Thursday, August 17, 2017

August Harvest

Well, it's been almost a month and a half since I last posted, and, in that time, there's been a host of hearty harvests that have graced 
our table, like the platter of sweet, precious figs, above, 

from our one and only fig tree, planted by my husband's father,
 who was a farmer, over sixty years ago, on the outskirts 
of the village in which he was born and grew up.


The 'fruits of his labour',
 we are still enjoying, today.

It was very hot, the day we picked the figs, and looking 
up towards the sun to pluck each one from its stem, was
stressful on the eyes, but worth the effort, in the end.


   What proved to be more of a challenge, for me, was the rough
 and rocky road back to the car, as I struggled to keep my balance, fearing a flip with every little slip, unlike my husband, whose footsteps seemed to fit perfectly between each pebbly crack and cranny!  

Earlier, we had stopped by the three loaded
walnut trees, to give them a good watering, in
 preparation for their collection, next month.

It's the obvious difference in the shape of their leaves 
that assists in the distinction of each, since from afar, 
these two golden green globes look almost identical!

Facing north, towards the sea, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini and cucumbers

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our veggie 
garden is finally in full swing, after a late start.

Facing south, a variety of tomatoes

Due to our neighbour's towering Leyland Cypresses,
an entire side of our garden, unfortunately, does not
get enough sunlight for veggies or flowers to thrive,
so we planted in the field across the cement wall,

In the background, just before all the dry weeds begin, green onions, most of which 
will be yanked to dry in the sun, then roughly braided and used as cooking onions.

where our little chapel of St. Irene can be found,
 overlooking all the pretty produce in progress.

Clockwise, from top left: lemons, plums, pomegranates and tomatoes

 Our fruit trees are also flourishing! And, since 
tomatoes are technically considered fruit, I 
included them in the collage above. 

Our lemon tree did not disappoint; a second series of blossoms
 a little while ago, freshly scented the breeze and now the fruit
provides tangy, citrus accents in roasts, cakes and cookies.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about our August harvest, this year. We are blessed to have such healthy, organic fare at our fingertips, although, I admit, my  husband deserves all the credit for digging, planting, watering, weeding and worrying about it! I merely whip up a dish with whatever bundle of beautiful, earthy goodness he gathers.

Simple, seasonal, local food (and you can't get any more 
local than your own garden), is, by far, the most exquisite.

What's growing in your garden?
 Thanks for visiting!

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  1. What a rich harvest you are showing here. The figs are my favourites and I have no doubt you are creating spectacular dishes.

    Have a super weekend Poppy

    Helen xx

  2. There could not be a more dear and significant inheritance in your family life than the fig planted by your father-in-law.
    GOD bless your husband for his hard work, and you for helping around!
    As usual, awsome pictures!

  3. This post was well worth waiting for, Poppy! So much beauty around you; it still takes my breath away. On top of all that gorgeous locavore produce that will be the basis for mouthwatering meals, other things nourish the soul as well as the body. From my favorite of your neighbor's-- St. Irene--to inside where my favorite of your rooms is--the kitchen--home of the most adorable cookie jars ever, it all is as lovely as a treasured oil painting.

    I think your recent time away from blogging was spent very productively in home, garden, and excursions in that beautiful land you live in. And that land around you always seems to be your muse, Poppy.

    Will you eat the figs out of hand or are there some delectable recipes ahead for them?

    Be sure to share with us, my dear friend,

  4. I can't imagine a more delectable harvest than what you have shown us here Poppy. Like Dewena, I'm wondering what you will do with all those figs? If they weren't so perishable, I'd be begging for some to be shipped across the pond to yours truly, for I have no doubt they are far superior to what we have in our supermarkets.


  5. Reading about your life and seeing the beautiful pictures where you live is always a treat. Seeing your husband for the first time was nice! The fruits all look so dellicious. You do live in a beautiful part of the world!

