Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy Twenty SixTEAn!

Recently, on a cold, snow stormy afternoon, my 
aunt and I visited a cozy tea room, located in
 a sleepy, suburban, Toronto neighbourhood.


Chicken pot pie and veggie quiche were followed
by a shared piece of decadence, namely, that
colossal, creamy carrot cake, middle, left! 

Organic Earl Grey was our tea of choice,
and every sip was deliciously soothing.



1. having a gently calming effect:
"she put on some soothing music"

2. reducing pain or discomfort:
"almond oil is renowned for
 its soothing properties"

And just like that, my word for the new year was
 selected, quite spontaneously, my senses would
 have me believe, but my soul knows otherwise.

Tell me, dear readers, what word will
 define your world this year? 

Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Hello Poppy,
    The tea room must have been a welcome sight. Isn't it marvellous to discover a new restaurant. I love the word "soothing" and will relish it. It is past my bedtime so I shall have to sleep on a word to define my world this year. Fondest wishes Helen xx

  2. You've also made me ponder a bit myself about 'that word'. . .I'll give it some thought and let you know. Happy New Year to you and yours~ Jackie xxx

  3. What a cosy, unique tea experience!
    Happy new year Poppy. :)

  4. what glorious pictures! i can only imagine the deliciousness of it all.
    earl grey is my favorite tea.
    and soothing is a perfect word for this year. yes. just perfect.
    happy 2016 darling poppy.

  5. Poppy did you say Chicken pot Pie? I love Chicken pot pie, quiche, carrot cake and earl grey tea! The tea room is a fun pop of color energy that would make anyone smile. Soothing is a wonderful word, totally a comfort word that resonates in your soul.

    In 2015 I started using the word "legacy". It became a very important word for me, a word that has grown stronger in importance in my life. So in 2016 it continues to be my word. But two important words - a personal goal is inner peace.

    I always in my poetry or writing try to give people something to ponder. Poppy you have encouraged us all to ponder our word and I am tickled pink over it.
    Happy New Year!

  6. It must have been in the air to find cool new shops. I found two really great shops this week too! Yours looks like they serve very yummy food!

  7. Oh yummy - chicken pot pie and quiche are two favorites of mine. What a fun outing with your aunt. Your word is lovely - I haven't thought much about one for me. I do sometimes, but this year I haven't.
    I do hope your year is a soothing one.

  8. A darling title to go with this post, dear Poppy, and pictures that are both soothing and energizing. While just the mention of carrot cake and chicken pot pie make me want to hunt up a bedtime snack, the question of a word to define our dreams and hopes for 2016 challenges me. I've already been thinking about this since visiting Mountain Mama's blog earlier. And I think it's important to consider as our own personal word might be a latchkey to satisfaction and contentment and growth. Somehow Courage comes to mind for me. Courage to love, myself and others, courage to face any hard times, courage to challenge myself, courage to change, courage to accept, again myself and others.

    May each month of 2016 bring soothing joys to you, my precious friend,

  9. What a lovely way to spend the day... having a lovely sip of hot tea in such soothing surroundings... I love the word soothing! That picture of all those beautiful tea cups... now that does bring the word soothing to mind... as well as the thought of a chicken pot pie and carrot cake for dessert! Enjoyed your post dear Poppy, and I think it was a grand way to spend a snowy afternoon :)

  10. The colour scheme of the cafe is wonderful, I would never have thought of teaming up those colours.
    And the cakes, simply mouthwatering, I made a carrot cake for our family's Vassilopita.(Greek New Year's cake, but then you know that, don't you?)
    Hmm, what word will sum up my coming year? I hope it will be "Peaceful" the reality though, could very well be "Chaotic", looking after my four year old granddaughter Melina, and a new addition to the family, Loco the Jack Russell dog....who lives up to his name!

  11. hello Poppy... happy new year I have been out of the blogging world for a need to explain (just life) I love your word .. i need to think of my 2016 word or hopefully it would come to me like yours did ... happy new year! Marisa

  12. Looking at this post convinces me you would have LOVED to visit a tea shop we were at recently. Complete with delicate china, floral walls and pink tablecloths, it is indeed the stuff that dreams are made of. I had creme brulee tea, and yes, it was every bit as delicious as it sounds.

