Monday, August 29, 2016

The Form and Fate of a Full-Grown Grape

Presently, on the island, it's grape season.

In the early morning light of August
 jewels of juice await their harvest.

They begin their journey on a vine
while many will find their way to wine.

 Some are dried under a blazing sun
 that wrinkles them into sweet raisins.

Others are boiled into a thick spread
that perfectly complements plain bread.

 Finally, if not fermented, cooked or baked,
there are grapes that possess a fresher fate,
geared to land right on one's  plate!  

What's your preference?



  1. My preference is one of wine of course ;). Remember my roasted grapes? Those delectable delights that helped me shed those pounds before the wedding? It's an often overlooked way of preparation, but one of my favs.


  2. WOW! No words to express the beauty of the grapes in the vine. They are so fresh enough so that i want eat it up.

  3. Wine, I think!....though a crusty loaf of fresh bread with butter and grape jelly is pretty tempting!

  4. I love fresh grapes and now that it's the season, they are delicious!

  5. I currently have a grape vine wrapping itself around my house (or trying to). I tend to not go for the grape, but go for the leaves to make Dolmades. Other than that, I do believe I have enough grapes to make a couple of bottles of wine :) xx

  6. Poppy I so look forward to eating grapes every summer. I don't care about regular food in August j ust give me my grapes. There is nothing more refreshing. Of course the wine comes in second best.

  7. Delicius grapes. First photo is magnificent but you ask us how we prefer the grapes. I almost cannot choose I love to eat them fresh but I think a good glass of wine is the best drink there is. Opposite I don't like grape juice so much and I once made grape jelly, was good too but especially red wine and fresh grapes are the best. Great post Poppy!

  8. Grapes are such a treat, no matter the way they exist!Personally I prefer the liquid version, called wine!!! Beautiful photos and I also recognize a photo from your house in Creta!
    All the best

  9. Oh those beautiful grapes! This brings back many memories of freshly made grape juice which was canned and enjoyed for months to come! Makes me want to have a grape arbor once again! Beautiful pictures. Have a lovely week, Lynn

  10. the pictures.
    each one is like an artist's still life my poppy!
    and your poem. sweet as the grape itself.
    in the summer i like to freeze them. i take them off the stem...
    then i can just take out a few and pop them one at a time into my mouth!
    you'd think they would be hard as a rock but they're not.
    they are nature's perfect little round popsicle! XOXO♥

  11. Hello, Poppy! I love the grapes and the wine. Your images are beautiful. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  12. Beautiful photos, Poppy!
    I prefer them fresh. I just added them to my apple salad yesterday-yum.

  13. Gorgeous grapes, Poppy! I like wine, but also grape juice, and fresh grapes. We have some Concord grapes that are just about ready for harvest - they need a few more days on the vine. Happy Monday, Poppy!

  14. Gorgeous photos Poppy. So good to see your post today. I don't drink wine but love jams and jellys on toast. Those grapes are beautiful.


  15. Beautiful and witty post. I will take the grapes anyway - love them all. Since I can no longer drink due to medications, I love the fruit.

    When I was in high school where we lived in Ohio they had lots of grapes and I picked many a grape.

    Have a terrific week Poppy.


  16. Beautiful post filled with sunshine and colour.
    Thank you....have a lovely week!

  17. Krasi, but of course! (A miso kilo. . .) ;-)

  18. Replies
    1. Hi Cindy,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I'd like to visit you, too, but am having trouble finding a link to your blog. If you see this, please email me.


  19. The grapes look so fresh and nice ♥

  20. They make my mouth water! WOW! I ate a few raisins today with some nuts! It makes a good snack for me. Enjoy your week sweet lady! Hugs, Diane

  21. Whichever way they come is fine by me, Poppy!

  22. Hello Poppy,

    Your images have such promise a great harvest. Freshly picked grapes are such a treat and particularly when they grow in the Mediterranean.

    Wishing you a delightful week

  23. I´m living on a wineyeard, yes you can grow grapes and make wine here in south Sweden! The wine is really great too...
    Lovely and sunny pictures from you!

  24. what gorgeous photos! I've dreamed of visiting a vineyard just before harvest! I love this fruit in every state. It's hard to choose a favorite because it depends on my mood:)

  25. Poppy, your pictures are a gorgeous harvest of poetry in addition to your culinary verses. I love the grape in all its forms--even the lowly raisin-- but I immediately thought back to my trips down to the basement at my Aunt Winnie's farmhouse to fetch up a large jar of her homemade grape juice. I've never tasted anything better. She said the recipe came straight out of the Ball canning pamphlet but I tried making it one summer and I'm sure there was a secret ingredient she added to hers. And every cook has a right to that, doesn't she?

    I loved your "jewels of juice" post, dear Poppy!

  26. On our Island of Australia and In our house it's grape season too - umm come to think of it, it always seems to be grape season! Lol Red in winter, white in the summer and rose in the spring for me thanks! Lovely post Poppy,
    Have a gorgeous week
    Wren x

  27. Hi Poppy, Our grapes didn't turned out well this year. There was probably too much rain in May. I like eating fresh grapes but I also like a good glass of wine.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  28. Definitely prefer mine in the form of wine! But I do love fresh grapes, frozen grapes, and homemade grape jam would be divine!

  29. I have been missing in action for a month and I return to find that you posted another one while I missed it until now...still so refreshing and heartwarming to see your delightful share. I love Champagne...does that count. Crisp, seedless large red globe grapes, ice cold, or warm from the vine, so yummy. I remember picking grapes as a young child and my mother preparing wonderful grape jams and jellies from them. They would be cooked and then hang in white cheesecloth and the luscious juices dripped through into the pan just brought back beautiful, special memories from many decades ago. I miss you. Love you~

  30. Fresh grapes are my favorite choice, by far... although I do enjoy raisins! I have never had them in a spread though, that does sound delightful! I trust that you are doing well dear Poppy, so happy to be able to stop by today and visit with you for a bit :)

  31. That photo of the grapes is wonderful - so many different sizes!

  32. My family has a long grape-jam making tradition. Last year I tried making grape chutney and overdid the hot spices. Still it has potential I think. I have been missing from visiting blogs the last few months. I hope all is well with you. Enjoy autumn!


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