Thursday, September 12, 2013

Forever Fall

 Note: This post was first published last year.

Are you anxiously anticipating autumn?
Do you wake up craving cooler temps, 
crisp, brisk mornings, coppery, collage sidewalks
 and layers of cozy clothing?

You do know that autumn officially arrives in ten days?
Can you contain yourself?

  Many bloggers have been busily scurrying about
  baking, decorating, prepping, and shopping.

 Every preventative measure has been taken 
to avoid being left with passed over scraps
 in the seasonal aisle.

Why am I so calm and composed?
Because I have fall at my footsteps every day!

When I finally got to have some fun and decorate
after ten years of 'serious' building,

I knew I wanted a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Thus, every room is permanently pigmented
in autumn ambiance.

 The hues may be different,
but each room reflects a coziness
that we connect with this season.

The blues are cool and the golds are warm, 
like tarnished leaves against paler skies.

The blog, of course, is an extension of my home,
like an addition or guest house, (for all of you lovelies!),
and as such, it needed to fit in;
thus, the respective banner!

And speaking of lovelies,
my sweet friend, Maria, of,
 sent me this beautiful, handmade pendent
for my name day!

She is so talented!
Thank you, Maria, I love it!
It's so me!

And thank you to all my readers
for visiting me today;
I appreciate your 'presence', too!

The countdown is on. 
Stand by...
and thanks for visiting!

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  1. Hi Poppy. Always such a feast for the eyes when I visit!!!
    xo Kris

  2. I agree with Kris, feasting on all of the color and beauty! Lovely!

  3. Hi Poppy! Oh, I love your beautiful colorful home and the way you decorate. It's so hot here and it's hard to believe it's Fall.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Yes a fall feast indeed. I am beginning to appreciate fall more,but I have to confess it is my least favorite season. Sorry!
    The short days and amount of clean up in around this farm overwhelm me a little some days....

  5. Thank you for providing us with a guest house at Poppy View! The yellows and golds and reds are all so warm and welcoming, just as you wanted them to be. Yes, I am more than ready to welcome autumn, and to see your collage of copper leaves on the sidewalks. Although ours will not be as lovely as your Canadian Maple leaves.

    The air conditioner is running here but I'm going to be sure my coziest sweater is all ready to wear in the house soon--delightful thought, that!

    I do love that you have the one clean line red sofa and yet the other one a soft floral one. Each thing that you show us of your house compliments the others.

  6. I'm so ready for fall! We had a few days of it and then back to the heat.

    I always enjoy seeing glimpses of your lovely cheery home!

  7. Poppy, it was a treat to have a glimpse into your home. You've succeeded in your quest for warm and welcoming. I do love fall, but I am in no rush. I am still savoring the last bits of summer, and won't buy pumpkins for a few weeks. It was 95 degrees here today, so hard to believe that fall will be here in ten days!

  8. Yes, indeed! Your home is warm yet cool, just like autumn. And I always enjoy my visits :)

  9. Very vibrant and beautiful poppy. I adore your house. Have a fun week.


  10. Perfect loveliness, warms my heart with a crispness.
    I will be counting down for Autumn.

    xxxooo e

  11. Love your bright and cheerful home. I've always wanted a red couch!


  12. The curtains . . . the dishes . . . the flowers . . . ALL perfect!

  13. Love your beautiful home with all the lovely bright colors - which I dearly love. It's so very cheerful.

  14. What a beautiful and colorful house is this Poppy!!!It reflects your personnality with its warmth and light!

  15. Hello Poppy, your home is a pleasant place to visit; warm and inviting. While you're watching the trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter, us here down under just welcomed the warmer weather, enjoying the freshly unfurled blooms.

    Have a good weekend my friend.


  16. Your home is cheerful and inviting with lots of fall-like pops of color and hues, yes.

    Not decorating for fall here yet! It's not fall! It's hot and humid and I have tomatoes ripening like crazy and flowers everywhere...some still just opening. This is still zinnia season, lol..:)

    The trees and the mums don't say fall yet...:)

  17. You certainly have a gift for using colour - your interiors and exteriors reflect joy! Over here on Vancouver Island, we are experiencing a last bit of summer, with temperatures of over 30. I had put away my summer clothes and then found myself rummaging about for something light to wear to work, as the A/C is, of course, turned off for the season. I love fall, but I don't mind a few extra days of summer!

  18. Unseasonably hot in the Pacific Northwest and we are desperately clinging to this wonderful time of summer sun. Too early to think about fall, but it is lurking just around the corner. I just noticed that Pondside above is from Vancouver Island - that is where we are this week, exploring this bit of Pacific Paradise!