    Like resolutions, I opt out of picking a word each year. I'd probably forget it anyway ;).

    Happy New Year Poppy!


  13. Wow what a nice little place! Love how they have the china dishes in the bottom. Soothing is a great word! I guess I've never chosen a word for the year like this but if I did it would be strength this year. With my 93 year old Mom's dementia becoming more of an issue my family needs strength to make decisions that are harder than ever to make. I guess I just picked my word!!

  14. What a cozy tea room! And a great place to ease into your word for the year. I don't live by a word, just take the year as it is and try and do my best. Happy New Year Poppy!

  15. I love when the right thing finds you...a great word as you settle in here.
    Happy New Year, Poppy dear!

  16. Happy New Year!Haven't decided on a word yet! Last year it was a whole phrase "Every weekend is a holiday!". Let's see I have to think about it!AriadnefromGreece!

  17. How fun! Happy New Year, Poppy. Soothing is a wonderful word. I have decided to focus on things that soothe me, too and right now, it's writing and work. Funny that at this juncture in my life, I would find work soothing, but I do! ps- all that red is just dreamy.

  18. What a beautiful tea room! I'm glad you had a lovely outing with your aunt. Earl Grey is my favorite tea. This is the first year I've chosen a word and I've actually picked two: gratitude and kindness. Hope you are doing well, Poppy!

  19. Happy New Year, Poppy. I don't have a word for the year but I do have kind of a theme going. And it is to not waste any time being unhappy. This is a cute little tea room.

  20. Happy New Year Poppy! I didn't realize you returned to Canada to reside - welcome home! "Soothing" that's a good word choice. My word is "Balance" because I've been craving the return of some of the things I so enjoyed in "real time" in my pre-blogging days. I need to carve out time in my day for those things again.

  21. It's not a word but a project! More flowers for a more beautiful country garden. And if I manage to lose some weight, it will be the happiest year for me! Anyway, happy new year dearest Poppy and enjoy your stay in Canada!

  22. Oh, that looks wonderful. I have always wanted to visit a tea room. We do have one locally that is supposed to be really nice and I'd love to take my daughter there someday when she is older, maybe for a birthday. I hope you have a wonderful, happy and successful 2016, Poppy!

  23. Happy New Year! Lovely to hear form you. xx

  24. Happy New Year Poppy. I see you've taken up residence in Toronto. I'll slowly be pushing myself in that direction as well. As for my word, I chose balance. And now that I think of it, there will have to be a balance for my 2 halves on either side of the pond, Poppy I hope you are well and you are happy where you are - I know how hard it can be to have 2 countries to belong to.

  25. I hope that your whole year is filled with such lovely gentility, dear Poppy. And a bit of decadence on the side :-) For myself, my 2016 word of choice is mindful.

  26. Happy 2016 Poppy. The tea room looks wonderfully cosy and comforting - perfect for a winter's day! I shall have to think about a word (or two) to define my world, in fact, I shall brave the elements with the dog right now and see what comes to me x

  27. Oh Poppy! What great colors and great treats! I also love your new blog header pics! Just my colors! Have a great week, Lynn

  28. Poppy, First of all, Happy New Year, great hearing from you!! The tea room does look so cozy! Wonderful relaxing word, Soothing!! Love it. Looking forward to all your inspirational photos in the coming New Year!

  29. Hello Poppy and happy new year. What a wonderful way to spend a cold snowy day in a tea room. I like your word for the year. Mine is positive. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Julie

  30. Happy 2016 to you too! Love Earl Grey tea, one of my favorites. I would also have to have a piece of carrot cake. What a very lovely looking shop...

  31. Oh Poppy, so good to hear from you. Love the Tea Room - the colors and decorations are so pretty. Oh my, all those goodies, I don't know which one I would choose.
    The word that I am using this year is Thank you - for waking up in the morning, thank you for the beautiful day, etc. That will give me inner peace.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2016 and have a terrific weekend, my dear friend.

