Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Fruity, Fall Mantel

I finally got around to decorating our mantel for autumn. I know... but better late than never, right? Besides, we still have about a month and a half before the first day of winter. This seasonal display is an eclectic accumulation of sorts. For starters, Liberty brought the traditional, red bellows back from Norway this summer, while the black, metal rooster was a sweet gift from a friend, who lives in England, a few years ago.

Looking to Mother Nature for inspiration, I browsed her 'wares' and came home with some pretty vine leaves from a neighbouring vineyard. They remind me of the fiery, fall maple leaves back home. After soaking in the sink to keep them hydrated, their spent scent filled the air and I was instantly transported to my childhood of rainy, autumn morning walks to school.

I also shopped the house and snatched fruit themed prints off the walls, candlesticks from the dining room, and cute, ceramic pitchers from the kitchen cupboard. The bunches of sage were collected from my husband's village and the marigolds, still holding up well, despite a few blustery days, were picked from our flowerpots on the patio, while the pomegranates, finally ripe enough to eat, and the walnuts, both came from our trees.

We enjoy afternoon tea in the living room, when the sun visits the space and sits a spell, covering us in a warm blanket of light, as we cozily sit by the mantel, chatting or reading or napping, to recharge, after the last chores of the day are completed, leaving only dinner to prepare.


Have you decorated your mantel this autumn?

Thanks for visiting, everyone.
Happy weekend!


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  1. Beautiful mantle Poppy, the colors are so vibrant and look amazing.

    Isn't it amazing what you can find when you shop the house. I am not buying one thing for Christmas decorations. Will use what I have.

    I will be spending Thanksgiving at my son's house and going to his girl friends home for dinner.

    I am so enjoying our finally cooler weather. I actually have a long sleeve sweater on with my jeans. Took down all the Halloween decorations, but left up the pumpkins, etc.

    Enjoy your weekend dear friend....

    Lots of hugs,

  2. I have no fireplace mantel but I do have some similar structure where I keep decoratons such as pommegranates ,decorative plants, candles,little jar with coins.
    I love the grape leaves in your decoration arrangement.

  3. I love the leaf garland. We hiked this afternoon and I took pic of a few pretty leaves. I don't have a mantle either but I put out a few Fall things on tables and bookcases. Hugs!

  4. Just love how you've decorated your mantel.
    Happy Autumn Wishes

    All the best Jan

  5. These vine leaves are so beautiful!!
    The whole decoration of the mantel is perfect and so colorful!!!
    Happy Autumn to you too, dear Poppy!

  6. Your prints are so pretty, and are the perfect compliment to the pomegranate.

    No mantle for me this year but that's ok...we're going to the beach tomorrow so I'll muddle through ;).


  7. Have I decorated for autumn? Ha! I've barely decorated the mantel at all -- and our Mani summer sun fried most of my beloved little blooming plants, split our pomegranates and turned the land into a brown, crunching carpet. But once again, dear Poppy, you've inspired me to find something out there to bring in and remind us of nature's bounty! Hugs to you my friend! J. xxx

  8. Absolutely beautiful and festive, Poppy! I love the vibrant colors, and from your photos on IG, you have this all around. I really love you garland and the prints.


    Jane x

  9. "their spent scent filled the air and I was instantly transported to my childhood of rainy, autumn morning walks to school."
    I love these words.
    just the thought of that scent sent me back also to all the years there was a real autumn full of misty cool sweater-days and crunchy walks and glorious sun without the excessive heat! I called it heaven.
    and when it visits us occasionally now I still do. xoxo♥
    your mantel ... that whole room ... is beautiful. the color sings.

  10. Really nicely decorated. Love the autumn theme and your home looks so inviting.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  11. Poppy, your mantel is SO gorgeous and I was stunned to see the leaves were real! A few years ago, I made a wreath from beautiful colored leaves from my yard but after a few days they started drying out. I will have to remember that trick! What an eye you have for creating such loveliness, my friend! May you have a blessed weekend. ♥

  12. I do love this especially the grape leaves. The mantel looks wonderful- you have such a talent for bringing things together like this. We still have leaves on the trees but not a lot. November came in with a bit of snow just to remind us who's in charge! Big hugs from Michigan!!

  13. The leaf garland is beautiful, Poppy, along with the rest of your mantel decor. It's so bright and pretty. I decorate a little bit, mostly with candles and books. There's a little pumpkin sitting on the mantel now, too, and it will stay for awhile. Have a wonderful weekend! Can you believe we had snow last night?

  14. I love it all, Poppy. The mantel is lovely and your red chair has long been a favorite. ♥️

  15. I love how you put your mantel together with things around your home. I never thought to hydrate leaves first before displaying. I wonder if that works for pine branches in winter? Needles, needles everywhere!

  16. Poppy, I have always loved the colors in our home! It's just beautiful.

  17. Well, that is the prettiest mantel I have seen in a long time. Such colors! I love all of it. :) Kit

  18. Nice! And the weather seems to be keeping as well.

  19. Oh Poppy, the colors! Your room just makes me happy. You must stare at that mantle and smile...

  20. So pretty, Poppy! The bellows are fabulous, and I love the fact that the pomegranates and walnuts come from your garden. The colors are just bursting off the mantle.

  21. Lindos enfeites outonais. Adorei. Felicidades. Cumprimentos.

  22. As Tammy said above, your words reminded me of those walks to school in autumn too. I think I appreciated the changing leaves as much then as I do now but maybe not with the full sense of urgency to soak all the beauty up as I feel now.

    Your leaf garland is perfect with your lovely mantel and isn't it very satisfying to use things from around your own house instead of running to buy something from a store? I love that. Your framed fruit pictures are just right with your autumnal touches.

    And I love your autumn header, Poppy!

    Autumn love to you,

  23. thank you for sharing...looking good

  24. Your mantel is lovely! Mine doesn't have an autumn theme, but I did decorate the hutch with a fruit theme like yours.

  25. Monday and a very frosty one too, freezing cold!
    Look´s so nice and warm in your home Poppy...
    Love from Titti

  26. Isn't that so pretty and so perfect with your furnishings. I have shared quite a few Autumnal images the past couple of weeks and in a swift rough 12 hour rush of 45 mph winds yesterday. Today I look out, and all has reached the earth here. This week we in the states celebrate Thanksgiving, but I shall pass that along to you as well my friend, for whom I am also thankful for. Hugs


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