Saturday, November 5, 2016

November Apparel

Ryerson University, downtown Toronto

November is here. It's such a quiet month,
don't you think? More low key than October.  


 November doesn't scream, 'Fall!', but gently
whispers it in deeper hues, subtle cues
that it's colder cousin is on the way.

Cabbagetown, a downtown Toronto neighbourhood

Foliage is precious, so the sun's soft rays create
 shadowy clones that cover exterior walls,
autumn jackets for pretty facades.

Can you guess where I came across these clusters of fall?  

One of the rooftops of our building

This patchy plot of autumnal tones, although lovely,
 is something of a puzzle. I can't recall if it's like this
  all year round, which, of course, would make it
 artificial. Regardless, it is interesting!

Unionville, our neighbourhood

 Thanks for visiting,
Happy November, all!

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  1. I agree with you, November is a quiet month. The month where preparation really gets going, lists are written and nature starts its sleep for the next few months. The quiet before the storm :D Have a wonderful weekend. Chel

  2. Ha! I just commented the other day how to me November feels like it has a vacation air to it!
    Gorgeous photos, lovely prose!

  3. Beautiful buildings and scenes. November in my neighborhood is very soft and quiet, surprisingly so. I'm still managing to take walks in the outdoors, but I do them a little later in the morning :-)

  4. you have such a wonderful way with words.
    a wordsmith and an exquisite photographer!
    so beautiful my poppy. thank you! xoxo♥

  5. Long time to "see" you my sweet Poppy!!! Always with great photos and such a poetic description ... Hugs and kisses!!!

  6. Poppy the photos are stunning. The vibrancy of the colors is the wonder of fall, easily my favorite season. There is so much to see and admire in the photos. And that rooftop, how cool is that to look out every day to the fall colors in all their beauty? It seems to me that you are all settled in your new home and are gracing us with more frequest posts, and I thank you for that.

  7. So very beautiful, that coloured roof.... You make the best of November, indeed a quiet month, for me together with January/February the most dull months of the year, except when it´s freezing cold for I like speed- and figure skating, but....the years are counting.....soon I will be too old for that.
    As you see I need nature to keep me busy, cannot be long inside.

  8. I always enjoy he images you share of your area. The ivy growing on the brick is beautiful. That living rooftop is neat. Love that home in the last picture- so picturesque!

  9. So pretty Poppy. I think we are all having such a pretty and mild fall. Soon the white stuff will be coming for a visit. The roof top of your building is gorgeous.
    Happy Sunday,

  10. The homes in Toronto seem to posses a stately yet charming facade, with mature gardens and a sense of permanence. Love that, and love the 'cabbagetown' name. :).


  11. Interesting architecture. I like the organic roof covering!
    Thank you Poppy - Happy Sunday!

  12. Hi Poppy, it is so pretty fall in your neighborhood. I love that November is quiet until Thanksgiving comes and then it gets crazy! Enjoy this month. Julie xo

  13. Poppy, so lovely! I always love to see your pics and your words. Have a great week.

  14. Those gentle whispers of fall from Toronto and Unionville are a siren call to me, Poppy. I would want to find a bench close to these scenes and just soak in the tapestry of colors straight off the palette of a heavenly artist.

    The light and shadow your camera caught in the neighborhood of Cabbagetown make me want to turn in and explore.

    Beautifully created, Poppy, from someone so attune with Nature,

  15. I love the neighbourhood you call home with its old brick and stone buildings, and pretty gardens. Established neighbourhoods are wonderful. The roof top garden is really lovely and unique. Enjoy the rest of this week. xo Pam

  16. Wonderful picture! November in Brittany is very rainy this year, as if the sky was crying!

  17. No one expects for find fall colors on a roof top. Lovely post.

  18. You always find such lovely spots, Poppy. I like November. It's not so colorful over here but still.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Julia

  19. Lovely November. It's still too warm in Southern California, enjoyed your views.

  20. Truly November is a month of dull colors and shades, but you have done a fabulous job of sharing brilliant colors and hues! Just love the shrubbery growing on the home and on the roof, wow, that is amazing! How lovely to look at! Always such a joy to stop by for a visit with you Poppy! Hugs to you today!


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