  32. All I had to do is see that first photo, and I wanted to jump into it and join you for some tea. I haven't selected a word - must work on that. Wishing you a soothing year ahead!

  33. Poppy
    I would love to have a slice of any of those desserts right now!
    I never chosen a word, but the word prepared has been ringing in my ears lately.

  34. Your title caught my eye, Poppy. Very catchy! I had carrot cake for my birthday, baked right in my own kitchen by my son and a friend. I was thrilled! First birthday cake I've had in years because of course my birthday is at the worst possible time of the year. That tea room looks wonderful and how lovely you were able to visit it with your aunt. I don't choose words for the year. I guess I've never really thought about it although I know others here in Blogland do. I have a new party now which goes on every Monday called No Place Like Home. You are invited to link anytime you wish. You're always welcome, my friend. Have a lovely and soothing New Year, Poppy!


  35. Poppy,
    Time has slipped through my fingers and I am catching up with my dear friends!
    I have missed you and your delightful expressions both in word and photo.
    Such a cozy Tea Room and filled with such delightful treats, of which my dearest I have had too many!
    I want to wish you joy filled days, kindness wherever your travels take you, love that surrounds you and happiness from the beginning of each day to the last rays of sun.
    With love!

  36. Perfect word! I really hope 2016 is soothing! The tea room looks lovely and I'd love to have a nice soothing cup of tea there!

  37. To visit a nice warm tea room on a cold winter day, such a pleasure! Look´s lovely...
    Let´s hope for a great year now, the best!
    Warm hug,

  38. A tea room sounds like the perfect place to visit in the new year! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  39. My Dearest Poppy...I have not been on here for days and I was delighted to see your post, though felt bad once again for being so tardy. Happy New Year. Chicken potpie, or the veggie quiche followed by carrot cake and for me it would be Lavender Earl Grey tea would be perfect! My word for this new year would probably be HOPE. Hope for the world to find peace, HOPE that family and friends alike stay healthy and safe, and HOPE that I can meet the challenges that I face to also be healthier. Love and hugs and sweetest of blessings~

  40. Chicken pot pie sounds very tasty on this cold winter night. I don't know if I have one word for the whole year, but one I've thought about is "move". Move my body, move homes, find out what moves my soul. I had wondered if you had settled on this side of the pond and now I see, from your sidebar, that that is the case. I hope you are well, Poppy.


  41. Hello Poppy! Happy New Year to you and what a lovely Cozy Tea Room!!! The colors are vibrant!! Wishing you a wonderful year to come!!

  42. Hello Poppy, happy New Year to you and yours. The Tea Room looks inviting. And the treats looks delicious. My word for the year is grateful, I am grateful for all I have. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  43. What a lovely place to have tea, Poppy! Those treats looked delicious.

    My word for the year is restore. Not just my house this time, but myself ;)

    Happy New Year to you.


  44. I don't really have a word. But, I can tell you that most of my vignettes and the things I want to see this year are soothing.

    I like your word.

  45. Hello dear Poppy, I am very sorry for the late visit. And happy new year to you, hope you are staying warm and cosy amidst the chilly weather of Toronto. I think the most appropriate word for me this year is breath- I need to learn to stop and just start to breath.
    Have a good week.


  46. Well it seems I have been missing your posts, my dear Poppy! What a wonderful tea room this is with a yummy array of desserts! I love that "pile" of teacups. Soothing is a great word...soothing is a GOOD thing! I have chosen the word "Discipline" as my word but so far, I haven't gotten any better at it! Happy New Year, as late as it is! :)

  47. Happy New Year Poppy! Toronto may not have the warmth and sunshine of Greece, but you've shown that it has its warm side, nonetheless!

  48. Happy New Year, dear Poppy! Thanks for bringing some warmth into my cold room! I'm siting on a coach with a cup of hot tea, but it doesn't warm me up..
    Alberta James

  49. Hi Poppy! Sounds like a great place to sit and have something to eat and drink. Love the bright colors.


  50. The tea-room sounds wonderful. So much lovely colour. That's a reminder to visit our local one. :) My word is 'thankful' because so far this year all is so good. Last year was far from wonderful. Deb


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