Friday, May 18, 2012


First of all, I'd like to wish my beautiful daughter, Liberty, a very happy 23rd birthday. I chose to make her birthday the day I published my first post on poppy view. She has been such a great support system throughout this project, encouraging me along every step of the way with her positive comments and effective feedback. Love you lots, my love!

 Another person I'd like to mention is my sweet sister-in-law, Fay, who has given me constant pep talks on trying my hand at creative writing after our email exchanges over the past few years. She has always taken an interest in my observations on life and personal perspective on things and it was because of her infectious enthusiasm that the first step to creating this little blog was taken, namely the decision to begin!

Speaking of steps, there were many and all kinds!  There were times when I took two steps forward only to find myself taking three steps back! Sometimes, I missed a step and ended up tripping over my own two feet. It goes without saying, it took me a while to get here.

I had been travelling the blogosphere  for a while, frequenting many interesting and beautiful  sites on home decor, cooking, fashion, and the like. Then, after  accidentally 'stepping' into a house blog about a year ago, thinking it was a website, I literally couldn't move from the sheer discovery that people were happily sharing their personal decorating stories about their own homes online! Whether they were a whole photo essay of a renovation with detailed text, or a spontaneous snapshot labelled with an endearment of their beloved pet, these 'posts' were entertaining, informative, and most importantly, relatable. I was hooked. 

It wasn't long before I found myself 'dropping in' unexpectedly on several blogs a day. Being such hospitable folks, these 'bloggers' introduced me to some of their 'friends', some of whom lived in faraway places. Needless to say, travelling to all these different locations (and time zones!) took its toll on my typical daily routine, not to mention my aching feet!

 While 'recuperating' and reminiscing about all the beautiful places, the warm and friendly people and the abundance of talent out there, I was inspired to start my own little blog about my  home, situated in a tiny little village on the island of Crete. 

 So, whether you're having another dreaded decor dilemma, philosophizing the fluffy flakiness of phyllo pastry or reflecting on why time should be given a speeding ticket, I hope you'll drop by for a friendly neighbourly chat.

Thanks for visiting.

Talk to you soon.



  1. My dear Poppy,

    I am so proud of you! This is a historical moment. All your efforts have finally paid off and the result is breathtaking!
    I remember all the late nights and frustrated groans... but I was certain that your determination and passionate love for home decor would eventually prevail.
    It is truly an honor for me to have Poppyview embark on its wonderful journey on my birthday. What an amazing gift!
    Congratulations on a job beautifully done. I love you!!

    Your daughter,


  2. My dear,

    I am also very proud of you. I am astounded by your creativity, effort and genuine love for beautiful homes. This blog is indicative of your many talents and I am very excited for you. I wish you many enjoyable times writing and researching your posts. Congratulations my loveable friend.

    Your dear,

    Maria xoxox

  3. Well done, Poppy! A lovely way to celebrate your lovely daughter's birthday. Glad to see you making some of your dreams a reality... which is inspiring me to get on with my blog, long in the pipeline! Happy blogging! xx

  4. We love red too Poppy, so many things in our home are Giallo Rosso (yellow-red the colours of Roma Football Club!!) However, we had to get rid of our lovely red curtains as they did not let enough light into the lounge room. Now I have delicate white ones and the light in the room is greatly improved. Just waiting day by day for our red and yellow roses to burst into bloom and cover the walls of our outhouse/shed.(will put photo of Fb) Enjoy your lovely home and the countryside before it dries up.

  5. Youlists-Poppy mou,
    I'm gushing with excitement and admiration! You know I absolutely love your writing. It puts me in a good (better) mood and keeps me smiling. Literally. It's like the vacation I desperately need to recharge my batteries! Keep painting those beautiful word-pictures and spreading the cheer. As for your love of red, I can personally vouch for it - and I can also attest that your home is all the more lovely for it!
    Your #1 Fan, though I suspect I have rivals,
    Fay xoxoxo

  6. Hi, Poppy,
    I found you from Cozy Little House. I was excited to meet someone from Greece! I am enjoying reading your posts and look forward to visiting you regularly! Linda from Georgia, USA

  7. hi again, precious name for your daughter! such fans to encourage you along the way. so glad i'm a "follower"....blogless in burleson, tx pam :)

  8. great decision...and a great blog you did make!!!! may i ask the name of your village?? i live in Trikala, in the middle of Greece but im from Crete and i want to move there in the future (if im lucky enough).

  9. I am going through old posts and so enjoying them. Love the red, I also go to different colours but always come back to red. My kitchen is red accessorized. Have to go and read more. Oh, by the way we live in a little village 50 miles east of Toronto.

  10. Poppy, I simply had to search back to find your first post. I'm so glad I did! Your amazement at blogs when you discovered that real people were writing them is exactly what I felt and my daily routine suffered too! I think, though, that my love of homes and houses has been nurtured through blogs too. I know that I can spend a little time looking at them and I get up to work, if not to duplicate what I see, to create more intense enjoyment of my own house.

    As I have visited Poppy View these last weeks I am like one of your commenters above who said that her batteries were recharged from visiting you, not just for the pictures but for your shining prose.

    Now I'm going to move forward. I want to know more.


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