Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cuties, Pretties, Poppies, and Lovelies

On my way to visit my sweet friend, here in the
village, I couldn't resist snapping these hot  
hued cuties, on this perfectly warm spring day.

Pathways covered in purple pretties and buttery
toned beauties led to views of the valley below.


 Poppies, gently swayed in the cool breeze,
gracefully bowing their heads, to acknowledge
the wind's presence, if only for a few seconds.

Whenever I pass this house, with its simple, square shape, blue and white   contrasts, and original terracotta tiled roof, I pause to appreciate its signature provincial style, shaded in dabs of green.

Look at that chalky blue sky! I wondered if the sea, just
 below, had mirrored its multi toned, amethyst allure.

Behind the curtained window, freshly brewed coffee, home baked cookies, and cozy conversation awaited me. It was the perfect pick-me-up, after spending siesta photographing local lovelies, in the balmy afternoon heat.

Wishing you all a wonderfully
warm and sunny, spring weekend!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Playful April Petals

The Venetian Walls, built in the 15th century, surround the city of Heraklion, and are the largest fortified structure in the Mediterranean. I have strolled their flowery paths many times, pausing to enjoy the panoramic views. On this particular afternoon, while waiting for my bus back to the village, I studied and admired their own beauty,
 which is equally impressive, from ground level.

Entering the village, crowds of Cretan hollyhocks, 
daisies and buttercups charmingly line the main road, 
greeting visitors with their sweet hospitality upon arrival. 


The tiny, white church, nestled among olive trees and 
evergreens, is a picture of bucolic calm, and beckons
one to sift through the thick vegetation, to come and
sit quietly amid this lush, hilly haven above the sea.

Here it is again, as seen from our property, now bordered
by bouquets of laurel, and aromatic, flowering herbs. 


Steps away from our own veggie patch, a mature
 olive tree floats in a bath of fresh, new greenery,

while in the grove immediately behind our walls,
young trees stand in line for a spring pruning.

 April, I am grateful for your gentle breeze,
 bringing songbirds, butterflies and bees, to
   play with spring blossoms and flowering trees,
in a game most magnificent and joyful. 

Thanks for visiting,
 and happy weekend!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Celebrating Easter

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter Sunday, 
and hosted a picnic lunch, indoors!

Although the weather was perfect for this Canadian 
 expat, my husband's clan, all born and bred Cretans, 
decided it was still too cool to dine al fresco.

Nevertheless, the sun showed up, brilliantly brightening the
 breakfast nook, to cast a sweet light on lemony cookies,  
tasty pastries and traditional, red Easter eggs.

In the dining room, Ms. Betty, our beautiful bunny, 
overlooked all the busyness. Behind her, a famous bunch 
of boating buddies, indulge in their own lovely luncheon.

Taking a little rest, before my guests arrived, I checked 
off the last of my chores, just as the doorbell rang!

 Soon, we were all outside, under the warm, Cretan sun, 
and amid leafy vineyards and thick olive groves, we
 tended to the fire, as we joyfully toasted, 

 ''Χριστός Aνέστη! - Christos Anesti! - Christ is Risen!''

Before long, our indoor picnic lunch was served, and
 just in time, too, as the spring breeze caught wind of
 our festivities, and picked up speed, eager to catch
 a whiff of the delicious aromas floating in the air!

It was a glorious day of good food, leisurely strolls 
in the flowery meadows, and family fun. But most 
importantly, it was a gathering to celebrate 
and honour the Resurrection of God's Son.

Thanks for visiting!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring in Their Step

Goats, stand in a field of daisies and buttercups,
nibbling on grassy greens, pausing only for a quick
 glance at a curious, camera carrying passerby.

In a neighbouring field, a chorus line of naked,
 grapevine trunks, strike a pose - a prelude to
  their full dress rehearsal, later, in the summer.  

 Against a thorny background, delicate beauties in deep purple,
 dance a harmonious duet with dual toned partners, their petals 
softly swaying to the sounds of a fresh, spring breeze.

Layers of texture, from yellow to pink to green and blue,
fill the landscape with pretty hues, brightly marking one's
 mood, long after the dabs of daylight have faded.

 Amid a finale of springtime fusion, clusters of red poppies steal the show. Charismatic leading ladies, they shine on a stage of rolling
 hills, supported by a cast of naturally talented characters.

  Regarding this post, my 2ooth, and all the others before
 it, thank you for your kind visits and sweet words!


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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Easter lilies, in bloom, in my garden.

On this Greek Orthodox Palm Sunday, 
I wish you all a Blessed Easter.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cityscape Escape

Having happily lived in the countryside for the past
three years, and before that, the city for twenty-three
  years, I still get the urge, especially in the spring, to revisit
 its little patches of picturesque perfection. Understandably, 
many may dismiss the building, above, as a dwelling
 in dismal decay, but all I see, is storybook sweet.

Banks and other establishments conduct their business
in neoclassical gems, most of which echo Minoan patinas.
Is it just me, or does this beautiful building manage to
 make money matters less daunting, and more bearable?

Amid all the commercial commotion, there is spiritual
 calm, where churches, built stone by stone, still stand 
strong, their steely, domed steeples greeting the heavens.

 Slim, stuccoed columns, in a sienna stripe, attract the
attention of bustling passersby, who pause to ponder
what may be found behind flaky, wine coloured shutters.


In a parkette, Judas-trees glow in hot pink,
 providing stimulating eye candy for sluggish coffee
 house customers  - a second wake up call, for those
 still snoozing over their weak, morning brews.


The Loggia, Heraklion's Town Hall, constructed in 1628, 
is one of the island's most ornate, architectural treasures.
A combination of both Doric and Venetian influence, it
is a favourite subject among visitors, who can be seen
studying its elaborate artistry, with guide book in hand. 

On a quiet, cobblestone path, renovated relics, reminiscent 
of romantic eras gone by, charm surprised shutterbugs in
 passing. Squinting from the sun's harsh light, they spot
 a floating figure behind the glass - perhaps the shadow
 of a Shakespearean heroine? What say you?

 In a cafe around the corner, I take a seat under a canopy
 of frilly, fuchsia hued clusters, and sipping on cappuccino 
with freddo flair, I await the arrival of a dear friend, 
anxious to tell her about my exciting, new adventure, 
in my nostalgic, old neck of the woods. 

(all photos were taken in the city of  Heraklion, Crete)

Thanks for visiting
and happy weekend!

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