Sunday, August 14, 2016

Condensation Nuclei Bid Humidity Goodbye

Unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, were spotted in Toronto skies earlier today. The alien beings, reportedly trillions in number, invaded the vicinity instantaneously, landing at random locations across the city.

Within seconds, emergency crews appeared 
on the scene to investigate the phenomenon.
 The image above, captured by airborne surveillance cams, reveals a cluster of complex, helix-like structures.

Upon closer examination, it was evident that every specimen was composed of condensation nuclei, or in layman's terms,


Experts had trouble recognizing the deluge of droplets since precipitation in these parts 
was believed to have become extinct, having recently been extinguished by a force 
more powerful, namely, humidity.

At press time, local meteorologists predict cooler temps, with a mix of sun and cloud and a chance of rain on Tuesday. No drama. No sweat! Sounds heavenly to me. What about you? Any rainy luxury in your neck of the woods, lately?   

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  1. You are just too cute, my dear - laughed out loud!

    It FINALLY rained here today too - oh we needed it so badly!


  2. Haha, really funny. As we live in a chilly little frog country we have this summer too many rainy days and only one very hot week. The garden looks blown and rained. it´s good, no rain but also no sun, temperature good to sit outside on the porch with a book, nice for the Sunday.
    Greetings from Holland,

  3. Hello Poppy, cute post. Yes, we have been having thunderstorms with heavy rain. I am glad you had some much needed rain. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  4. *giggles* It has rained here everyday for almost three weeks. :/
    Cute post! So happy y'all got some much needed rain!!!

  5. You're so funny. When I saw that title pop up in my feed I thought someone had hacked your blog! We had rain last night. :)

  6. We were like the Red Sea, the rain parted and moved on each side of us for several weeks! Thankful that a front in the Gulf of Mexico sent us much needed rain. The grass is green, the flowers are making a second push, but the temperatures still hit the highest 90s F tipping over into those 100s by late afternoon. Talk about humidity...air you can wear! Smiles...Susan

  7. If you could, a little of that rain sent this way would be appreciated!! I am watering most days now. Living on an island, as you know, means that there can be a deluge 5 km away while right here we haven't had rain for two months.

  8. I wish that would happen here and so does my garden!

  9. Oh dear Poppy, so glad to hear from you. We are in a drought and have been for the last 5 years. We are restricted to watering, so my garden looks like crap (excuse language) and it's hotter than down below. So we stay indoor a lot and don't even enjoy the outdoors.

    So we wish it would happen here and hopefully in the fall we will get some.

    So glad to hear from you dear friend.


  10. That is what we say in Utah, it finally rained. We don't get much since it is desert country with mountains.

  11. Love it! We are hopefully going to get some relief from the humidity and heat this week also! Looking forward to some of those nuclei! Have a great week!

  12. We've had a fairly dry summer here in NJ, too, but the last few days of extreme heat and humidity have brought a few heavy thunderstorms. Cute post, Poppy!

  13. Ditto what Amy said.

    We could use more nuclei though, so send some our way!

  14. A very hot and dry summer Poppy. But I'm sure you know all about that. It threatened to rain the other day, but instead all we got was clouds and a much needed breeze. Hronia Polla!

  15. Ha ha- so cute! We had quite a dry spell here too but we finally got a bit of rain for a couple of days over the weekend. We sure needed it!

  16. as a believer in UFO's i was spellbound.
    aha! then i laughed out loud!
    you are so clever!
    the rain we were supposed to have had last week moved right on past us and is causing severe flooding in Louisiana. they are swimming for their very lives and we are still burning up!!!
    i'm glad it's cooler where you are now at least!
    here's hoping on TUESDAY for you! XOXO♥

  17. Too cute Poppy. Ahhhh love the smell of rain in the air. We are getting some rain here by us today too. The flowers are dancing in anticipation of the rain. Have a great new week.

  18. Hello Poppy,

    A well deserved rain and how welcome it is. I am sure the gardens are benefitting. It is unusual that our garden here in Ireland could also use a good shower of rain. I have had to water. I shall not complain the weather is beautiful and no need for air conditioning.
    Lovely to see you posting
    Helen xx

  19. Hazy, hot, humid with bursts or rain, thunder and lightening, but no relief. Hazy, hot and humid come right back!! It's ok though, I like summer!! :)

  20. We've had a wet, cold summer in Seattle so are rejoicing with this week's sun and heat. We are definitely not rain people anymore (that taste of Greece we've had, has spoiled us). Hope you are well and enjoying your new job!

  21. Dry, dry, dry here too at the moment and the lawn is a depressing shade of brown because I don't have time to water it. However, I do have a smart redecorated bedroom. Can't do it all...

  22. So glad you got some much needed rain, Poppy.
    Is it back to hot weather now again?
    It makes me realise that wining about 27C makes me a true wimp!

  23. Rain has been a very faithful companion to Brittany this summer!

  24. Nicely done :) we had some rain last week and it was wonderful!

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  25. Cute post! We'd love some rain out here on our island. It's very dry. The grass is crunchy brown.

  26. Ha! You had me on that one...I was wondering what in the universe I had missed--aliens?! I was relieved to hear it was rain! :D Great post.

  27. Hi Poppy! This afternoon I'm visiting all the bloggers that linked at my Fabulous Fall Party last year. This year's party will be at my new blog beginning Sept 1. I hope you'll come over and join the party again! Come see me here:
    Let's celebrate Fall together!

  28. I know this post is a bit old but I'm glad you got some rain there. It sure has been a dry summer in parts of Canada. We've had a nice meld of sunshine with rain when needed although there were some stretches of sunshine that seemed never ending. I just hung towels on the clothesline and 10 minutes later it poured! Haha. They'll stay on the line as I can see blue skies beyond the clouds and it's quite breezy too. I hope your 'fall' weather is a nice mix. Take care Poppy.
    xx Pam

  29. Leave it to you, dear Poppy, to look beyond the commonplace drops of rain to their hidden mystery. I hope it will visit you more frequently, just enough and not too much.

    Where we live now it can be raining buckets across the Intracoastal Waterway but our street often stays dry as the ocean winds push it back. And then again the unexpected can happen as it did last week one night when we were eating at an outside table at a restaurant a block from the beach--torrents of rain poured towards us, slanting sideways to drench us. It seemed a great adventure to me though as we hugged the walls along with strangers who were suddenly grinning at each other.

  30. Soft giggles going up...oh we need those strange appearances to form here so badly...I think we may see some appear this weekend. Hugs


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