  6. Your post is a treat for the all the senses, Poppy! The figs look delightful-I would love to hear how you use them. I have yet to make any sort of recipe with them and soon we will have nothing in our markets. It's awesome to read about your harvest and your dear husband's care of the gardens.

    Its good to take a breather from blogging, and I'm so happy we connect on Instagram. I so enjoy your gorgeous pictures and hearing about your travels.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, my friend!

    Jane x

  7. What a lovely harvest, Poppy! Beautiful photos!

  8. You are very fortunate to have such glorious fresh goodies from the garden. Those figs! Yum! We had some last weekend and ate them up in no time. Nothing growing here right now, but hopefully by the end of next month, it will be time to at least start growing flowers and then a month or so later, vege season with cooler weather. Happy Friday!

  9. My goodness that´s a lot of harvests Poppy, congratulations..!!! I want to live in your countryside,LOL!.. I sent you my email address : because I´d like to invite you to participate in certain site/blog that you will surely like...please reply and I will tell you the whole story. I´m a member since 2 months now. Will be glad to hear from you! xoxo, Mercy

  10. Hello, what a wonderful harvest. I would love to have a lemon tree. You do live in a beautiful place. Wonderful photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  11. What a great, mouthwatering harvest Poppy, a feast for the eyes and for tasting. So good you are back in Crete, I always love your heavenly photos, well I suppose it's a kind of paradise for you. Thank you for sharing.
    Regards, Janneke

  12. ohmygoodness! I would love to comment on the gorgeous produce but I find I am still back on the trail following your strong husband carrying two sacks of goodness while managing not to break his neck on that path! you and I have fallen enough this summer! LOL!
    you both epitomize the beauty and health of the Mediterranean way of living!
    my garden is at the good old market. and at least I do try to buy organic as often as I can afford it. :)
    but I'm sure there is nothing like going out and plucking one's own fruit straight from the tree or vine!!!
    love and sunny bright hugs to you poppykathleen! XOXO♥

  13. It all looks so wonderful! I am afraid I only grow ornamentals but am lucky that I can get local organic produce at our farmers market. Glad to see you back. :) Kit

  14. So good hearing from you and seeing your wonderful garden harvest. So many wonderful fruits. I did not plant anything this year in my vegetable garden. Last year I never got anything from it due to the possums eating it, so this year I passed. Love the figs with goat cheese. Will have to go to Trader Joes and get some figs and cheese. My treat. yum

    Enjoy all the harvest your garden is going to give you - nothing could be better.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Haha! Poppy I had to laugh at that description of your husband doing all the labour and you just taking care of the harvest at home. You must be my twin. I am so inept at the gardening it is not even funny. And I too do enjoy a morning snack of figs picked right off the tree. This is truly the land of plenty!

  16. Oh, to have fresh figs nearby! They are so expensive at the grocery store. I have to rely on local vegetable stands to get fresh veggies now as my yard does not get enough sun for them. Great pictures of your harvests!

  17. I always enjoy seeing the beautiful countryside in which you live...the flowers and fruits are always so amazing. How lucky you are to have all those fresh figs! What dishes(es) will you be whipping up to use them? I love seeing photos of your kitchen, too. You have a great talent with your decorating.

  18. What beautiful photos of your August harvest you've shared. Mouthwatering produce and I'm sure what you did with them in the end is equally mouthwatering. The intense sun produces wonderful photos. Have a super weekend, Poppy.

  19. What a harvest! Lucky you :)
    Great pictures and have a happy weekend...
    Love from Titti

  20. Oh my goodness, this Canadian girl is in total awe at your garden and plentiful harvest. Oh the things you can grow in a warmer climate! Thank you for sharing. xo

  21. I'm so jealous of your figs! They can actually grow in Brittany, but fig trees become so big I can't plant one in my small garden.

  22. Your harvests look wonderful, Poppy! It's great when you can pick fruits and veggies in your garden and even better when you have a husband who does all the gardening work. :) I tried to grow tomatoes and salad two years ago but wasn't successful. I have to admit that I'm not such an enthusiastic gardener and unfortunately hubby doesn't have any interest in gardening. Except for some herbs and grapes we don't have anything to harvest this year.
    Have a wonderful week!

