete is, I dare say Toronto can give it a run for its money. I adore the homes, the restaurants, and the pretty ballerinas. Yes my friend, it is absolutely charming!


  14. Leafy lovelies, and swan performances -- you are lucky to be surrounded by such charm and beauty in your day-to-day!

    1. I wrote a really long comment.....and then poof! gone!
      the last line was:
      Do you miss Crete!

      My granddaughter Poppy is graduating from high school in June! Where does the time fly?

  15. Oh Poppy, how beautiful your gardens and lakes are. The trees are so beautiful with all their colors leaves. We don't get that here in So CA.
    Thanks so much for taking us on this beautiful tour. love the ducks and the show they are putting on for you.

    Enjoy your beautiful city.


  16. You are really enjoying this precious season. I will follow you.

  17. Poppy it is pure magic there. The colors the sig hts, the swan lake presentation. Sheer perfection. I hope you and Liberty will continue to share all that Toronto has to offer this season.

  18. What a charming neighborhood indeed :) looks like the place that dreams are made of.

  19. There is really nowhere quite as lovely as southern Ontario in the autumn. It's the one season there that I miss. Beautiful images!

  20. I have the same kind of Swan Lake performance near Cottage and now every time I see it, I'll think of you! In our pond, a goose is trying to hid herself among the swans and I don't dare telling her she's not a swan, I might hurt her feelings ;)

  21. Hello Poppy! Everything is so charming and picturesque. Each photo captures something about autumn with perfection. TooGood Pond Park truly is idyllic! Love the Swan Lake performance! LOL.. you have a great sense of humor and a wonderful imagination :-)

  22. I just love your neighbourhood in your small town Poppy. That restaurant looks so lovely and there is nothing like a pretty park to wander around and old streets to walk along. Enjoy.

  23. Oh I LOVED this little trip around your neighborhood. What enchanting places to visit. The town looks so inviting. I am wondering what your favorite treat would be at one of the little cafes, with specialty coffee. Mine would probably be either iced, or hot Cafe Mocha and those little Spinach Tarts. Can you believe I would choose that over sweets, well I also adore chocolate croissants;) When one shares where they walk, where they spend sweet time with family and friends, it is very special. Thank you always for your loving kindness. Have a marvelous week my friend~ Hugs

  24. Those elegant performers have a very beautiful backdrop and stage for their performance! What a great place to live ...natures beauty and city amenities all within easy reach. Perfection! Love the name of the park... I suppose it is someone's last name, but Too Good seems to describe it

  25. Your neighbourhood is such a pretty one, Poppy. That French-style condominium building certainly resembles the ones in Paris. How lovely to live in such a vibrant community, yet one that values the natural world, too.

  26. Thank you for sharing your beautiful neighborhood with us, Poppy! The charming buildings and lovely fall colors are a joy to look at. I'm not really a fan of real ballet but I like the nature version of Swan Lake a lot. It must be wonderful to take walks in your area.
    Have a great rest of the week!
    xo Julia

  27. Your place is filled with fabulous colors presented by the great nature. I enjoyed them, too.

  28. Beautiful!!! I must spend more time taking in the sites of Toronto during my next visit. Who knew such beauty awaits and lucky you for having it outside your doorstep.

  29. Poppy this looks amazing! When the word quaint is used I always want to visit. :)


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