  19. Hi Fabby, I love the way your home is an extension of YOU and your beautiful home. It's is such a happy place and as you say, filled with the colors of the season. The leaves here in WA state will turn these colors over the course of the next month or so and it is one of those special gifts that mother nature gives us. I truly appreciate the seasonal change here as I did not get to experience it when I was growing up. Although I'm looking forward to cooler days I'm trying to enjoy the final days of summer temps. Thank you so much for always taking the time to visit me. I try to stop by each time you post! The next couple weeks will be hard for me because my father is very ill and I will be dealing with that .. so my posts and visits will be a little less. xxleslie

    1. *-Oops! I meant to say I love the way your BLOG is an extension of your home.. (I need to coffee to kick in:) It's still early!)

  20. Όπως κι αν έχει κατάφερες στα αλήθεια να φτιάξεις την τέλεια ατμόσφαιρα!!
    Να χαρείς το δωράκι της Μαρίας!! Καλό βράδυ! Φιλιά!!

  21. OH my goodness, just gorgeous! You have the most amazing home and style.

  22. Your home is so cozy and pretty, Poppy! Me? I like Spring and Summer but there is beauty to be found in every season. If I lived in a warmer climate, perhaps I too would welcome the cooler weather. Thanks for coming to my HOME and sharing your lovely home and post with us.


  23. My dear Poppy,

    Here, in a country notorious for its temperamental weather, we caught glimpses of Autumn many weeks ago. It came in small bursts, teasing, threatening and taunting with blustery, wet moments dismissed and scorned by bright sunny ones. The battle of the seasons has been with us now for days but now Autumn is preparing to declare itself as the winner. Cold days are now with us to stay.
    The warm colours, warm soul and warm heart of your house transforms Autumn into a season of joy, whereas in my town it has other connotations. For me here, where I live, I feel a sense of sadness and apprehension at having to face those long, cold, dark and lonely months ahead. At least the roaring fire in my living room promises some compensation.



  24. I, too, love your red couch and agree that you have created a warm and welcoming ambience. Autumn is my favorite time of year, too, but we're still in full-fledged summer here in Central Texas, with the outside temperature currently 93 Fahrenheit at six in the evening. About Halloween, we may see more tolerable weather.

  25. Hello Poppy, your home and blog are decorated in lovely colors. Everything looks so welcoming. Beautiful images, wishing you a happy week ahead!

  26. Poppy, it indeed looks like autumn hues abound in your home all year around. Always lovely and always so bright and lively!

  27. I love the happy colours of your home and enjoy seeing photographs of it. You have such a wonderful eye!


  28. h sweet Poppy, what a beautiful post and the colors all around your treasures are beautiful! Each room is a delight and so charming, my friend...I would imagine like the colors of that wonderful island of Crete where you live! Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comment. Big hugs,

  29. I always enjoy seeing your bright and colorful photos.

  30. You know I love the colors in your home - so beautiful and cheerful! I feel the colors I have lend themselves to this season too - love it! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  31. Hi Poppy, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog about hubby's bday! You are is so sweet! I love this fall blog post and you have such a beautiful house! Thanks for sharing and inviting us into your home! You have such a colorful house. Have a great week!

  32. Lucky you! Your home is so lovely, Poppy!...Christine

  33. Everything is so pretty and I love your colors and style. Beautiful accessories everywhere. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  34. How lovely to live with Fall all around you everyday! I have one room decorated in Fall, homey, cozy colors and I love it. It is the dining room right in the middle so I walk through it 100's of times a day! Happy Fall!!

  35. Oh those Maple leaves were just great! Serious Fall. I am so glad you've enjoyed decorating. You home is beautiful! I'd love you to link this post! I need some place for my Saturday Sleepover! Link up so I can feature you!

  36. Oh Poppy. I just realized you linked. I am sorry I didn't see it over the weekend. But your link doesn't work. I links back to my blog. I'll fix it for you. Have a great week. And come back by and link anything Fall!

  37. Your home is very warm and cozy, just like your writing :) Autumn is such a wonderful season (but then again, aren't they all in their own special way! Thank you for sharing all your lovely posts with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! It is always a delight to visit...

  38. Poppy, thank your for the sweet comments you left on my blog. I'm following you, too, and have been spending some time looking through your archived posts. Your home is stunning. I love your use of color and how you've brought the outdoors inside. Every day must feel like a vacation where you live. I must tell you I'm a little envious of your mid climate and gorgeous surroundings. The vineyard, the mountains, and that beautiful Mediterranean light. Not to mention the sea. It's all so wonderful. Blessings ~ Nancy


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