  23. Lovely august post!! Indeed, it is the season of early harvest when lots of fruits and vegetables are ready for some incredible recipes. Yours are so delightful to look at them; of course, the warm weather has a key role in their growth and perfect cultivation. "What's in my garden", these days? good question... patience, positivity and hope that in time everything is going to be fine! actually, I have some plants and flowers in pots on the balcony, but all I can do it is too water them from time to time :) :)
    Lots of good greetings to you and a very dynamic summer to you! Hugs, Alexa

  24. First of all, I am so happy to have scrolled down my sidebar this morning and saw that you had made a new entry. You are loved and you are missed when you do not post.
    What an beautiful entry you have presented to us too. To have all of the delicate fruits and wonderful veggies at such a close proximity to your door steps must be so rewarding. I do like figs, as well as I love plums, lemons, eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes.
    It has to be so rewarding to prepare a meal made from things that you have planted and harvested. The figs from a generation past, so gratifying.
    We live in the woods and I grow nothing, but have tried tomatoes onetime. The plants got the tiny yellow blossoms and that was where they ended.
    Such a brilliant post of beauty and a show of passion in your writing.
    Hugs to you Poppy

  25. To answer your question, not much! Usually this time of year the sun practically fries whatever is left of flowers and the few patio tomatoes I plant. I have received quite a nice bounty from my son's garden this summer. Your beautiful bounty, however is making my mouth water! Oh what gorgeous colors of deliciousness...nothing more beautiful! Such a lovely post, Poppy!

  26. Wow... what a harvest.
    Of all the varieties I like the lemon - lots of vitamin C there.

  27. Wow Wow Wow - the figs alone are fantastic! How will you use and/or preserve all those fruits? I am just praying that we have enough hot weather for the rest of the summer to ripen my few figs on my young and dwarf (black) fig tree. How much property do you have? Doing all the farming and harvesting is a lot of work, for sure!!

  28. What a wonderful post.
    So nice to see and read about your harvest.
    You have done so well, how lovely to enjoy this home grown food.

    I hope the remainder of the month goes well for you.
    Take care

    All the best Jan

  29. A figgin' amazing bounty of figs - I'd have no worries about being the one coming up with grand finale of fig dishes! That what I call beautiful team work or a marriage made in heaven!
    Happy days
    Wren x

  30. Wow! What a bounty of delicious home grown food you have! I love love love it all! We had a fig tree when we lived in Texas, but I doubt they would do well here in Idaho, too cold. What yummy delights you are enjoying! I have been enjoying potatoes out of our garden, corn, squash, zucchini, green beans, strawberries, peas, lettuce, spinach, and kale. Cabbage and carrots are almost ready, as are the tomatoes. It has been a great but busy year of gardening. I do it all, garden, and prepare the food, and it is a lot of work, but I love it! Happy to see all the yummy goodness in this post, enjoy it all :)

  31. There's nothing better than eating fruits and vegetables fresh from your own garden, such a glorious selection of home grown produce to delight your tastebuds.
    Like you I took a break from blogging this month, MM begins again soon and I really look forward to seeing some more beautiful collages from Crete.

  32. Oh I wish I was in my Greek garden. In fact we are embarking on creating a new garden in the grove as soon as we get back there this fall. You've made me excited over the possibilities! I've not had time - with packing and plans for moving - to enjoy time with my blogs - this was a real treat!

  33. What a great harvest you are having! Figs would be a wonderful treat! Your kitchen is beautiful... so light and inviting to work in. :)

  34. Harvest and a beautiful share a lovely post!
    Love from Titti

  35. Nice to see your harvest. I love to have fig.Veggies and fruits which we get from our own house will taste more and it is also very healthier:)

  36. I hope life is treating you well Poppy. Just stopping by to say "hi"! Have a lovely week.

  37. thank you for sharing...looking good


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