Monday, March 17, 2014

PR: A Dude in Demand

 Lately, Prince Richard, our ravishing, resident cat, has 
been the source of some spicy, internet intrigue! PR is single, relatively quiet and low maintenance, if he's properly fed,
 playfully pampered and sufficiently sheltered.

Now, I may be biased, but I have to say, this feline fella 
is handsome, rugged, and charmingly mysterious.


 Most days, when he is not dozing off for the dozenth time, PR can be spotted sitting silently in one of his many designated spots,
 soaking in the sun, supposedly deep in thought.

Nights, are another story; we have no idea where he disappears to, whom he sees, and what he does. He is your typical tomcat
 bachelor, and from what I hear, (according to him), quite
 sought after by countless kitties, who, (and I quote),
 'cannot resist his debonair demenour'.

 One day, snuggled in his favourite chair and staring at the
 sky above, day dreaming about the details of dinner,

 PR thought he'd heard a rustling in the row of bushes behind him.   
 He immediately shifted into spy mode and started his stakeout.

Within seconds, he realized that he was being stalked by a sultry, yellow eyed female, who had slithered her way into his territory,
 finally coming face to face with her target.

It wasn't long before this femme fatale had PR wrapped around
 her little finger, (not to mention her furry bod), catering to her
 every whim, sudden cravings and diva demands!

It goes without saying, that the manipulative Ms. Meow
 had made a pauper out of this prince, as he spent every
 waking hour fulfilling her wishes, causing him to
 collapse from exhaustion, early on. There was no doubt: 
this dude was in dire straits.

Enter Kanga: a sweet, gentle gal from across the pond. Pretty, 
pleasant and petite, she is a breath of fresh air, compared 
to the stuffy conditions in which Ms. Meow circulates.
 She first fell for PR after seeing his picture posted on
 this blog, and since then, their selfies have been the 
source of their romantic correspondence, each cyber snap
 securing  their loyalty to each other until the day they meet.

Of course, like all love stories, this one is not without its  complications; namely, Kanga is not willing to relocate, nor 
is her mommy ready to part with her - perfectly understandable,
 given how utterly adorable and precious she is!


Thus, poor PR seems doomed to distress, and until his own mommy returns from Canada, he can only hope that she brings him a special souvenir: his alluring, American sweetheart - in the flesh! But, until then, it's back to the trenches for this silently suffering, love-struck cat.

And the story continues...

Thanks for visiting!
PS: Hope to visit all of you soon! After an 8 hour delay in Munich, we finally landed in Toronto, having spent 14 hours on 3 planes, 8 hours in 3 airports, and countless more, jet lagged, with no end in sight!

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  1. PR is quite the ladies man, and why not? He's beyond handsome, and I can tell his looks is surpassed only by his charm.

    So it seems PR favors the demure, non demanding type. He will just have to be patient and settle for ms. meow for now ;)

  2. Oh my! He doesn't even have to go courting the ladies. They come to him, shameless hussies. The life of a Don Juan isn't as easy as we are led to believe!

  3. PR is handsome, I can see why the ladies are all falling for him.. But, I am sure he is missing his mommy and can not wait until she returns.. Enjoy your trip and have a happy week!

  4. I love a good Love Story and all of that ....quite intriguing as it should be PR wouldn't have it any other way!!!
    Enjoy your day and week!!!
    :) Marisa

  5. That trip does not sound pleasant but I know that your landing and visit will be! :)

    PR has it made in the shade (er, sun ) with his own comfy chair in the sun and lady loves on two continents. LOL, fun post! :)

  6. Ha ha good morning from KY...USA Poppy and feline friends, what a delightful story told, as only you could and so , so sweet and charming way. So shall we anticipate a litter of kittens soon, or maybe a new cat upon your throne from this new found love... They are both very wonderful looking felines and the image of the 2 on the outdoor chair, so sweet Poppy ;)

  7. Ooh ~ I love a juicy love triangle! PR does look very handsome and distinguished so I can see how he is attracting the ladies. Love the picture of the two kitties together. Hope you're recovering from your jetlag - no fun!

  8. Another precious post!

    So sorry for all the jet-lag. -sigh- Please take all the time you need, to "straighten out." :-) And to enjoy your visit, of course.


  9. That is quite the love triangle and Prince Richard is a lucky dude to have so much attention! :) Welcome to Canada! I hope you get caught up on your sleep and recover from the severe jet lag soon so you can enjoy your visit. Blessings, Pamela

  10. PR is so Adorable, and so are his lady loves! I look forward to seeing where this saga goes.

    Have fun on your trip and get some rest. Those international flights can be brutal with the time change.

    Safe travels!


