Monday, November 14, 2016

En Vogue

Autumn, this year, has been unseasonably 
warmer, here, in my hometown. The light is soft, 
and everything it touches seems to glow a little 
longer, basking in its clear and radiant serenity.

And, although the winds have stripped some of their
ornate clothing, scantily clad branches still manage 
to show off their most precious accessories.

Bubbly, berry baubles adorn others, 

but the majority have chosen to go au naturel, 
being of the 'less is more' opinion, and happily
 reflect it on like-minded surfaces of stone.

 I think you'll agree that, whatever the wardrobe 
of these woody plants, the autumn skies
 they so gracefully enhance.

 What are the season's stars 
modelling on your runways?

Thanks for visiting and
 have a lovely week!


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  1. Love the story you have told with these beautiful photos! Have a great week.

  2. It is a bit of a treat to have these somewhat mild November days. I can see you're embracing our Canadian autumn, Poppy.


  3. i just always walk into your pictures.
    and i love the bare bones of trees.
    beautiful poppy. words and images both. XO♥

  4. Lovely. Here in the desert, it's always unseasonably warm. And we don't get the Autumn show. Everything pretty much looks the same until all the flowers start to bloom during the winter months. December to February will be a little more colorful. Have a great week.

  5. Hi! It is me Penelope! so happy you are still posting! My Poppy will be 18 tomorrow! (hard to believe....she was just born a couple of years ago!)
    I love the bird's nests in the trees! Usually they use them again! Will you tell why you are no longer in Crete?

    None of my business.....just curious!

    Love to you, Poppy!! My friend!!!!

  6. O wat a beautiful pictures ,i love autumn and the the colours
    have a nice week ....καλη εβδομαδα ..
    lots of greetings from greece ...φιλακια

  7. Beautiful post again with all those wonderful photos, especially the first one with the soft light and the one with the glowing mapleleaves over the bold trees are magnificent. The street looks so bright, white and clean; such a difference with our little country with lots of narrow streets. Until last week we also had unusual warm fall weather but since Saturday it has become much colder, winter is definitely on its way.
    I wish you a nice week in Toronto!

  8. We're in the same state with our trees and plants. I love your creative way of seeing things. It has been unseasonably warm here too. We are prepped for winter but we've barely reached a freezing temp yet. I always say I wish autumn would last longer and this year it did!

  9. You've taken a time of year that we typically think of as barren and depressing, and have made us see that it too can be beautiful. Yes, less is more sometimes.

    It's getting a bit too chilly here for my taste. Warmer weather calls :).


  10. It had been unseasonably warm here in the west too. It is rather strange to see people walking around in t-shirts in NOVEMBER! Enjoyed your always eloquently written tale of Autumn, Poppy!

  11. Beautiful light in your first photo! Maple leaves always look so cheerful at this time of year and the colours so varied and intense.
    Thanks for sharing the autumnal beauty.

    Have a lovely week Poppy!

  12. Oh Poppy just beautiful. Your photos are gorgeous.
    Happy Monday.

  13. The trees are dressed in their finest this time of the year. In all their shining splendor and in all manner of color. There is nothing that even comes close to this season Poppy. I hope you are enjoying yourself and I thank you for sharing with us.

  14. The leaves are almost gone from most of our trees. I enjoy the skeletal framework against a blue sky. Your photos and words go together so well. Enjoy this mild autumn!

  15. You have expressed so beautifully what was always in my heart in a Tennessee November, Poppy. And this post is written in a November mood style, my friend, your words stripped down the same as you wrote of the wind doing. A true and rare gift, Poppy!

  16. So many beautiful colors. The nature as a big artist creates all these gorgeous scenes... Did you leave from Creta??? Hugs and kisses!!!

  17. Poppy this autumn scenery is beautiful - it's always the loveliest time of year for me.
    Like your area, we are experiencing warmer than usual temps. and are trees have not shown a lot of color.
    Happy days dear.

  18. We've had unusual weather in the Mani - horrific rain storms and wind storms coupled with beautiful sunny days. Many say they've been here a decade or more and never have they seen such swings and such destruction caused by the rain. Your photos, as always, are beautiful as are your words, Poppy!

  19. Coincidently, I have just got back from a walk in the woods with my camera. A very special moment in the year. The trees are revealing their shape again - there is something about a winter-bare tree...

  20. Your photos are so poetic and bring me really into the world of radiant serenity.

  21. Lovely colors in your first photo. We, too, have had very warm weather for November. Yesterday is was 70 and today it snowed in the valley for the first time this year. Most has melted off because we are still in the 45 to 50 range.

  22. Some really lovely beautiful!
    Always nice visiting you and your blog.
    Love from Titti

  23. Racy, they are all just racy in their shedding of their canopy of cover is such a heart of mixed emotions when they shed their leaves, for now the stark presence of Winter is knocking at the door and cold, bitter temperatures arrive, and yet, hooray we too are having unseasonably warm weather, today a high of 80' and dipping down tomorrow with a high of only 43'. It is all quite different and our earth is parched and thirsty in severe drought stage. Many of our trees hang on, fully clothed and others shed before changing into more appropriate attire, they just fell down to the earth in a heap of crunch and dust. You are such a creative treasure, and many cherish you, including me. Love and hugs to you dear one. Always enjoy your visits and shares so much~

  24. Gorgeous photos! We are just now getting more wintery weather coming in. It has been sunny and warm until today. I guess it will feel more like the holidays now.

  25. Oh I do love your very lively description of the autumn trees and bushes! The trees around here are still sporting some pretty colors while others are just barely holding on the them. Isn't fall just the best time of the year?? I miss seeing yours so often in my blog feed. I must go back and check out the reason why. Hugs to you, Poppy!

  26. These are beautiful photos Poppy and are much like we have down here too. Totally bare then a tree full of leaves! It's been nice here too with some needed rain between the sunny days. Have a beautiful week.

  27. I love seeing bare branches against a bright sky. We saw lots of nice Fall color in NC but we have mostly green here in Florida. It's nice to have the warmer temps though...highs around 80 all week. Enjoy your week sweet lady! Hugs, Diane

  28. Amazing fall foliage. I think the warm days with the fall colors make for a great combo. Perfect for going out and exploring.

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