Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Town Mouse in a Country House

near the square,
set in stone,
 and bejewelled in
 ruby red radiance,

 or stucco clad,
 and accessorized by a
 signature sweet fragrance -
they charm. 

Crowning a hilltop,
overlooking the sea,
tiny, kid-drawn cottages
 bewitch and beckon me.

In the valley below,
 vanilla villas and
 patches of produce
  in bright, veggie green,
  are the perfect ingredients
 of Cretan country cuisine.

Back home,
between the finials
 of the black, iron gate,
this born and bred 
town mouse gazes at
her geographical fate.

Town mouse or country mouse,
a critter needs its house! 

Which one are you?

Thanks for visiting.
Have a lovely weekend.

Last image: Lorinda Bryan Cauley

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dare to Dance?


Take a good look, if you please,
 at this soaring silhouette.
Do you sense
 the self-confidence
in her movement, 
the assurance
in her dancer's etiquette? 
Would you believe, she bears
a striking resemblance to me
darting around
 the living room floor... 
way, way back 
in my teen days of yore,  
footloose and fancy-free, 
a swaying tree,
 in the summer breeze.

Although I had never had a dance lesson in my life, I was  convinced that my smooth jazz moves, if executed with prowess and precision, could easily conquer the most nimble of contenders, in the most challenging of contests. Ha! I had some nerve for a feisty, 'Flashdance' obsessed amateur!

Now, eons later, I have come to realize that this false bravado played a pivotal role in the most important 'moves' of my life. I craved adventure and drama, chasing plenty of twists and turns - sassy chassés, and dizzy pirouettes, spinning me  on a journey far from my familiar, Canadian stage, to a floating Minoan one in the Mediterranean.

Soon after arriving at the birthplace of Zeus,
the Fates found it fitting to grant me a partner.
Thus, my solo performances came to an end, 
 but it's the duets of which I am prouder!
Thanks for visiting!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mood Lighting

our little hamlet in the hills
 seems quite susceptible to
 the moods of Mother Nature,
as terracotta topped houses
 huddle together, while
a ghostly fog floats by.

 On an unusually 
gloomy day,
strokes of sunshine
beam on the greenery
bordering the church -
 the leafy street lights
of pastoral scenes.

Minutes before their shift,
black capped bulbs on
 lanky lampposts stand by,
as the late, afternoon light
lingers, quietly leaving
just before dusk.

 the soft glow 
of candlelight
sweetly greets
the night, 
and the day fades
into darkness. 

 Thanks for visiting and
have a lovely weekend.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

As Girlfriends Tend To Do

If you could really meet up with any of your
 bloggy friends, face-to-face, i.e., in the flesh,
 and not virtually, via FaceTime or Skype,
 who would they be?

In my two and a half years of blogging, I have had the pleasure of getting to know some of the sweetest, most thoughtful individuals in this great big blogosphere, women who have been there for me in those moments of sadness or worry, as well as in times of joy and hope.

Although we've never shared
  a muffin, or a pot of tea,
(as girlfriends tend to do), 
we have shared many spicy secrets
 and plenty piquant points of view!

I continue to be both grateful and amazed by the complete sense of trust between us, even though we've never shaken hands on anything or given each other our word - it's something that's simply understood.

despite time differences
due to zany zones,
we always feel 
we're in the comfort
of each other's homes. 

Thanks for lending an ear,  
and for drying up tears,  
and for steering me 
away from the clouds. 
Soon, I was smiling,  
then, you had me giggling,
and before I knew it,
I was laughing out loud!

Dedicated to:
 Nora's Mimi,
Zeke's Mama, and
the Fisherman's Wife

Thanks for visiting,
and Happy Weekend.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Local Talent

Last week, while scouting the village for some inspiration, I was enchanted by these purple pretties, dancing and dangling themselves around this sturdy sphere of light. Sensing that the sun might be taking a leave of absence, they huddled and hung on to the gleaming globe, in case they would need its assistance in the future.

The next day, the sun was gone, and a canopy of indigo clouds claimed the skies. Their blue mood matching mine,  (misery loves company), I was intrigued with their presence, and grateful they could stay a while.

But, it's been raining for five days straight! Lightning shows, complete with surround sound are prime time hits, easily viewed from every window in the house.

All very dramatic, but I'd rather watch reruns of local talent, free of glitz and glam, in silence, where quiet sighs of wonder, lift my spirits - who knew daytime could be so good?

Happy November!
Wishing you a lovely weekend,

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

An Expatriate's Prayer

 Clouds congregate in Cretan skies -
 melancholy masses in mourning.

Crossing the Atlantic, 
they've carried with them,
a heavy outpouring
 of emotion.

Inside, an expat cries,
her heart heavy and weak
from the tidings.

 In darkness, she stands,
in silence, she breathes,
praying for hope
  to come out of

Slowly, the shadows
are outshone by the light,
as the clouds scatter
to deliver her message.

She bids them farewell,
and reminds them to tell
her fellow Canadians,
that prayer has no distance.

Thanks for visiting, and
have a lovely week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Cozy Cafe Three Villages Away

A cozy cafe and tavern, three villages over.

This cozy space, with its cappuccino coloured walls, was the
 ideal spot for a coffee date with Kiki, this past Saturday.

Sleepwalking down a flight of stairs for that first smooth 
sip, (my regular route to consciousness), is surely a
 sign of my addiction admiration for the stuff,

so driving ten minutes away to this quaint cafe, was actually 
quite refreshing, (not to mention less life threatening!).

Stucco facades, sprinkled with cinnamon toned stone,
 and warm accents of wood and terracotta, 

 tastefully echo those found in favourite frothy elixirs, 
infused with hints of hazelnut, vanilla, and almond.

An antique iron and other common items found in a traditional, village household, on a window sill exhibit.

  An aromatic blend in hand, 
 eyes pouring over mountain views,
I was thankful for this charming venue,
and its rich, full-bodied brews.

Thanks for visiting and
have a wonderful week!

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