    Sheila :-)

  11. Enjoy your stay in Canada!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. I hope he does not come home with battle scars from his night on the town.

  13. You wrapped me up in this one! I love that PR and his exploits. And glad to hear you made it to Toronto safe, and sound, even if jetlagged. We have a 40 minute connection in Munich on our return from Greece. I am already preparing to spend some time in that airport. . .don't think we will make the connection! Take care and enjoy your travels and visits.

  14. I LOVED this post !!!
    What the heck are you doing in Toronto at this time of year - miserably cold!!!

  15. Oh he is a handsome boy! I love the last photo of him!

  16. and STILL ... you gave us this FABULOUS tail !!! i mean tale.
    i'm now in cat love.
    and ahem...
    couldn't help thinking...
    hope PR is using birth control. or your villa might become a home for wayward foster kittens! LOL.
    have a WONDERFUL time in canada. ♥

  17. Cute post! PR is definitely the royal type - look at his stance and demeanor.


  18. What a lovely story which just shows us that girls rule...
    Hope your trip is lovely with no more delays. I am no fan of these long flights, especially if they involve delays and long stays at airports. Wishing you a smooth return.

  19. PR is such a Romeo! He's so handsome that I can see why he has no problem catching the ladies eyes. Cute, cute post! Enjoy your trip and get rested from the jet lag. Take care!

  20. Welcome home to Canada, Poppy. I hope your stay here is full of wonderful moments. Prince Richard is quite the cat - hope he finds his true love.

  21. I hope you have lots of time to rest, that sounds grueling. PR is quite a heartthrob, watch out for that one! Haha. He's very handsome and it's no wonder he's so very popular with ladies near and far. :)

  22. Hi Poppy, your cat PR is so adorable with his girlfriends!!i hope all is well with you and thanks for this cute post. Take care and have a nice week.

  23. Oh, Poppy...this post made me smile and laugh my head off! You know how much I love cats...and PR is so incredibly handsome. Sorry to hear your travels have been so long and tiring...but I hope you have a fantastic time visiting your loved ones in Toronto!

  24. The old dog! Quite the ladies man!

  25. PR is such a handsome guy. No wonder that the girls line up. I hope he'll find the sweatheart of his dreams. Then they can check out mouseholes during the night together and share a midnight snack.

  26. Lol, that is a funny story :-) A Prince he is!

  27. Sorry you have jet lag, but you must be so happy to be visiting all your family and friends in Canada. PR will be missing his mother but it looks like he's quite good at finding company elsewhere, he's such a cool dude !

  28. Your trip was long and demanding. But I daresay your penchant for words has not suffered at all from the jet lag. Bravo for fostering Prince Richards longing for his lady across the pond. Given his good looks and his debonaire persona, I would be apt to say even if things do not work out with the lovely Kanga PR will soon find himself enraptured by another lovely feline in no time at all. Have a wonderful time while you are visiting your friends and family.

  29. I love the story of PR - I used to have a ginger tom too.....his name was Brandy.
    Your flight/airport schedule sounds horrendous. I hope you get over your jetlag quickly so you can enjoy Canada. Thanks for taking time to stop over to my blog today.

  30. PR looks exhausted, LOL! ;P
    Speaking of exhaustion, I hope you recover so you can enjoy your birthday tomorrow.

    Happy Birthday!!! xoxoxoxoxox


  31. This is quite the kitty soap opera! I cannot wait until the next episode! Have a WONDERFUL visit with your family in Toronto, Poppy!

  32. Hi Poppy! I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family. I know how much you have missed your daughter. So I have a pretty calico that I am certain PR would adore. Seriously, your cat is the cutest!

  33. He's so handsome! Loved this Poppy! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  34. Poppy,
    Wishing you a lovely visit-I know from our conversations just how difficult the separation has been for you, as it would be for any Mother. You know my saga as well!
    So, enjoy it all, every moment of it, it will be a balm for your spirit!

  35. Poor lovelorn prince. Even being royalty does not guarantee happiness in life! )). Poppy, enjoy springtime in Canada! Take a picture of a daffodil for me!

  36. I swore we would not get a cat again, but your sweet babies make me wonder if Lulu would like a pet.

  37. Oh, he is for sure a handsome dude! I have a little blue-eyed sweetie who would no doubt knock his socks off with her beauty and sweet demeanor. That is, if Abby knew she was a cat!

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  40. Oh dear! do you not have overpopulation of cats/

    I donate for spay and neuter for cats and dogs here! 5 million dogs are killed every year in the UA!

    They are lovely dogs! There are not enough homes!

    Can you please spread the word? Spay and neuter!

    There us a tragic waste of lovely and loving dogs......"euthanized" every day!!



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