Friday, December 12, 2014

Breaking News: Cretan Cat Steals Santa's Hat

In the early morning hours of Friday, December 12th, a Cretan cat, known as P.R., was seen wearing a velvety red hat, with a white, furry trim and pom pom, (in addition to a very suspicious look on his face). The hat in question, is believed to belong to Santa Claus. Some witnesses also recall seeing a set of keys near the capped creature,

but this observation could not be confirmed. Interestingly, they all agreed that the suspect showed no sign of trying to flee the scene. On the contrary, it soon became apparent that

the cat actually seemed to be enjoying the presence of the onlookers, none of whom could believe their eyes, when the feisty feline actually began to model the signature hat. One passerby exclaimed, 'He was strutting his stuff on that stone runway with no remorse whatsoever!'. Only when police sirens could be heard in the distance, did the suspect stumble for a second on the catwalk, before quickly managing to dive into his getaway vehicle, standing by behind a hedge of bushes,

and later found abandoned, a few miles from the scene of the crime, behind a stack of firewood. It is believed that the suspect is now driving a candy cane red 1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible,

after its owner, realizing his keys had disappeared during the frenzy at the fashion show, contacted the authorities. The photo above was taken by hidden surveillance cameras just minutes before the suspect made a pit stop for a strawberry milkshake at a favourite fast food outlet. He can be seen smugly flaunting the cap on his tail, in complete daylight, impervious to the shocking reactions of those around him. Anyone having information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at:

Undoubtedly, this behaviour baffles the mind! What could cause a cat to snatch Santa's hat? The motive, itself, is a mystery, but several whiskered witnesses stated that P.R. has a penchant for, (if not a preoccupation with), hats, and not just any old hats, but those belonging to famous folks. In fact, just this fall, P.R. was seen, on many occasions, sporting a cap that was remarkably reminiscent of one that the great detective, Sherlock Holmes is known to don during his own investigations.

PR, impersonating the great Sherlock Holmes, on the same stone runway, September, 29th, 2014.

Coincidentally, at around that same time, a newspaper article reported that a trademark, plaid cap, part of a rare collection that belonged to Detective Holmes, on exhibit at a local museum, had gone missing. Due to his reputation as a 'cat of many hats', P.R. was a prime suspect, but after a lengthy investigation, all charges against him were dropped, for lack of incriminating evidence. The question now is: will Santa follow suit, or, being the jolly old elf that he is, simply consider it an early Christmas gift, albeit, for a kitty that was very naughty and not so nice?!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Merry Minis

Hello everyone!
Well, before I begin to deck the halls,
I thought I'd start with something small.
And so, as I began to trim my tiny tree,
I felt a flurry of merry inside of me!

Before long,
 the space was filled
   with friends from afar,
who braved the snow 
and followed the star
to take their place
on the mantel.

Santa proudly stands in the decorative scene,
amid the mini motifs and the fresh, seasonal green.
He has a lot on his plate in the next days ahead -
presents! - packed and stacked high on his sled!

 'Won't you stay for tea?' I ask, as we 
wrap up the fireplace photo shoot.
'Thanks ever so much, but I've got to scoot!', he says.
Then, after shining his boots and primping his suit,
he was gone in a snap - ! - airborne, and en route!
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Monday, December 1, 2014

When St. Nick Does His Schtick


Is it Christmas yet?
Well, if you've been
 browsing the blogosphere,
halls have been decked,
and candy cane season
seems to be in full swing!

But, it's still autumn,
(at least here
in the Med, it is!),
when the great harvest
yields comfort food
and long, cozy nights 
of pure, fireplace bliss.

So, the roosters and chicks
who hang out at my place,
have made it quite clear that
 they won't take part in the race
to announce Christmas,
 until its proper due date! 

But when they do,
we'd better be ready
to welcome St. Nick.
(Milk and cookies are fine),
 but you'll probably find
that a hot brew of caffeine
- (with a wee bit of a kick) -
will help the 'jolly old elf'
 do his festive, gift schtick! 

In the meantime,
daily gifts from the chicks
are very much appreciated!

 What about you? 
Are you dizzily decorating 
or lazily recuperating? 
Me? Just sitting here, deciding
 on the safest route to take in tackling
  a basement stuffed with boxes of
   merry motifs and faux snowflakes!

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have a fun first week
of December!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Town Mouse in a Country House

near the square,
set in stone,
 and bejewelled in
 ruby red radiance,

 or stucco clad,
 and accessorized by a
 signature sweet fragrance -
they charm. 

Crowning a hilltop,
overlooking the sea,
tiny, kid-drawn cottages
 bewitch and beckon me.

In the valley below,
 vanilla villas and
 patches of produce
  in bright, veggie green,
  are the perfect ingredients
 of Cretan country cuisine.

Back home,
between the finials
 of the black, iron gate,
this born and bred 
town mouse gazes at
her geographical fate.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dare to Dance?


Take a good look, if you please,
 at this soaring silhouette.
Do you sense
 the self-confidence
in her movement, 
the assurance
in her dancer's etiquette? 
Would you believe, she bears
a striking resemblance to me
darting around
 the living room floor... 
way, way back 
in my teen days of yore,  
footloose and fancy-free, 
a swaying tree,
 in the summer breeze.

Although I had never had a dance lesson in my life, I was  convinced that my smooth jazz moves, if executed with prowess and precision, could easily conquer the most nimble of contenders, in the most challenging of contests. Ha! I had some nerve for a feisty, 'Flashdance' obsessed amateur!

Now, eons later, I have come to realize that this false bravado played a pivotal role in the most important 'moves' of my life. I craved adventure and drama, chasing plenty of twists and turns - sassy chassés, and dizzy pirouettes, spinning me  on a journey far from my familiar, Canadian stage, to a floating Minoan one in the Mediterranean.

Soon after arriving at the birthplace of Zeus,
the Fates found it fitting to grant me a partner.
Thus, my solo performances came to an end, 
 but it's the duets of which I am prouder!
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mood Lighting

our little hamlet in the hills
 seems quite susceptible to
 the moods of Mother Nature,
as terracotta topped houses
 huddle together, while
a ghostly fog floats by.

 On an unusually 
gloomy day,
strokes of sunshine
beam on the greenery
bordering the church -
 the leafy street lights
of pastoral scenes.

Minutes before their shift,
black capped bulbs on
 lanky lampposts stand by,
as the late, afternoon light
lingers, quietly leaving
just before dusk.

 the soft glow 
of candlelight
sweetly greets
the night, 
and the day fades
into darkness. 

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